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Turkey is a vast and absolutely amazing country to visit. However, if this is your first visit you will quickly realize how many amazing places you can discover it is one of those places that has a few things for everyone. For example, you have the bustling city of Istanbul to places like Gocek on the south coast it is a diverse country As much as you can imagine it is steeped in history with a landscape that includes beaches and towering mountains as Turkey has served as a gateway between Europe and Asia for thousands of years. Being a place of commerce and exchange of cultures, Turkey is a country rich in diversity and the point where East meets West. The wealth of culture and breadth of influences have left their mark in the country’s delicious culinary scene as well as in countless religious monuments and archaeological sites. Istanbul, which was once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, now features prominently in most travel plans, but there are many great destinations. You can also enjoy your time here staying in boutique hotels inside caves, floating in hot air balloons over other landscapes of Cappadocia, or wandering Amidst the Greco-Roman world of Ephesus or just soaking up the sun at the luxury beach resorts along the Aegean Sea. At the point of collision between Europe and Asia, the transcontinental cultural clash in Turkey and the spice mixture between East and West of influences, flavors, cultures, religions and history, and this is what makes this country, so enchanting in addition to being a land of sensory richness with its markets, mosques, food and arts from the exotic and romantic to its Ottoman palaces to fairy tales Like Cappadocia. The sites of its beauty are just as varied and inside there are otherworldly landscapes and ancient wonders that must be explored once in the courts of Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Caesar and Alexander the Great however they are less visited compared to similar sites in Italy and Greece. In summer the exceptionally beautiful Turkish turquoise coast is sailed by sailboats on their blue voyages from the Aegean to the eastern reaches of the Mediterranean, where the anchor descends to swim in bays with crystal clear waters and take a long lunch in fishing villages in blue painted tables and chairs Framed by curtains of pink bougainvillea where life has persisted unchanged for thousands of years. So in this article, I will show you ten of the best tourist destinations that you must visit if you visit Turkey.




Istanbul was once the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires and is today the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest in the world. Istanbul stretches across both sides of the Bosphorus, a narrow strait that connects Asia and Europe, making it the only city in the world that spans two continents. Gorgeous architecture, historical sites, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and exotic ambiance all make Istanbul one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The Old Town is where most of the city’s impressive historical sites are located, which include the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace. Another important area is the new city, known for its modern landmarks, skyscrapers and shopping malls. Beyoglu and Galata are popular spots for nightlife and entertainment, while the Bosphorus region is home to beautiful mansions, waterfront mansions, and urban parks.

When you come to Istanbul, you should visit Gulhane Park, which is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Istanbul and is located next to the best tourist attractions, Topkapi Palace. The Bosphorus and its lush trails are popular with locals and tourists alike as its leafy trails take you past beautiful flower beds, lush green fountains and tree groves dotted around. In addition, it contains the Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam, as well as the Sublime Gate, a magnificent Rococo gate that once led to the palace’s outer courtyard.

The Galata Bridge stretches across the Golden Horn and is one of Istanbul’s most beloved landmarks as it has appeared in countless plays, poems, paintings and novels over the years. The fifth bridge, standing in the same place, connects the city center with the site of the Imperial Palace and other important institutions such as Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Fishermen line the bridge and it offers great views of the surrounding waters with shops, restaurants, and hookah cafés to be found underneath. With the sound of seagulls in the sky, boats passing below and mosque towers spied over the surrounding hills, Galata Bridge is truly a wonderful place to visit and is very lively at almost all times of the day.

At a height of 67 metres, Galata Tower hangs over Istanbul’s skyline and offers great views of the old city and its surroundings. The medieval stone tower known as Christ’s Tower was the tallest building in Istanbul when it was built in 1348 and still stands above Istanbul today. The tower has been modified over the centuries as at one time it was used as a watchtower to spot fires. Today its upper tributaries include a café, restaurant, and nightclub, both of which are accessible by elevator in the nine-story building, where one can find stunning views.

Do not miss visiting the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, especially for lovers of history and ancient antiquities, which is one of the most important museums in Turkey. It is actually three museums: the Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Orient Museum and the Kiosk Brick Museum. The three museums together contain more than a million objects from civilizations around the world. It was founded in 1891 and was the first Turkish museum and was located in the grounds of Topkapi Palace. The Tiled Kiosk dates back to 1472. The museums contain thousands of valuable artifacts including the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great.

