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Not all tourist destinations are suitable for spending an unforgettable romantic trip. There are destinations that were created to be romantic destinations because they contain beautiful tourist places suitable for lovers. These destinations do not only contain romantic places; It also contains charming romantic restaurants that attract hearts, and in this article I will show you the 20 best romantic tourist destinations to spend the most beautiful trip, and the most important of these destinations:

1. Paris (France):

Paris is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world as it is the headquarters of most of the French companies that attract tourists from all over the world and it is the most famous romantic destination in the world. Paris has a variety of museums, theaters, and monuments built over the centuries such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, and the Palace of Versailles. There are many romantic places that you can visit here, this charming city that you fall in love with as soon as you visit it for the first time.

Romantic places to visit:

1. Notre Dame Cathedral (especially atsunrise): Watching the sunrise on that charming cathedral, which is more than 800 years old, is one of the most beautiful and romantic things that you can do, as it represents the zero point where all the streets of Paris begin and their destination, and after enjoying the view of the sunrise you can Waiting for the stores to open, buy a book from the Shakespeare store, gift it to your partner, and sit in the Luxembourg Gardens and enjoy reading that book. The nearest metro station to Notre Dame Cathedral is Saint-Michel or “City” station.

2. The Temple of Love: In Paris, there is a temple called in French, “Temple Romantique”, which means the Temple of Romance or the Temple of Love. It is located in the Bois de Vincennes park, which overlooks Lake “Dominsil” and on “Reuilly” Island. It is the best place for dating, especially at sunset. There is a rocky staircase extending from this temple towards the shore of the lake, and the nearest metro station that will take you to that temple is the “Michel Bizot” station.

3. Seine River: This river was created for romance. It is enough to take a romantic tour across the sides of the Seine and enjoy the sparkling lights that remind you of beautiful memories. Lovers go to the banks of the Seine to hang locks that symbolize their eternal love. You can also pass through the Pont des Arts, any bridge. Arts which displays some beautiful carvings. During that tour, you can enjoy eating “baguette” bread with grapes, and you can also enjoy the “tango” dances that are shown on the banks of the Seine, and you can also dance with them.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Danse Restaurant Le Noir: Is there a more romantic experience than having dinner in complete darkness? The concept is a little intimidating, but interesting. Founded by Édouard de Broglie and Etienne Boisrond in 2004 in Paris, the restaurant, which literally means pitch dark, was co-funded by the Paul Guinot Foundation for the Blind.

2. George Restaurant: This restaurant offers an unparalleled view of the entire city with its large windows and features a modern, full-fledged menu. Most of the design dates back to 2001, which means that it is a romantic, urban restaurant.


2. Venice (Italy):

There is no doubt that this city of beauty has a well-deserved romantic feel, whether in terms of wonderful weather, beautiful architecture, or even charming narrow streets. This city of Venice is located in Antalya, and one of the most famous romantic experiences is strolling through the water canals and getting to know the beautiful alleys that Venice contains.


Romantic places to visit:

1. The Small Canals: If you prefer to enjoy Venice away from the crowds of tourists, do not spend all your time in the city center, especially Piazza San Marco, and instead head to the small canals and small back streets where you will find it more enjoyable. Castello is a quiet area rich in history with beautiful architecture where you can stroll and sip coffee in one of the nice cafes, and San Polo is quieter than some small canals, which makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit when spending your honeymoon in Venice .

2. Burano: You can stroll through the colorful streets of this island and think about different options such as buying lace made here. Do not hesitate to visit and purchase the most beautiful souvenirs, in addition to spending some fun time strolling to see the charming streets and wonderful buildings. Perhaps what adds to the splendor of Burano is that it is devoid of the huge crowds that you usually encounter in Venice, which means a wonderful experience in an atmosphere of calm.

3. Murano: Murano is a beautiful island and is an escape from the crowds in Piazza San Marco. Many places on the island offer free glass making demonstrations. Walking through the shops and looking at all the different artifacts is very fun, along with Along with the splendor of the experience of walking around the island in the quiet atmosphere and old buildings. If you are going to the most romantic city in the world, it is good to choose one of the most luxurious and luxurious hotels here.


 Romantic restaurants:

1. Restaurant Hostaria de France: One of the best restaurants in Venice specializing in fish dishes. The restaurant offers a variety of fish dishes of all kinds and seafood, in addition to Italian pasta dishes. The “Historia” restaurant is characterized by its Italian and romantic atmosphere.

