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When your appetite for travel is your primary motivation to explore new worlds around you it means that you need a lot of adventures during your day

How about an Arab adventure full of civilizations and history in every street and alley

If you’re planning a trip to Jordan, I will accompany you with a tourist schedule in the Hematite Kingdom of Jordan for an interesting tourist trip that saturates your spirit of adventure

We will start our tour in Jordan from Amman to Jerash, then Petra, Aqaba, and the Dead Sea. You will be Plunge

 in many important details that you will love as I loved it during my trip to Jordan.

The first stop: Explore Amman and eat delicious popular meals


Amman is a good starting point for your itinerary in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, so is there a better place than the capital to start with?

The first thing I did on my morning in Amman was that I went to Downtown, the wonderful mixture of originality and modernity. my trip started from the popular shops that hang their products on the facades and antique shops which are rich in ceramics and handicrafts and the oriental bazaars that are full of different designs for dresses and the Jordanian, Palestinian keffiyeh.

There is no harm in taking a delicious rest in Hashem Restaurant,  does the moon hide?!

Haji Hashem Al-Turk opened his restaurant more than half a century ago at the beginning of Prince Muhammad Street to enjoy the popular foods of foul, falafel, mutable, and fatteh hummus. It’s an open air restaurant with no doors or locks and simple decorations.

and for the prices? They are distinctive! and its decorations are simple.  There is a great possibility of a nice surprise from time to time for a visit from the royal family,and you will find many pictures of their visits on its walls.



Habiba’s sweets there or one of the natural juice shops around.If this is not your option, then you can enjoy the charming taste of

If you love to read, Downtown is your wonderful choice for many ancient libraries. Visit the Arab Culture booth, which extends over 60 years of age !!

After your tour in Amman, you need to eat delicious pulps and empty stomachs from Abu Mousa Restaurant, even if you didn’t like it before, you will love it there !!

And between this and that, do not forget your quick tour in the vegetable and fruit market, which is buzzing with the voices of vendors here and there promoting their goods.

What about the history of Amman and its monuments ?

 the Roman amphitheater

And while you are in the centre of the country, your steps will stop in front of the Roman amphitheatre that dates back to the second century AD in the period when Amman was called Philadelphia when Emperor Anthony Pius was emperor of the country.I really liked the mixture of the Roman and Greek character in the amphitheatre, where the steps were built on the mountain and the stage was directed to the other direction to reduce the influence of the Sun light !! The Roman amphitheatre can accommodate about 6000 people, and thus it surpasses the Jerash theatre in its breadth!

There I was drawn to the Greek details in the details of the water supply used for washing the stands where there is a large pipe between the Roman steps! And also many statues that were beheaded in the Byzantine campaign !!

If you are a fan of traditional jewellery and costumes, then your destination will be towards the Popular Museum of Jewellery and Fashion. You will find some models of the faces of women who used tattoos as adornments for their face or hands !!

Go to the castle mountain !!

You must visit the Citadel Mountain, one of the seven mountains of Amman and one of its oldest tourist attractions !!

There, its summit will dazzle you with monuments belonging to 4 ancient civilisations, starting with the Ammonites who took it as their seat of rule, then the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines, until the Islamic conquest in the seventh century AD and the Umayyad palace was built on it !!

The Citadel Mountain is still full of remnants of the Ammonite palaces, including the walls of the walls and wells dug with limestone and 4 statues dating back to the 8th century BC

There are also Roman Corinthian columns and many Islamic monuments dating back to the Umayyad era, the most important of which is the Umayyad palace and the pool carved in the rock. There is also the Jordanian Antiquities Museum on the top of the mountain, built in 1951 to be a witness to ancient civilisations.

Also on the mountain there is the Temple of Hercules, built by the Roman Emperor Aurelius, which holds at its entrance a statue of Hercules, of which only a façade consisting of 6 huge columns and many inscriptions enchanting you with its beauty is located !! There is also the remains of a Byzantine church dating back to the sixth century AD.

Watch the Royal Automobile Museum !!