(The museum opens every day of the week from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening, and the entrance ticket to the museum is 50 Turkish liras.




Konya is one of the oldest cities in the world and is famous for its magnificent Seljuk architecture and quirky dervishes and is a large city in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries Konya flourished as a capital under the rule of the Seljuk dynasty and even today it is still possible to admire the attractive buildings of that era such as the Alaeddin Mosque, which houses the tombs of many sultans (entry to the mosque is free but you should avoid visiting at the time of the five daily prayers) . Another popular example is the Ince Minare Medrese which is now a museum displaying artifacts from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Although the Seljuk Palace is in ruins, it is also worth a visit. The Seljuk Tower is considered one of the most modern architectural monuments in the modern era. It is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Turkey and includes a revolving restaurant on the two upper floors. This tower is free. If you want to sit in a restaurant, you will have Pay your order to the restaurant. In the thirteenth century Konya was home to a Persian and mystic theologian and Jalal ad-Din Rumi’s tomb and mausoleum plus the adjoining Milvana Museum is a must-see.

Konya is the Book of Secrets Recording, and all the secrets of religion, meditation, philosophy and thinking are hidden in this city, so everyone must ascend to cosmic levels because the messages of world peace are buried here. The mystic surrenders to God in love again and again and each person is a unique representative of God. “If people knew their inner secrets, they would not look anywhere else for happiness, peace and inner light.” It is nice to be involved in a journey into your inner world. (Participation cost 110$, but the price varies according to the number of people in one group).

Konya also offers beautiful green spaces and parks such as Aladdin Hill in the city center and the Japanese Park with its beautiful pagodas, waterfalls and ponds. Being one of Turkey’s most conservative cities, bars and nightclubs are not often available.



Located in central Anatolia in Turkey, Cappadocia is famous for its fantastical landscape of unusual formations resembling chimneys, cones, mushrooms, and peaks. Natural processes such as ancient volcanic eruptions and erosion have carved these strange formations over the ages, some reaching 130 feet (40 meters) high. soft. The Hittites and other inhabitants inhabited as early as 1800 BC and erected complexes of underground tunnels in search of safety from invading Persians and Greeks. Later in the 4th century AD Christians took refuge in the tunnels and caves of Cappadocia to escape religious persecution from Rome and today the natural wonders and historical sites of the region make it a popular destination. While much of Cappadocia is located in Nevsehir province, some of the major cities in the region are Urgup, Göreme, Avanos, Ortahisar and Mustafapasa. Many of these cities offer hotels, restaurants, nightlife options, and attractions such as museums, rock-cut castles, fairy chimneys, underground tunnels, ancient Greek villages, monasteries, and handicraft markets. Some of the caves in the area are actually hotels and cater to tourism.

For many visitors, an early morning hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is one of the highlights of Turkey. In the summer peak season, more than 100 hot air balloons take off into the sky just after sunrise and give passengers sweeping views of the central valley and their rock formations as the balloons fly Daily throughout the year unless canceled due to bad weather A typical flight plan also flies over the area containing the Red, Rose and Meskendir valleys, although sometimes windy conditions mean you fly over other surrounding areas and take hot air balloon flights About an hour (with deluxe packages lasting about 90 minutes). All tours include hotel pickup and drop-off and usually also buffet breakfast so don’t miss out on this wonderful experience.

Head to the Red Valleys. The most beautiful intertwined valleys of Cappadocia lie between the villages of Goreme and Cavusin, where rolling and undulating rocks arch across the countryside in a palette of bright pink, yellow and orange cliffs formed by volcanic eruption and thousands of years of wind and water erosion. Among the cliffs are lush orchards and vegetation still tended by local farmers, while hidden churches and hermit’s lairs dating back to the Byzantine era have been carved into the rock. There are plenty of other activities in Cappadocia to help you get the best views of the valleys. There are dozens of hiking trails too so it’s the perfect opportunity to take your walking shoes and head out onto the trails and hikes range from a few hours to all-day excursions. (The cost of the balloon ride is about $140 to $200 per person). Horse riding through this valley area is also very popular. Most of the rides are more suitable for intermediate riders rather than beginners due to the rocky terrain.