2. Bouddha Bar: One of the best restaurants in Venice, as it is famous for serving special foods for vegetarians, such as rice, tofu, and Indian vegetarian meals, in addition to various meat dishes. It also offers outdoor seating, and is characterized by its calm and romantic atmosphere.


3. Santorini (Greece):

It was not surprising that those interested in romance chose the Greek island of Santorini as the best European island, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph and the “Lonely Planet” travel guide, which ranked it among the 20 best places to travel in the world and among the 10 best islands on earth according to Trip Advisor. The island is full of innumerable features that make the island magical in every sense of the word, as well as making it suitable for spending the most enjoyable times and the most beautiful romantic moments.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Kamari Beach: It is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Santorini and is considered the most famous among the beaches of the island. It is about 10 km from the city of Fira, which is the capital of the island of Santorini. You can see the giant rock that emerges from the middle of the sea, and it is famous as Mesa Funa. The sand of the beach is known for its black color, and you can visit the beach in the morning or evening, but I advise you in the evening because the atmosphere is more romantic than the day.

2. Oba Town: Is there anything more beautiful than watching the sunset with your partner? The town of Oia is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places on the Greek island of Santorini, where you can enjoy watching the sunset from this place and wandering around this town is one of the enjoyable experiences that you can have during your trip to the Greek island of Santorini.

3. The Red Beach: One of the most famous tourist places in Santorini. It was called the Red Beach due to the color of its red sand, as it is located in an area of red volcanic rocks. The beach is rather small, so it is crowded in the tourist seasons. One of the things that you can do in this place is to climb through the stairs, enjoy watching the red volcanic rocks, and buy delicious grapes from the fresh fruit vendors on the seashore.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Restaurant Espressma: The finest experience you will have; Dine while enjoying the amazing view. Rumored to have the best terrace in Santorini so its romantic ambience is made even more sophisticated with contemporary Greek artwork. The menu features great food selections and specials which are updated seasonally. You can ask about Mediterranean delicacies such as sea urchin with truffle oil on garlic bread, there is also octopus with black lentils and sweet onion and orange sauce, and eggplant moussaka with Greek cheese. Desserts are Greek classics served with extra touches. This restaurant is perfect for those with a curious taste who are ready to try everything new and for lovers in particular.

2. Grotte de Nicolas (“Nicolas’ Cave”): The restaurant “Nicolas’ Cave” is aptly named as a real cave that really belonged to a fisherman named Nicolas. Nicholas had initially dug into the volcanic rock to shelter his small boat but was later persuaded (in 1967) to convert it into a restaurant.


4. Maldives:

The Maldives is an ideal destination for luxury spa lovers and divers. It is also one of the most beautiful places for honeymooners, as it is characterized by its isolated beaches and charming blue waters. Diving in the Maldives is one of the most popular activities for those coming for tourism in the Maldives, where divers, whether beginners or professionals, can explore the waters of the islands all year round. Also, swimming and windsurfing are among the activities that attract visitors to the Maldives. The honeymoon in the Maldives is also one of the reasons that drive tourists to travel to the Maldives, where there are luxurious resorts that provide all the elements of comfort and relaxation, in addition to the charming views.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Como Coco Island Resort: This resort contains 33 unique water villas designed similar to fishing boats in the Maldives, in addition to 3 villas on the island’s beach. The hotel does not provide any family facilities as it is only for couples, and each suite contains an entertainment center Daily room service and a private sundeck plus extras like bathroom amenities and a beach bag with sandals, an excellent spa and an excellent-rated restaurant are also located here.

2. Baros Resort: The 5-star luxury Baros Resort is one of the best romantic accommodations in the Maldives and is world famous thanks to its celebrity guests. The resort has 30 water villas all very large and well-appointed including a king-size 4-poster bed, bathtub With ocean views, there are also 45 luxury villas on the island. The property offers 4 different restaurants and 24-hour room service.

3. Viligandu Island Resort: This 4-star resort has 64 water villas, most of which have a private jacuzzi. Viligandu Island Resort offers all the amenities that couples might expect, including a luxurious spa, good diving opportunities, and many daytime activities.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Ithra Mers Restaurant: This restaurant was built under the water by 16 feet, and it is the first restaurant composed of glass in the world under the sea, and it won three international awards for luxury restaurants in 2017.

2. le restaurant de la mer (Restaurant by the Sea): The Sea Restaurant at Anantara Kihavah takes the underwater dining experience in the Maldives to a new level. Eating dinner is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable honeymoon.

3. restaurant de fruits de mer (Seafood Restaurant): One of the exquisite restaurants in the Maldives that is nothing less than a marvel of beauty and located 5.8 meters under the sea, is impressive in appearance and offers a wonderful undersea dining experience.