متحف السيارات الملكي في عمان

It is the first car museum in the Arab world inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II in 2003 AD in memory of King Hussein, as it displays the Hashemite journey through more than 100 royal cars and motorcycles that witnessed many historical events.

The second stop: See the Roman ruins in Jerash, the city of 1000 columns

Hadian Gate (Arc de Triomphe Gate)

In the second century AD, and in honer of the Emperor Hadrian, the Amman Gate was built to enter Jerash after his visit to this region. The gate was filled with many details and inscriptions, especially the star at the top of the gate …

In conjunction with the construction of Hadrian’s Gate, the southern gate of the city of Gerasa was built on foundations dating back to the first century AD.

Columns Street Cardo

In the second century AD, and in honer of the Emperor Hadrian, the Amman Gate was built to enter Jerash after his visit to this region. The gate was filled with many details and inscriptions, especially the star at the top of the gate …

In conjunction with the construction of Hadrian’s Gate, the southern gate of the city of Gerasa was built on foundations dating back to the first century AD.

Symposium Square

It has a distinctive Roman oval-shaped design and surrounded by columns that were the gathering place for visitors and the main market in the city


Not far away, you will also find the venue for the horse race, as Greek customs took place and it was called the Hippodrome, which is in the shape of a mare. There is ample theater for you to enjoy watching horse racing.

Jerash Theater

Summer nights and the celebrations that you have always heard about or

witnessed can be one of 4000 people who can have a place in the theater as it cannot accommodate more than that.

At the end of your tour in the city of Jerash, you will need to eat very delicious meals that you can eat at Tal Al-Rumman, which you can consider as an integrated resort where there is a swimming pool and a place for children in addition to indoor and outdoor dining halls

You can also try a restaurant “Ya Hala” where inside you forget that you are in a city and eat as if you were in a garden with waterfalls, ducks, trees and very beautiful flowers

To see my journey in Jerash, you can see this video


Third stop: Now prepare to go to Ajloun


It is a series of high mountains called the Auf mountain range, also called “Gilead” during the time of the Umayyads, and it means roughness and hardness. Ajloun is about 76 km from the capital, Amman.

What will you see in Ajloun?

The Castle:

مشاهد مُستفزّة تحرم قلعة عجلون من الجاذبيّة - فيديو وصور - الوكيل الاخباري

It was built by the commander Izz al-Din Usama during the time of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, and was built on the highest mountain of the Bani Auf Mountains.

It supervises the transportation routes between southern Jordan and Syria, and the purpose of its construction was to monitor the movements of the Crusaders and their movements at the time, and then to control the iron mines for which the Ajloun Mountains were famous. The castle includes four towers supported by small windows for archers.

Rajab Village

The novel says that when there was field training for the Special

قرية راجب عجلونForces, King Abdullah II discovered it when

he discovered mosaic floors through which Byzantine churches dating back to the sixth century AD were discovered.

Mar Elias Church

It overlooks Beisan and Tiberias in the village of Esteb, and this site is the birthplace of the Prophet Elias, where Christians make the pilgrimage to it on 7/21 of every year.

What do you eat in Ajloun?

And while you are in Ajloun, enjoy experiencing the most delicious meals at Qimet Al-Yasmine Restaurant, where the charming view, the wonderful food and the hearty sessions

Fourth stop: to Madaba now

مسار مادبا التراثي - ويكيبيديا

At a distance of 30 km from Amman, and parallel to the Kings Road, which is more than 5,000 years old, is one of the most prominent places in the Holy Land that imprinted on the memory of visitors. It is also called the City of Mosaic. Madaba is famous for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics

The name Madaba is derived from a Syriac Aramaic word consisting of two words Maya Dabia, Mia means water, Abiya means fruit, and the letter  – D- is the definition, so it means fruit water

Monuments not to be missed in Madaba!!

  Mosaic map

It dates back to the sixth century. Includes Jerusalem and the Holy Land and depicts the hills, valleys,خارطة الفسيفساء مادابا villages, and cities reaching the Nile Delta.

The Madaba Mosaic Map covers the grounds of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George, northwest of the city center.