Discover the village of Göreme which has been voted as one of the most beautiful villages in the world by many travel magazines for many reasons, including because it is half buried in the hill and its stone facades hide a maze of cave rooms below. It is also the center of the tourism industry in Cappadocia. Many of these traditional homes are here to boutique cave hotels. The frescoed Nazar (Evil Eye) Church and Saklı (Hidden) Church are both accessible off Müze Caddesi within walking distance from the center on the way to the Göreme Open-Air Museum and the village is the main base for walkers eager to take a stroll as they branch off. All major valleys are from here and offer a plethora of paths that lead to kooky rock formations known locally as fairy chimneys, hidden cave churches, and even panoramic views.




Located in the Mugla Bovins region in the southern Aegean region of Turkey, it is the site of the ancient fortified city “Halicarnassus” that was once home to marble buildings, temples, statues, cobbled streets, a mausoleum, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Having fallen into ruins, the town remained a quiet fishing village until the 20th century when Turkish intellectuals brought it popularity through their writings. Today, the interesting ruins of Bodrum, its picturesque beaches and cliff-top resorts attract people from all over the world. On the eastern side of Bodrum, tourists will find a beautiful beach overlooking the wonderful blue waters and near the beach there are plenty of cafes, bars and nightclubs. On the west side of the city are the marina, shopping centers and restaurants.

No visit to Bodrum would be complete without seeing St. Peter’s Castle also known as Bodrum Castle which was built from 1402 by Knights Hospitaller and now serves as a museum. Other attractions include the last remnants of the mausoleum, the ancient amphitheater, and the Myndos Gate which was once the scene of a bloody battle during the siege of Alexander the Great.

Whenever you feel the need to change the distant sea sights, the most popular way to see the sights is by boat. Hundreds of boat tours are available during the summer months starting with a day sailing trip around the Bodrum Peninsula and stopping at small entrances only accessible by boat. For swimming take multi-day yachting trips down the coast or across the Greek islands. Bodrum Marina is where both public and private yacht outfitters promote for business although most visitors looking for a day or half day boat trip prefer to book a recommended operator through their hotels. Even on short one and a half day trips you will be able to experience a good portion of the rocky coastal landscape of the Aegean and enjoy hours of sunbathing on board, interspersed with swimming stops. Your best option is to take part in a full day Bodrum peninsula trip with lunch, which includes the opportunity to swim, snorkel and sunbathe as well as explore Kara Adda Island and if you do not want to join a group trip and want to set your own itinerary you can also charter a yacht with crew for this Today alone.



Antalya is located along the beautiful Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast and is a large and vibrant city that welcomes tourists with many resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants. Scenic surroundings surround the city with gorgeous beaches and lush green mountains dotted with ancient ruins. From swimming and sailing to mountain climbing, sightseeing and family fun in the sense that Antalya offers something for everyone. A stroll around Kaleiçi, an old neighborhood, offers a step back into the city’s ancient past with views of the old city walls, Roman gates, maze-like streets, historic buildings that include a clock tower, beautiful old churches, mosques, and temples. Don’t forget to visit Republic Square, which is in the heart of the neighborhood Old and surrounded by shops, cafes, Turkish baths and street artists.

If you are a lover of nature and tranquility, you should visit Karalioglu Park, which is a great place to wander around and an ideal place for a picnic. The old Hidirlik Tower is located in one of the corners of the park, and you can go directly to the ancient Roman castle to see the ancient Roman harbor. Karaalioglu is home to many statues and monuments and is a great park to head to if you want a break from all the sights. It is also historical with ancient historical statues (entry to the park is free).

Do not miss to visit Antalya Aquarium which is considered as one of the largest aquarium complex in the entire world and is as educational as it is entertaining. 40 themed aquariums are sure to make a day of fun for the whole family with the world’s longest tunneled aquarium for you to enjoy. There are plenty of things to see and do and the home of tropical reptiles is worth a visit as well. Additionally, the Snow World and Ice Museum are part of the complex and you can also have snowball fights and play in an icy wonderland. (The aquarium is open every day of the week from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, admission ticket is 20$ per person).