5. Krabi (Thailand):

Krabi Island is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Thailand because of its charming nature that embraces clear sea waters and is characterized by beautiful tropical weather. Tourism in Krabi, Thailand is a suitable option for nature lovers and it is the best place for a quiet vacation. You can reach most of the island’s beaches by boat.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Congai Island: It is a small island 4 km long and 2 km wide, mountainous and covered in tropical jungle. In the uninhabited western and northern parts of the island, you will enjoy bird watching, not to mention snorkeling along the western and southern coasts where you can enjoy seeing some coral reefs directly from the beach. There are no roads on the island, so getting from one beach to another is on foot or long boats that can be rented at the resorts.

2. Ko Lanta Yai Island: On the island of Ko Lanta Yai, you will be able to do a variety of recreational activities, the most important of which is a perfect fishing trip with one of the boats on the beach, in addition to taking a number of wonderful photos around the island that bears unspeakable beauty. And if you are a fan of shopping, then heading to the island of Ko Lanta Yai will give you a great opportunity to shop for souvenirs, and this is from Saladan Market, that market that is famous for handicrafts that carry with it the charming scent of the islands of Thailand.

3. Top Island: It has the most beautiful beaches of Krabi. If you love swimming, you will have the opportunity to move between the islands, due to the low tide on the island. Visitors to the island confirmed that it is very similar to the Maldives, in terms of pure sea water and soft beach sand, in addition to the green nature that characterizes the island, so it is considered an essential destination on romantic Krabi trips.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Suan Bua Restaurant: known for its romantic setting away from the noise of the world; It is very suitable for vegetarians.

2. Carnivore Steak & Grill: The steak here is cooked in the old European style so you can be sure that you will taste the most delicious steak in the world here.



6. Seychelles:

This archipelago of 115 islands is one of the most romantic destinations on the planet and is located in a quiet place in the Indian Ocean about 1,800 kilometers from the east coast of Africa. The area’s gorgeous scenery beckons visitors to snorkel in clear waters, trek through the jungle, and climb over dramatic volcanic rocks. It’s the largest island in the Seychelles, offering a plethora of hotel, dining, and shopping options at all price points, but it’s the small, private islands that really bring out the romance. In addition to pristine beaches and warm, clean waters where you can swim and snorkel all day long, many of these luxury islands are home to high-end resorts.

Romantic places to visit:

1. Hilton Resort & Spa: Makes up much of the tranquil Silhouette Island meaning guests have exclusive access to everything from volcanic beaches to rainforest trails and jungle treks.

2. The small, historic fishing village: Located near the main pier where the whole world is about the Maldives but savvy travelers know that the Seychelles warrant just as much hype thanks to the islands’ remoteness – 1,600 kilometers off the east coast of Africa so getting here is kind of expensive but just as charming. Maldives.

Romantic restaurants:

1. La Perle Noire Restaurant: famous for its very friendly treatment, delicious food, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is very comfortable, as you feel like you are at home, not in a restaurant.

2. Traders Vic’s: What is remarkable here is the restaurant’s historical décor that attracts minds because of its beauty. The decorations are unprecedented, so they are distinctive, in addition to its delicious food.


7. Maui and Hawaii (USA):

If you are an American there is no passport required for this romantic center but you may feel as if you have gone to another country when you take a look at the truly wondrous beauty of Hawaii. While there are dozens of islands to hop from Oahu to Kauai.

Romantic places to visit:

1. The Big Island: There are many different geographical features on the Big Island in Hawaii, where there are volcanic mountains, golf courses and colorful sandy beaches, in addition to the presence of luxury resorts and exciting activities that make the island an ideal place to spend their honeymoon. Visitors can sunbathe on the beaches The island or taking trips to the waterfalls, diving in the waters nearby, and hiking in the Hawaii National Park.

2. Molokai Island: Molokai Island is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. The island is characterized by the presence of the highest sea cliffs in the world in it, in addition to its picturesque beaches that are often empty and quiet, in addition to the beautiful forest terrain in it. Exploration tours can be taken using boats, horses, or Bikes This island is a romantic place suitable for spending honeymoons and enjoying the quiet atmosphere and stunning ocean views. Where the couple can stay in one of the country houses on the shores of the island.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Restaurant-grill Lahaina: New American cuisine here uses local produce as well as ingredients from around the world. But the key is creative preparation and great flavours. The signature appetizer is the Kona crab cake. Standout appetizers include tequila robetti, rice crackers (the secret ingredient is chili), and roasted lamb concha. This delicious triple berry pie combines raspberries, grapes, and black currants.