Other artifacts found in the Church of the Virgin and the Church of the Apostles and in the Madaba Archaeological Park show a large quantity of flowers and young plants, birds, fish, and animals, as well as scenes from mythology and the daily chases of bird and fish hunting, and agricultural work. Hundreds of other mosaics from the 5th to the 7th centuries also dot Madaba’s churches and homes.


They are the places that will attract you most, where the mountains are dark in color due to the geothermal

heat that is split by the hot water from the summit of the Basalt Mountain, fiery rocks that pour out our eyes, and waterfalls that paint a panoramic painting, the colors of the embrace of nature and its depth is a religious and historical heritage.

There is Maein Spa Resort which is a complete and integrated spa in curative health and massage

Nebu mountain

Relative to the god of commerce in the Babylonians, he was named, and his land is considered one of the

holy lands of the Jews and Christians, where there is a Christian narration that says that the Prophet Moses was buried in him and saw the land that God promised him from this mountain and it is the way that the followers of the Prophet Moses walked when they came out from Egypt  .From its summit, you can see the Dome of the Rock and Palestine.

Tale Museum

The story of a time and place to enjoy watching the stories of the prophets, starting with Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, and the Obelisk of Misha, then the birth of Christ, his baptism and the story of the Last Supper, and then finally ends with models of Makkah, the Prophet’s Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.It also displays many aspects of Jordanian history from verse and neighborhoods to modern architecture.

Wadi Al-Heidan

  A Jordanian Nature Reserve, a suitable choice for adventurers and nature lovers, it contains 12 ponds and 3وادي الهيدان waterfalls .You can do swimming sports. You will see a lot of beautiful basalt rocks.

Dear Rocks House

Where the headquarters of the first Jordanian theater started 14 years ago, when a group of Jordanian youths restored it to combine Jordan’s past and present in one place, and they started through the newspaper project, where they present arts and fun through their Facebook page.


Where to eat Madaba

Saint George Restaurant, which allows you to take a general and complete view of the beauty of the city of Madaba, in addition to the Haret Jedoudna Restaurant, which enables you to explore Time-honored ancient houses with a wonderful atmosphere.

To see the details of my trip in Madaba, you can view this video.


Fifth stop: Spend your day on a diving excursion in the Dead Sea

قناع الطين في البحر الميت

It is time to go to the Dead Sea to enjoy a unique experience that can not be done anywhere else but in the

region lower than the sea level in the world by 420 meters.

I recommend in the Dead Sea to stay overnight in the distinctive Movenpick resort, as it includes such a small, old stone village in addition to containing many restaurants and cafes and around you you will find endless pools of swimming pools of various kinds and you will find there a luxurious spa and many therapeutic massage pools worth no more than 25 dinars. Do not miss a mask made of black clay, rich in essential elements for the skin.

In the Dead Sea, there is endless fun for safe swimming, there are no predatory marine creatures, no high waves, nothing but endless fun !!

And close to the Dead Sea, you can also visit the site that is believed to have been the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ on the day of the Jordan, where there are many churches of various sects built for the sanctity of the place in this area with wonderful designs

To see my trip in the Dead Sea, you can see this video



Sixth station: Aqaba


It is the only coastal city in Jordan which overlooks the Dead Sea. It was called in the past by the name Ayla !! Which dates back 3500 years BC

Aqaba is your ideal choice for diving, even if you are not proficient in it, you will find a trainer to accompany you there as long as your health condition allows you to do so.

You will be dazzled by the components of the aquatic environment such as corals, rocks and various marine creatures.

While you are there, you do not miss the fishing experience and it is okay to have your meal there at the same time !!

Islamic Archeology in Aqaba

In this station, you will transfer from the square of the Great Arab Revolt to the house of Sharif Hussein bin Ali, which contains the Aqaba Antiquities Museum inside it and Aqaba Castle

The castle

The Castle

Some historians believe that its history dates back to the Crusader era during the reign of al-Zahir Baybars, while others guide him.Some inscriptions date to the Mamluk period 1501 to the era of King Qansuh al-Ghuri

The castle takes the form of a square surrounded by towers, some of which are circular, some of which have hexagonal bases, and its gate still preserves its old entrance made of limestone and the other sandstone.The castle had many functions, including military reasons.