It is a beach town on the coast a very short distance from Izmir which means that it is easy to reach because you can fly directly to Izmir airport and it is located on the Cesme peninsula and you can also head to Cesme which is a slightly bigger beach town on the coast. Alacati has grown in popularity over the past few years but it is still considered a hidden gem and you will find many rich and famous now heading to this Turkish city in search of the great restaurants in Alacati as well as its beautiful beaches and maybe you will come across a famous person there. The city is classy and sophisticated but still feels calm and there is a great deal of Greek history along the cobbled streets and you might wonder if you are in Turkey or Greece at times but the combination is really cool and something you will definitely enjoy and it is also the perfect destination for anyone who wants days of relaxation And lively evenings.

Explore the cobbled streets they are honestly worth exploring and again you will notice the Greek influence and you will also be able to see the vivid cafe atmosphere on the sidewalk with trees and bright pink flowers providing shade as you sit outside the cafe and the world is passing you by as many cafes and restaurants in Alacati are family run so that you are Definitely a delicious experience. The main street is called Kemalpasa Street where you will find the main activity and many tourist spots in Alacati. However if you venture outside this street you will find more Alacati attractions to explore including the hilltop windmills and brightly colored buildings. Check it whether you like to cook or not. Locally grown produce from local villages can be found in these markets and if you are a fruit lover you will never taste such fruit and there are also stalls selling handmade clothes and souvenirs as well.



Izmir is one of the most popular cities in Turkey for tourists. It is located on the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea. It was founded by the Greeks around 3000 BC before it was captured by the Romans and rebuilt by Alexander the Great. The city later became part of the Ottoman Empire in the fifteenth century. Izmir also boasts It has a wealth of history for visitors to explore, including a number of important archaeological sites. Izmir is also known as “the city where the sun never sets” due to the abundant sunshine it receives throughout the year. Its proximity to a number of wonderful beaches makes it a popular summer vacation destination for tourists. Visitors to Izmir can do a number of water sports and activities in the waters of the Aegean Sea such as sailing, fishing, diving, windsurfing and boating on the surrounding coasts. Travelers with children will also be able to take advantage of the vast water park located in the northern suburbs of Izmir.

Participate in a boat trip and on this relaxing full-day cruise you will discover the caves and bays of the Turkish Aegean coast without the stress of driving on unfamiliar routes or crowding a crowded ferry. Charming wooden sailboat and make the most of the summery Mediterranean climate on this tour and stop at a selection of secluded bays and natural harbors and you won’t even need to meet your boat in the harbor with hotel transfers included as well as enjoy a free lunch on board while Follow you to the Turkish coast. The cost of the trip is 75$, and the price varies according to the size of the group, and the duration of the trip is 9 hours, that is, approximately for half a day. For more information visit the link:

Don’t forget to visit the ancient monument in the city center surrounded by hillside residential neighborhoods, bustling market streets, and high-rise commercial buildings. The Agora is just part of the everyday landscape for most residents, and within the grounds of the Agora, the ruins of a Greco-Roman market take you back to the days when Izmir was an important stop on the road. Silk The arches in the basement of the 2,000-year-old market are still intact and the same fresh water that supplied the ancient market still flows from the fountains and flows through a canal along the ground today. The visiting time is every day from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm in the summer season and from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm in the winter season. Entry roll is 13 Turkish lira, or only 1$.





The city of Fethiye is administratively affiliated with the Turkish city of Mugla, which is located in the Aegean region with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. This region is characterized by its charming nature and the large number of historical archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, which is an attraction for history lovers, in addition to the purity of the water in the blue beaches that there As well as other tourist places that enjoy its supernatural beauty. Fethiye is located in the city of Mugla, which occupies a special place in the Mediterranean region. We can estimate the distance between Istanbul and the Fethiye region at about 778 km. Those wishing to visit this area can reach it by car. The journey on the land road may take approximately 9 hours, and you can reach That area by plane through a flight that lasts about an hour and starts from one of Istanbul’s airports and ends at Dalaman Airport in Fethiye.

The first thing to visit in Fethiye is the famous rock tombs, the stone sarcophagi carved into the mountains and the Amintas Mausoleum, which has become a symbol of the city as it dates back to the 8th century BC. Fethiye was also known in ancient times as the city of priests. Butterfly Valley is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Fethiye. It is characterized by its distinguished geographical location on the slopes of Mount Babadag and a charming view of the Aegean Sea. It is so named because it contains more than 100 species of butterflies of different colors, including orange, black and white. There are also many trees in it, including olives, pomegranates, oranges, peaches, palms and many other plants, and the issue of access to it is through a boat that is rented for 45 minutes, which helps you to reach this valley.