2.banian (Banian Tree): While enjoying romantic views of neighboring Molokai Island in the well-lit outdoor dining room, guests can sample Pacific Rim cuisine made with Maui ingredients. Among the delicacies: the locally made “Surfing Goat” goat cheese with strawberry frites and macadamia nut tuille; Crab ah Tony sashimi. as well as vegetarian selections such as marinated tofu with eggplant and jasmine rice. The pupu menu allows guests to choose three small dishes, creating a satisfying meal that leaves room for delicious desserts like pineapple caramel cake with lavender coconut sorbet.


8. Bali (Indonesia):

Bali offers a little bit of everything to satisfy all kinds of romantic travelers, from elephant experiences in the jungle to trekking through the rainforest with a monkey on your back and there is no shortage of thrills for you and your loved ones to enjoy. A vibrant country in every sense of the word.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Kuta Beach: The most beautiful thing here is the pleasure of strolling on the beach, as it is an incomparable pleasure when you contemplate the beautiful scenery surrounding you depicted by the sea, its waves, and the reflection of sunlight on it, and with your partner, who shares these beautiful romantic moments with you. The most beautiful thing is that a long stroll on Kuta Bali Beach is not enough to achieve the desired pleasure from this visit. You definitely need to enjoy the most popular activity when coming to a coastal destination like this beach, which is swimming and enjoying the touch of warm sea water on your body.

2. Jet Jet Waterfall: You do not need to occupy your mind with any of the activities that you can start your trip with. In order to get a great start, you can first explore the waterfalls area by wandering around the place and during that you will love to get closer to the waterfalls and you can do that without Frequency, the area is safe and visitors are allowed to approach. The water falling from the top of Jit Jit waterfall has paved a way, forming a water table that will captivate you with its view, and the water will flow through it, and you will enjoy approaching and touching its waters.

3. Blooms Garden: Blooms Garden was able to reserve a primary seat for itself among the most beautiful gardens in Bali. The distinctive nature that it enjoys, the enjoyable activities it offers and many other advantages, will lead you to visit it and enjoy all this on the ground. Perhaps the first interesting activity that you will enjoy when visiting this park is to wander among the spacious green areas and enjoy sitting on the benches designated for that and watching the beautiful scenery around you of shady trees and water ponds.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Al-Naseem Restaurant: Many visitors to this city are interested in visiting Al-Naseem Restaurant, as it is considered one of the best restaurants in Bali that provided a reasonable balance that meets most tastes. It is a restaurant that specializes in distinctive food color and is preferred by many guests, which is “Indonesian” cuisine. The majority of visitors to this restaurant go to it in order to enjoy the distinctive dishes that it is famous for, such as octopus with barbecue. If your wife loves delicious and charming dishes, then you should take her here.


9. Kyoto (Japan):

If you want to make the most of Kyoto’s romantic atmosphere, you should visit during the spring. The best time to visit Japan for cherry blossoms is between March 15th and April 15th and the flowers are usually in full bloom in early April. There’s little more romantic than taking a stroll or walking the Philosopher’s Way as the overhanging branches flaunt the weight of their gorgeous pink blossoms.


Romantic places to visit:

Nijo Castle: It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has also been enhanced by flowering. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is not to be missed especially if you are planning to take romantic photos on a couples vacation. Whether you want to take engagement pictures in an unforgettable place or selfies that make everyone wish they were pictured in the same place, this is one of the most beautiful places for photography in Japan.

2. Journey to Kinkaku-ji:  Also known as The Golden Pavilion, a 14th century converted Zen Buddhist temple, this gold-leaf masterpiece stands over a pond and is so serene you can’t help but fall in love. From the weeping willows and paper lanterns of historic Gion to the tranquil, manicured gardens and chiming temple bells, Kyoto is an utterly enchanting urban escape. The antithesis of frantic and futuristic Tokyo is the immersion in the romance of Japan’s past. The romance really heightens when you take a boat trip along the Oi River as the city streets slowly transition with wooded and misty hills.

10. Marrakech (Morocco):

With Moroccan weather year-round and bone-warming just a three-hour flight from London, Marrakech offers a sunny, romantic getaway when all is bleak at home, and while the buzz of winding souks in the old medina and the sight of cobras dancing from baskets make for a fun adventure, there’s also Another aspect of Marrakech away from the noise of Jemaa El Fna Square and the tourists in Jardin Majorelle.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Old Town Markets: Your visit to Marrakech will not be complete without exploring the wonderful maze of small winding streets in the old town, which will take you on a journey that you will not forget between shops selling carpets, blankets, spices, copper goods, and many other souvenirs and local crafts.

