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Traveling in the month of February may not be a popular choice to make, given the coldness of the month. However, this exact reason might make it the ideal time to go traveling and visiting countries with great, warm weather to escape the cold back at home. Plus, the unconventionality of traveling in February means reduced costs in a number of places otherwise costly and crowded. Traveling in February also makes for a good opportunity to travel you’re your significant other on valentine’s day. February is the month of carnivals in a number of countries and cities like New Orleans, Venice, and Singapore. So, without farther ado, here’re our recommendations for the 5 best cities to visit in February:


Dubai is the gem of the middle east for travelers due to its mesmerizing, modern architecture, services, and the breathtaking surrounding desert which presents many opportunities for activities on the sand. The heat in Dubai is usually unbearable in the summer months as the average heat can get up to 41° compared to a 25° in February, so visiting in Feb is a much preferable choice to many travelers. The shopping festival also ends on the 1st of Feb and that means fewer tourists and fewer crowds, which is what many travelers are after.


People usually don’t need much convincing to visit Venice, given the city’s timeless beauty and elegance, but visiting in February is something else. The Venetian carnival starts on 8th Feb and ends 25th Feb and is a mesmerizing sight to behold. Masked and costumed participants fill the streets along with music and dancing. Venice is also an ideal venue to visit on valentine’s day with your significant other with its alleys and streets adding a romantic touch on night strolls. The weather at night though can get cold as much as 1°, so outdoorsy activities can be ruled out to most. That, however, is not a problem since Venice is full of brimming with intriguing indoors activities like going to see the opera or visiting malls.


Morocco where the breathtaking nature, the historical monuments, and lovely beaches make for an unforgettable trip. Marrakesh is an ideal place to visit in February when the weather is more temperate. Beware, however, that at the day the temperature is moderate and warm enough but can be chilly at night. Prices are also more affordable in the month of February in Marrakech compared to in summer when prices skyrocket and it becomes harder to find accommodations and guides. Fewer travelers in February also means fewer people and crowds to the quite-loving travelers, which generally makes for smaller waiting rows.


Negril is a town to the east of Jamaica known for its breathtaking beaches with the beautiful mix of blue of its water from shades of turquoise to navy blue and the gold of the sand sparkling under the sun’s glare. February is one of the most ideal times to visit Negril since it means the end of the hurricane season. Negril is also known for its many cliffs, suitable to travelers who want cliff-jumping activities and the mesmerizing waterfalls dotting the place. In February, Negril celebrates Bob Marley’s birthday, so cafes, restaurants play his songs on a loop and concerts for reggae music get abundant. Negril is the ideal venue for a warm vacation in the Caribbean. 


Singapore is the mixing pot for a number of cultures in the vicinity and the meeting point for the east and the west and this particular placement is reflected in Singapore’s diversity in the architecture, the food, and the cultures. Singapore is a breathtaking city thanks to many beautiful monuments like the Gardens by the Bay or the Singapore wheel and many other places. Visiting Singapore in the month of February is a perfect choice since the weather gets very lovely then with humidity and rainfall less, which enables visitors to try many outdoor activities. In February, Singapore celebrates the new Chinese month and travelers get to watch and marvel and the celebrations and carnivals in the city. Plus, the reduced amount of visitors in this month of the year compared to other months due to the coldness in most of the northern hemisphere countries and it is a school month.

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