For lovers of history and archeology, you should visit the Fethiye Museum, as it will certainly be the right place for you. This museum is one of the most famous museums in Turkey and includes many artifacts that express the culture of society in those days, where you see jewelry in its various forms, beautiful mosaic paintings and many ceramic pieces and handicrafts that It was occupied at that time, and next to the museum there is a garden that includes a group of historical statues in addition to the green spaces they contain and the many types of plants and fragrant flowers. This museum can be reached by public buses that follow the municipality of the region. The museum is open daily from 9:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening, except on Wednesdays, and the entrance ticket to the museum is only 5 Turkish liras.

You should also try the weekly market every Tuesday where the Fethiye market opens and is a fun way to immerse yourself in Turkish culture and see a wide range of locally produced food and merchants and there you will find Turkish clothes and beautiful souvenirs. This is the perfect way to interact with both the locals and the visitors coming to the area as well as eat local foods and learn about Turkish identity. Entry to the market is free, but you will pay for everything you buy from the market, of course.



7. Dalyan Village:

The Turkish village of Dalyan is a small village located in the southwest coast of Turkey in the province of Mugla. Dalyan has been described as a small piece of paradise due to its natural beauty, pristine beaches, world-class and mountainous views, in addition to the fact that it is home to about 154 species of rare birds and 700 species of plants. The various species and about 110 species of trees are the natural nesting site (that is, the spawning and presence of tortoises of this type) for the endangered loggerhead turtles. In addition to its enjoyment of many ancient historical monuments, including the Lycian tombs and the ancient city of Kaunos, as well as its excellent infrastructure, all of this made it attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. Today it is one of the most popular destinations to visit during annual holidays or even day trips.

Since you came to Dalyan, you must try mud baths, which are popular baths from the Roman era and were using the springs as a health facility for treatment. This sulfur water still attracts many visitors to this day, as its hot springs, whose temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, are rich in iron, calcium, potassium and a number of It is rich in other minerals, which makes it unparalleled in its health benefits. This mud bath experience is a comic experience par excellence, where you will find yourself laughing at yourself while trying to stay upright trying to get in or out of the bathroom in addition to the many benefits that you will benefit from, as it is said that mud is useful for rejuvenating the skin and thermal water is useful for arthritis, muscle fatigue and rheumatism .

For history lovers, I will tell you that the village of Dalia includes a group of abundant historical areas, where you will find the main site of Dalyan, which is a group of ancient Lycian tombs that adorn the lake front, as well as a group of charming ancient Greek temples, which contain a group of tombs located along the coast and in top slopes. In the last twenty minutes’ walk along the river from the Lycian Tombs, you’ll find the ancient city of Kaunos, now a sprawling museum of Roman antiquities. Roman and Greek ruins, with six temples and some ancient Roman baths, so it is a city that contains natural and historical beauty.




This small city, which is located on the Turkish-Syrian border, witnessed many invaders, as it fell under the Byzantine rule for a period of time and the Persian rule for another period and then under the Roman rule until it was ruled by the Seljuk Turks before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. They were defeated and the city is built of stone bricks. All its houses are built in the traditional way, its roads are paved with basalt rocks, and there are monuments dating back to the Neolithic era. There are many churches and luxurious palaces in the city that belong to the Armenians and who lived there for a while. You also find mosques that were built after the Islamic conquest. Thanks to the agricultural products produced in its lands, the city has become one of the largest producers of olive oil and exporters of walnuts and pistachios. On the industrial level, it is famous for the production of copper works and Yemeni funds. All these reasons made it a great economic center in Turkey. We also find it distinguished in the carpet industry, which is exported in huge amounts annually to various countries. This is why a modern international airport was established in 2011 to launch regional and international commercial flights.

Once you arrive here, visit the Gaziantep Zoo, the largest zoo in Turkey. It is characterized by the presence of a safari park, the first of its kind in Turkey. The park, surrounded by huge trees, contains nearly 300 species of pets and predators free in the large area of ​​the park.