2. Atlas Mountains: To enjoy the most stunning landscapes of green valleys, deep gorges and rocky plateaus, and explore the pristine culture of Berber villages. You can also spend some quiet days there in one of the hotels located in the mountains or head to the edge of the desert and enjoy camel treks and spend the night in a traditional Bedouin tent amidst the stunning sand dunes.

Romantic restaurants:

1. Azar Restaurant: This restaurant is located in the city of Gueliz, Marrakech, and it is considered one of the best restaurants in Marrakech and the most satisfying to the desires of customers. The restaurant serves Lebanese, Moroccan, Mediterranean and Oriental food. It is also suitable for vegetarians. This restaurant offers live music and dances. It is characterized by the presence of a spacious hall with an honor for those who love privacy, as well as the good treatment of its staff and the speed of their response to requests. This means that it is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner with your spouse.

2. The Block Restaurant: It is a restaurant dedicated to serving dinner meals, located in the center of Marrakech. It serves local food in addition to famous Japanese dishes such as sushi. This restaurant also provides its service while listening to live music while presenting oriental and western dances. The staff is friendly and quick to respond to requests, and it is considered one of the best restaurants in Marrakech.


11. Istanbul (Turkey):

Tourism in Istanbul has become ranked first as the most attractive city for tourists in the world, as it is one of the most crowded cities in Turkey with historical heritage areas that attract attention, such as the Eminonu region, which has a privileged location on the Bosphorus Strait, Sultan Ahmed, the historical heart of Istanbul, Taksim, Silla Turkey and Agva Istanbul. And other tourist places in Istanbul, which are unchallenged on the throne of tourist destinations in the world.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Princes Island: It is a group of nine beautiful islands very close to Istanbul (about an hour by boat) and is an ideal destination for a romantic trip that takes two and a half days. Imagine a very beautiful and quiet place where there is no sound of cars outside and you can go around in a horse-drawn carriage and visit its sights in addition to its very good restaurants where you can eat the finest seafood or Turkish food and enjoy the most beautiful sea views while you are eating your meal.

2. Agva: It is a beautiful place full of restaurants, hotels and parks on the banks of the Black Sea in the Sile district of Istanbul. Its literal meaning translates as “between two rivers”. The reason for this is the location of Sile at the confluence of the Goksu and Yeslika rivers. The main attraction here is the charming cliffs from which you can see the wonderful views of the Black Sea. It is one of the most popular places to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and take refuge in nature in order to enjoy a romantic trip a short distance from the center of Istanbul. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk around the Sultan Ahmed Mosque where you can easily reach the Hagia Sophia Mosque, visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or even visit the famous Spice Souk (Egyptian Bazaar).


Romantic restaurants:

1. Nusrat Restaurant: The restaurant’s decorations attract you very much, as the wooden decorations of this restaurant steal the sight. All the restaurant’s unique dishes and cuisine, guests can try for lunch and dinner.

2. Old Ottoman Restaurant: The restaurant is distinguished for providing delicious dishes and foods that you and your wife can try. The restaurant has a romantic atmosphere, and it is sufficient that it is far from the crowds of the city center.


12. Savannah (Georgia):

Savannah is a romantic destination par excellence, but it is the crown jewel of South America. This idyllic city is full of ancient moss-covered oak trees, contains many large mansions and cobblestone streets on the waterfront, as it is located on a charming river, so it is a lover’s paradise.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Gastonian and Hamilton-Turner: These two places will take you back years to live the time of the ancient aristocracy and enjoy an unparalleled experience. Both destinations are built within the ancient buildings of mansions that boast rich historical artifacts, luxurious furnishings, as well as delicious breakfasts with special southern flavors.

2. Bohemian: which features a wonderful view of the Savannah River and includes 75 elegant rooms and luxurious suites, some of which come with a balcony. The decor of the place is inspired by marine life and an eighteenth-century architectural style, with modern facilities and modern amenities.

3. The streets of Savannah: Most parts of Savannah are full of romance and captivate its visitors with spacious streets adorned with rows of oak trees and interspersed with lush gardens full of colorful flowers and luxurious palace buildings.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Circa

2. Elizabeth

These two restaurants are distinguished by their delicious dishes and romantic atmosphere, far from the noise of life and the crowds of people, and they take you back to the past because of their eye-catching historical and cultural decorations. Therefore, you and your wife will enjoy seeing historical decorations and feel as if you have gone back in time to the past.