The Islamic city of Ayla

The Islamic city of AylaOn the hotels street along the Corniche Street, many of us do not pay attention to the Islamic city of Ayla, which was built during the reign of Othman bin Affan and passed by many Umayyad civilizations and others.

The port is the first to be considered a port and terraces forming a meeting point between Jordan, Hejaz and the State of Egypt !!

Seventh stop: Let’s end with a tour of the Petra desert

Petra desert

After the journey of recovery and recovery in the waters of the Dead Sea, it is time to visit the ancient city of Petra, known as the Pink City, and its history dates back to the Nabateans.

What will you see in Petra from the landmarks ?!

You are now in the most important civilized city in Jordan, which is distinguished by its rocks carved at a height of 40 meters in pink, to dig its place among the seven wonders of the world.Among the most important landmarks that you will see on your trip inside the city

The Siq

It represents the main road of the city and among its most amazing landmarks, the Nabateans carved a part of it with a pink color. You can also walk around by horse-drawn carriage and take pictures full of beauty and bright colors.

 You can also see the dams next to the Siq, and at its beginning there is the city gate, and on its sides there are canals that come from the springs of Wadi Musa to draw water from outside into the city

The safe

The safe

The treasury dates back to about the first century BC, which is one of the most famous landmarks in the city of Petra, and the Nabataeans chose its location in a certain way and created it with a high level of accuracy and beauty, and it is found at the end of the Siq. .

  It is a two-storey building, each floor reaching a height of about 39 meters and a width of 25 meters, and it includes three rooms, and it also contains a number of tombs at the bottom.



It is the second most famous monument in Petra, it was established in the first half of the first century BC, it was carved into the rocks in a beautiful way, in a beautiful and interesting way. It consists of two floors, 50 meters in width and 50 meters in height. It has been used for religious purposes by various religions throughout the century

The road to the monastery is another story of beauty and the colors of the rocks, and where the Bedouin shops are distributed on the slopes of the roads, I don’t know why many do not go and reveal the beauty of the road there and in the end you will be alone above the monastery and you can take whatever pictures you want without the presence of people around you

For details of my trip in Jerash, you can see this video


If you want to stay a night in Jerash, I recommend the Hayat Zaman Hotel, which the royal family has always visited, as this 5-star resort offers stunning views of the Shara mountain range, as it was previously known as an old village called Taybeh, while facilities include a fitness room, hammam and outdoor swimming pool.

The air-conditioned rooms at the Hyatt Zaman Hotel & Resort combine modern comforts with traditional décor. All rooms include a seating area, a flat-screen TV and a minibar. Some rooms have an en suite bathroom with a massage bathtub

Ram Valley

Ram Valley

Many dream of being part of the historical journey to settle Mars, and this dream may be close to reality through an exciting experience that Jordan offers in its desert, which is the Ram Valley desert !!


They called it the Valley of the Moon because its atmosphere resembles the topography of the moon, and others see Mars in it as well due to the presence of desert sand in red, yellow and white colors! !

It’s where filmmakers come to embody this atmosphere, including stagworld, The Martin and Aladdin.

There you will find tents with domed designs that resemble the experience of life on Mars, with the domes having a panoramic window with a view of the desert.

The idea of ​​these tents goes back to the owners of the movie The Martian to live a real Martian atmosphere !!

Personally, I tried Sun City camp and very much fell in love with the variety of activities and luxury in it

Pack your luggage and go to a Jordanian tourist trip, as its magic cannot be described in lines, no matter how many, everything about it is rooted in the past. It is a city that deserves a tour. You have to pack it and get your luggage ready. Lots of adventure awaits you !!

When will you share with us the atmosphere of your next trip? Share with us in the comments !!


Pack your luggage and go to a Jordanian tourist trip, as its magic cannot be described in lines, no matter how many, everything about it is rooted in the past. It is a city that deserves a tour. You have to pack it and get your luggage ready. Much more adventure awaits !!

When will you share with us the atmosphere of your next trip?


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