For antiquities lovers, you should visit the Zeugma-Mozaik-Müzesi Museum, and here the museum contains many mosaic works and many archaeological artifacts dating back to 300 BC, most of which are from the Roman civilization. This museum opens its doors every day of the week from 9:00 am to 5 pm 00:00 pm in winter, but in summer it opens at 7:00 pm, and the ticket to enter the museum is 15 Turkish liras, or 1$ per person.




Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is a sprawling modern city that houses government buildings, commercial companies, universities and foreign embassies. Ankara is located in the center of the country and Anatolia region and is an important transportation hub connecting citizens and tourists alike to other major destinations in Turkey. However, Ankara is not all business. This bustling city also offers some historical sites and some arts and culture. An ancient city that was inhabited by different cultures including Hittite, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman and is full of ancient structures and monuments that reflect its history, most notably the Temple of Augustus, the castle and the Roman theater. Many historical mosques can also be found throughout the city.

One of the important monuments of the twentieth century is “Anitkabir”, a mausoleum that houses the tomb of the first president of Turkey, “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk”. Ankara boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene with a large concentration of theaters and museums including the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations which houses over 200,000 items. Traditional markets and modern shopping malls offer great shopping options where items such as fresh produce, spices, carpets and electronics can be purchased. The first thing you must visit upon arrival here is the Ankara Castle for panoramic views. It is located in the Ulus Pintersee district in the old quarters of Ankara. Ankara also has many interesting archaeological sites scattered throughout the city, but only a few structures surrounding the castle have survived. From the appetite for development. Entrance to this castle is free but be careful, there are no barriers or handrails to protect clumsy pedestrians or those who have a strong fear of heights and it is a long way.

A visit to the Kocatepe Mosque is a must for anyone who visits Ankara and enjoys visiting this wonderful and charming mosque. Whatever adjective you choose, it will not come close to accurately portraying the style and grace of Ankara’s largest and most impressive place of worship. You can visit the Atakuli Tower, as this tower offers visitors the highest viewing point in the city without a doubt. The panoramic views from here are the best in the city. It is interesting to see the city from the perspective of a bird, knowing that the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations made this land home once. Closely you can see the Kocatepe Mosque as it is located on the far left. For lovers of history and civilizations, you should visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilization. It is the most important museum in central Anatolia and contains priceless artifacts from the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. It also includes elements from the Hittite, Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian and Roman civilizations. Some people travel to Ankara just to visit this museum and see its collection The magnificent museum is located within two beautifully restored Ottoman buildings on the south side of Ankara Castle. You can easily visit Ankara Castle, Ankara Castle, Old Quarters and Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in one day.



Ephesus is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Turkey. The ancient Greek city of Ephesus was built in the 10th century BC and was home to more than 300,000 people at its height. Ephesus was ruled by a series of empires from the Neolithic to Roman to Ottoman and the well-preserved ruins are one of the most stunning sightseeing attractions in Turkey and one of the highlights of Ephesus is the magnificent Library of Celsus, which was designed to store 12,000 manuscripts and one of the most impressive buildings in the Roman Empire The Grand Theatre, Terrace Houses, and Hadrian’s Temple. Tip: Go early or late to avoid huge crowds and the midday sun.

Once you arrive in Ephesus, visit the Issa Bey Mosque, which is located in the heart of the Seljuk. The Issa Bey Mosque was built in the late thirteenth century and is very similar to the Great Mosque in Damascus. It is one of the best examples of Seljuk architecture. It is unique and this mosque is now A place of prayer and a shrine for tourism. In addition to the Church of John, which became in ruins in the sixth century, it is considered that it was destroyed by the attackers and succumbed to looting and withstood earthquakes, but its importance is still great. It was said that John spent his remaining years there with his tomb located under the cathedral that bears a marble plaque on the site.

For history lovers, visit the Ephesus Archaeological Museum, which displays artifacts excavated from the nearby ancient city of Ephesus, which include handicrafts, jewelry, coins, funerary relics, and stunning statues. The highlight of all this is the statue of Artemis and a visit to the museum brings ancient and archaeological remains to life.