13. Florence (Italy):

Here you’ll need more than a weekend getaway to get the most out of a romantic trip to Florence. One of the most romantic places in the world and the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation. In addition to hosting some of the best restaurants in the world, Florence boasts so many idyllic attractions that you’ll want to reserve enough time to see them all. We’re talking resplendent palaces, gorgeous churches, and bridges so majestic you’ll wish you could stroll on them all day.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Ponte Vecchio: This iconic bridge is one of the most picturesque in the city. It has helped lovers cross the Arno for centuries so be sure to make time for a picnic.

2. Piazza Duomo: It is one of the most unmissable sites in Florence. Climb the narrow winding staircase to the top of the dome for great views of the city and then take a load off as you sit in the square admiring the architecture while sharing gelato.

3. Uffizi Gallery: You will need hours to explore it properly, it is one of the best museums in Florence as it is full of paintings, sculptures and other works of art so wonderful you cannot help but feel inspired.

4. Florence squares: The most romantic places in Florence are its beautiful squares, especially the city squares, which are characterized by ancient sculptures, fountains, and restaurants. They are designed to stir up amorous feelings and entice romantic city visitors to settle down for a while. Piazza della Signoria (just outside the Uffizi Gallery) is where you’ll find Michelangelo’s famous statue of David. It is located in front of the Palazzo Vecchio.

Romantic restaurants:

1. Alla Griglia Restaurant: The food in this restaurant is gluten-free, so it is suitable for vegetarians, and its menu is varied, ranging from seafood, steak, and famous Italian foods.

2. Antico Bottaio: This restaurant is also suitable for vegetarians. If your partner is a vegetarian, she will be very happy with this restaurant.


14. Switzerland:

A destination for couples to enjoy in summer and winter, Zermatt is a fairytale village that begs visitors to wander around on a warm August night or cuddle up by a crackling fire with snow falling outside. With over a dozen quaint chapels and churches, restaurants and hotels designed for couples and adventure seekers, herein lies the perfect romantic setting for a couple’s getaway.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Lucerne: Spend some time on both sides of the Reuss River enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city and its surroundings. Lucerne has a medieval atmosphere and is famous for its many bridges, the most famous of which is the Chapel Bridge. Mountains, forests, and shimmering waters highlight the beauty of the city while wooden structures with painted facades stand out throughout the city along the lake front. Couples can enjoy traditional classical music, scenic dining, and embrace the unforgettable allure of Lucerne.

2. Place de Neuve: This square is so perfect for experiencing Geneva romantically; Admire the magnificent fountain, which is reputed to be the tallest in the world, and walk the cobbled streets of Geneva’s Old Town. You can stroll through one of the many parks, lie on the shores of Lake Geneva, or drive to nearby Mont Salive where you have the chance to admire the city from above. Geneva’s bustling yet hotels and restaurants designed with charm in mind offer couples an urban escape to capture the spirit of the city and the splendor of local culture.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Wesis Rössli Restaurant Zurich: What is distinctive about the menu of this restaurant is that all of its food is gluten-free, and it is very suitable for vegetarians. If you are at a loss where to have lunch or dinner with your wife, this restaurant is the best option. This restaurant is very romantic, especially since you are having dinner by candlelight, so imagine with me having dinner by candlelight with your partner!

2. Ellermann`s Hummerbar: The menu of this restaurant ranges from seafood, American and Japanese, which means that there are many options for choosing food in this restaurant and you will not feel bored with the quality of the repetitive and beautiful food here that you will feel confused as you look at the food menu in order to choose any meal you choose.


15. Barcelona (Spain):

Tourism in Barcelona is witnessing a great prosperity, as millions of tourists from all over the world visit it annually, and this is what makes it one of the most attractive cities for tourists in the world. The city of Barcelona, located on the Mediterranean coast, the capital of the Spanish province of Catalonia, is the second largest city in Spain in terms of population. It is a city with a population of 4,251,000 people and it is the destination that many visitors have always visited, as tourism in Barcelona provides exquisite gardens and various entertainment venues as well as museums. And cultural theaters and picturesque beaches.


Romantic places to visit:

1. La Sagrada Familia: This is one of the must-visit places in Barcelona for couples and one can witness the creative works of Antoni Gaudí, Luiz Bonet e Garry, Francisco de Paula del Villar e Lozano, Dominique Sogrenis e Gra and many more.