Pamukkale is one of the natural wonders of Turkish tourism. It is a pure white terrain (lime rocks or so-called travertine) located in agricultural fields that are supposed to be green. This truly amazing terrain is one of the most exciting sites in Turkey and one of the most famous landmarks in the country and for many Visitors This place is a must-visit during their trip to Turkey. Although most travelers come to Pamukkale, because it is actually the second best tourist attraction after the Roman city of Sheba, Hierapolis, on top of the travertine mountain. In addition to the preserved ruins of the theater and other major monuments, you will find the famous hot spring pool where you can descend, as the Romans did, and bathe to relieve bodily aches and pains.

The first thing you must try is the Pamukkale Pool which is a hot tub just like the Romans did. Look no further and head to the ancient Pamukkale swimming pool near the Temple of Apollo to cool off your tired body from traveling in the mineral-rich hot spring water that has a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. The hot spring experience is the most attractive with the marble columns immersed in the water and spread around you.

Don’t miss to visit the Hierapolis Theater which is located on the slope above what remains of the ruins of Hierapolis and has a facade of more than 100 meters and two seating levels, each with 26 rows. The theater was built during the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian and is very well preserved. It has kept a lot of the original details with the imperial chairs where important guests were watching entertainment shows and some of the decorative paintings along the stage are still standing and there are great views from the upper seating decks from which you can take pictures.

For lovers of history and civilizations, you should visit the Heropolis Museum, which is located inside the Roman bath in the ancient city, which displays in the place some of the fine arts and cultural heritage of this once important city. The museum also contains an important collection of statues from the nearby archaeological site of Aphrodisias.


12. Kaş Village:

This charming city is located in the Turkish region of Antalya and is considered one of the best places that have a lot of scenery and scenic nature that you can visit in Turkey. . You must visit Kekova Island, which is the most important island in the Turkish city of Kas, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, as it has many submerged monuments. You can have that experience and go to the island. You can reach the island by yacht or by boat on a cruise. You can also go directly to the ruins of the city and see these wonderful ruins. You can also practice kayaking to the sunken city, which is one of the most popular things there.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Mes Island, which is twenty minutes away from the Turkish city of Kas, and you can reach it by ferry. It is actually considered a Greek place, and it is called in Greek by the name of Kastellorizo. You can ride the ferry and cross the Turkish-Greek border while you are on an enjoyable journey heading to a wonderful place. Once you arrive there, you can take a small boat and take a walk, as the village buildings are adorned with the shadows of the pastels, as it is a charming village. There are two ferries sailing every day from Kas, heading straight to the Greek border.

St. Nicholas Church is also worth a visit. It is one of the most famous churches in the Turkish city of Kas, built in the Middle Ages. It follows Orthodox Christianity, and this form has been preserved until the eleventh century. In the church, we find some wonderful frescoes that tell us a long history there.




This city is located in the middle of an area in the northwest of Turkey, and it rises about 800 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by plains, forests, and the “Sundi Kan” mountains, in addition to the slopes of the oak forest. The Borsk River passes through this city as well, whose length is estimated at about 450 km, and this gives the city an air Distinctive. The first thing you should visit here is Udunpazarı district, which is considered one of the best examples of Ottoman civil architecture due to its colorful houses and beautiful streets. It was even included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. You can also during a visit to this beautiful neighborhood enjoy a tour between Several museums as well as Ottoman houses that have been perfectly restored to their original form. The Museum of Contemporary Glass Arts, the Liberation Museum, the Republic Museum of History and Yilmaz Museum are just a few of the museums that you can visit in this wonderful area.

If you are a shopaholic, you should visit Al-Tahana Craft Market in Eskişehir which has a friendly atmosphere with a small courtyard and traditional souvenir center and when you reach Al-Tahana you can visit the tea garden at the back entrance and enjoy the music and colorful environment. This place also has a glass workshop.

For art lovers, you should visit the Wax Museum, which includes wax statues of many famous figures in the country and around the world, including statesmen, artists, historical figures and comedians. You can also see examples of world famous people and singers among the statues, as this museum is one of the most famous museums in Eskişehir. The entrance fee to the museum is 15 Turkish lira.

The most beautiful thing to do here is a tour of the boat “and gondola” in the Borsk Chai. These tours will never be forgotten by your memory, as is the case in every European city with this river, fun boat trips go in summer and spring for 10 Turkish liras per person and gondola tours can be booked for up to For 4 people for 30 TL. Once you arrive in Borsk Chai, add September Streets, Doctors Street and Ataturk Street in Adalar district to your tour list because in these streets you can see the most popular cafes and restaurants and many national and international brands for shopping.