2. The Magic Fountains of Montjuïc: Built in 1929 and offering a magical show of lights, music and water acrobatics, nothing beats Font Màgica in Montjuïc when it comes to romantic places in Barcelona to suggest.

3. Montserrat: Montserrat is famous for its jagged mountain and is famous for its rugged rock formations, where the historic Benedictine monastery is located. It offers the best panoramic views of the whole of Catalonia and the Pyrenees and one can reach the privileged location of Montserrat by a cogwheel train. In general, the Benedictine abbey is the pride of Montserrat which also houses the famous wooden statue of Catalonia’s patron saint La Morenita dating back to the 12th century.

4. La Barceloneta Beach: Known for being a hub for locals eating seafood and tapas, it is one of Barcelona’s oldest and most popular beaches.


Romantic restaurants:

1. Arcano: All the food in this restaurant is gluten-free, so it is suitable for vegetarians. Congratulations to you for visiting this restaurant if your partner is a vegetarian. The decorations of this restaurant are wooden and sandy. You feel like you have visited an old Spanish civilized restaurant, and this is very romantic.

2. Donizetti: This restaurant is located in Barcelona, ​​but it is famous for Italian food, as it includes all Italian food. The restaurant service is very fast, and the workers here are very friendly and very kind. All the walls of the restaurant have paintings and drawings, and this is very eye-catching, especially since the restaurant’s chairs and tables are wooden.



16. Copenhagen (Denmark):

Enjoy the views of Copenhagen from the top of the observatory hill, as it is one of the romantic tourist places that attract lovers from all over the world due to its beauty and charm.


Romantic places to visit:

1. Botanical Garden: It is home to more than 13,000 species of plants from the tropics, arctic and mountainous regions of Europe. There are more than 25 greenhouses within the park, the oldest being the Palm House. The conservatory was built in 1874 and features a 16-meter-high observation point, which can be reached via a spiral staircase. Entrance to the Copenhagen Botanic Garden is free all year round but plan your visit accordingly as the greenhouses are open at certain hours.

2. Thorvaldsens Museum: Here you can see Bertel Thorvaldsen’s collection of 19th century sculptures. Founded in 1848, this museum is one of the first art museums in Denmark. It displays the work of Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen as well as his personal collection of Roman, Greek and Egyptian artifacts. The museum’s ground floor is one of the most popular things to do for couples in Copenhagen and is notable for its stucco sculptures of Greek icons such as Jason with the Golden Fleece, Achilles, Penthesilea, and Adonis. The museum holds temporary exhibitions from time to time that attract art lovers looking to learn about Thorvaldsens’ life.

3. Kronborg Castle: which is a historical landmark from the fifteenth century, which is located 45 km north of central Copenhagen. Explore the renovated royal chambers and ballroom furnished with lavish décor, paintings, tapestries, and a statue of the legendary Danish King Holger. Dubbed Hamlet’s Castle, this UNESCO-listed palace attracts fans of Hamlet every August in conjunction with the Shakespeare Festival. Entrance to Kronborg Castle costs DKK 90 per adult.



17. Acapulco (Mexico):

Acapulco is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, on one of the most beautiful bays in the world. When flying was still considered glamorous, Acapulco was one of the original “jet-set” destinations, drawing celebrities from all over the world to Mexico to experience hot beaches, hotels and nightlife. A drive along Costera Miguel Alemán provides a great view of the bay and a quick study of the main attractions of Akbuklo. These include Fort San Diego, which was originally built to protect Acapulco from pirates. Papagayo Park and the Casa de la Cultura, which contains an art gallery and exhibition area, and a small archaeological museum. Although Acapulco attracts tourists year-round, many of its beaches are still somewhat secluded. These include Pie de la Cuesta and Coyuca Lagoon, which can be accessed by small boat to hidden coves and islets. Puerto Marques is another beautiful, uncrowded beach protected by a cove. This pristine setting east of Playa Icacos boasts the calmest waters in the area, gorgeous sunsets, and charming restaurants.


18. Dubai (UAE):

The city of Dubai reaps many different titles that make it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Many tourist sites have listed it among the best places to visit in 2022, in addition to being one of the best cities that enjoy a wonderful diversity of international restaurants and cuisines, according to the vision site. Dubai also won another title, as it ranked No. 1 in the Arab world and the ninth in the world among the most poetic cities in the world. Thus, it is considered among the attractive tourist destinations for couples and the best for honeymoon destinations, due to the fact that it includes wonderful groups of green gardens, restaurants, luxury hotels, and others, and for this we review in the lines The most beautiful romantic destinations in Dubai for honeymoon.