Şanlıurfa is located in eastern Turkey and is a great place if you want to dive into the rich culture and heritage of Turkey and this is said to be the biblical Ur where Prophet Abraham was born and where he started his monotheistic teachings. The city was also ancient Edessa. Invaders from Alexander the Great onwards fought to win and with such a long history it is no wonder that there is so much to see in Urfa itself as well as many ruins in the surrounding countryside. The main tourist draw is the Göbeklitepe archaeological site just on the outskirts of the city where humanity may have begun its first religious belief, but the narrow alleys of Şanlıurfa Market, its architecture-packed central neighborhood and mosque architecture, as well as the new museum complex contain more than enough things to do for several days of Sightseeing.

The first thing you should visit here is the cave of the birth of our master Ibrahim, and he lived in hiding for 7 years. The cave has a well from which water comes out, and our master Ibrahim used to drink from it, so this water is considered healing and healthy. It is nice to know the place of residence and birth of our master Ibrahim, peace be upon him.

In addition to the Khalil al-Rahman Mosque, which is considered one of the oldest mosques in Şanlıurfa and was built by Salah El-Din’s brother Al-Ayyubi himself.

For lovers of history and civilizations, you should visit the Museum of Antiquities and Mosaics, which contains an amazing collection of artworks displayed from excavation sites in the nearby areas, in addition to Assyrian and Hittite pieces. Near it there is a reserve rich in mosaic floors, part of a villa that was discovered in 2006. The museum occupies the rank of the fifth largest museum in Turkey and includes a large collection of invaluable handicrafts and artifacts. The museum consists of four sections, three of which are dedicated to antiquities and the fourth section to handicrafts.



15. BORSA Stock Exchange:

Tourism in Bursa is characterized by the presence of many prominent natural places in it, such as waterfalls, lakes, forests and high mountains, which have become a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. In recent years, one of the most famous and distinguished Turkish tourist attractions.

As soon as you arrive in Bursa, try the Bursa cable car, which is the first tourist destination of the green Bursa state, one of the most recreational places that all tourists are attracted to to get a unique experience by riding it first. Your tourist activities by playing in the snow accumulated everywhere with friends next to the station, and you can also practice riding the authentic Arabian horse at very cheap prices.

Cable Car Location: The modern Uludag Mountain cable car station is located in the center of the wonderful Yıldırım area, next to the old city of Bursa, where there are many Ottoman historical places worth visiting.

Working hours of the cable car: from 9:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night on a daily basis.

The cost of the experience: 100 Turkish lira for adults, or 9$, and for children, 25 Turkish lira, or only 2$.

For lovers of nature and history, you should visit the historical tree in Bursa, which is one of the most famous natural tourism attractions in the green Bursa in Turkey. Because of its long life, as it was mentioned in the list of special information in it for more than six hundred years, and here you can look closely at the branches of the tree that extends greatly in all areas around it and take some beautiful pictures of it professionally.

. You do not have to leave Bursa before you visit Bursa Waterfalls, which are of many types:

1. The Great Waterfall: It is undisputedly the largest waterfall in Bursa, which is located in the center of the Mustafa Kemal Pasha area within the typical Muradiye district. The water of the Great Waterfall in Bursa falls from a height of approximately 30 meters and is fed by rivers in the area. The Great Waterfall in Bursa is about 17 km from the city center.

2. Uilat Waterfall: It is one of the oldest waterfalls of Bursa, which is located 70 km from the city next to the famous Uilat Cave. The water of Uilat Bursa waterfall flows through the rocks to create harmony between the enchanting beauty of nature and the sounds of birdsong, in addition to the calm and comfort that the place enjoys on Always.

3. Corkli Waterfall: This waterfall is located in the heart of the Hamameli Kezik Kestel region and is one of the best waterfalls of Bursa Turkey. The waterfalls are in the middle of the Orman Kent Forest, which is characterized by the color of its distinctive green trees, along with many types of colorful flowers that grow in it, and the height of the waterfalls is approximately 85 It is about a meter long and its water flows from among the large rocks.



These are the 15 best tourist destinations in Turkey, so all you have to do before you travel to Turkey is to look at this article in order to know the best tourist places that you should visit in Turkey, so I hope the article is useful and you benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk


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