Romantic places to visit:

1. The Lake of Love: which is one of the most famous romantic places in Dubai. It is an artificial lake within the Al Qudra Lakes chains that are located in the heart of the desert of the Emirate of Dubai. A wonderful scene of a lake in the shape of two intertwined hearts, with the word “LOVE” engraved in a wonderful way. You can view it completely via Google Maps. When you go with your life partner to the Lake of Love, you will enjoy watching a variety of migratory birds and wild animals such as deer, oryx, desert foxes and white birds in their various forms, where you can take the most beautiful romantic photos and in the background the wonderful nature of the Dubai desert.

2. Al Maha Desert Resort: This luxurious desert resort offers the most luxurious services and atmosphere in the middle of the Arabian desert in Dubai. Each room in the resort has handcrafted furnishings and a spacious balcony that guarantees the privacy of visitors, in addition to a swimming pool to relax and contemplate the desert. The restaurant and spa center are always ready to receive visitors, to add an extra touch of sophistication to their stay.

3. Four Seasons Beach: A luxury beach destination in the city. The Royal Suite impresses with its ornate double doors, spreads over 600 sqm and includes a marble lobby, kitchen, private spa, oversized projection screen, several changing rooms and four bathrooms. There is also a group of the most prominent restaurants and cafes in Dubai, such as the “KOYA” restaurant and the famous “Nusrat” restaurant, located next to the resort.


Romantic restaurants:

1. ossiano restaurant: To achieve a charming romantic experience, you must come here. The restaurant is located inside the Atlantis The Palm Hotel and Resort. What distinguishes this restaurant most is that it offers you a unique dining experience while you watch the marine fish around you, as the restaurant is a wonderful aquarium It is built under water amidst luxurious decorations, from luxurious carpets to dim lighting from the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

2. Ristorante Lolivo: The perfect place to spend a romantic evening surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling aquarium featuring the most amazing marine creatures. The menu also includes the most delicious fish and fresh seafood.


19. Lisbon (Portugal):

Lisbon is called the City of the Seven Hills due to its location, as it was built on seven sloping hills, which gave it a unique and strategic location. The capital, Lisbon, is the largest city in Portugal, famous for its ancient historical monuments, as it includes many museums, palaces, and ancient castles. It also includes wonderful parks.

Romantic places to visit:

1. Lisbon’s “Sao Jorge” Castle: is one of Lisbon’s landmarks of historical value that testifies to its immunity and strength, which is considered one of the finest architectural models and one of the most popular tourist attractions for those planning to experience tourism in Lisbon. This castle enjoys many points of attraction such as its unique location on a high plateau It is also characterized by a unique construction, and perhaps the most important reason that empowered the castle to be one of the architectural masterpieces worth exploring is its high walls as well as its impregnable towers. On the Tagus River and also provided by the café located in the place along with unique sessions and various drinks, and you will see the castle in its splendor, especially when you see it decorated with those beautiful inscriptions and decorations that were carved on its walls, there are wonderful stone inscriptions in addition to inscriptions dating back to the Middle Ages.

2. A spiral staircase: If you are a fan of heights, you will have to climb here through a narrow corridor that will take you to the top of the elevator, and it is one of the best activities that you can do there, as you will have one of the most attractive scenes in the Portuguese city of Lisbon, especially at the time of sunrise. And the sunset and the main activity that you must do when you visit the Santa Justa elevator is to leave yourself to enjoy a tour inside the elevator cabin that extends for a distance of more than 45 meters within the wonderful historical city of Lisbon.


20. Amsterdam (Netherlands):

If you are looking for romantic moments, then Amsterdam quickly comes to your mind. The charming and historical city of Amsterdam was named the most romantic in Europe by The Independent newspaper, and we have to admit that. The newspaper also said that the canals, flower gardens, and restaurants in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, will distract you from Paris, Venice, Rome, and perhaps Milan.


 Romantic places to visit:

1. Rijksmuseum: which is the most famous in the city. It provides an overview of the art scene in the Netherlands and mainly focuses on the golden age from 1600 until the end of the 18th century. Amsterdam is among the richest cities anywhere in the world and this is because the Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in Amsterdam so it is essential to book Rijksmuseum tickets to avoid lines at the entry point. Couples can stroll through the many rooms and view the wonderful prints, paintings, and other antique items. The collection contains paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Dyck, Jan Steen, and many more.

2. The Super Popular Amsterdam Canals: It is the most beautiful spot in Amsterdam and also one of the main reasons millions of visitors visit each year. The waterways of 17th-century Amsterdam are unique and consist of more than 165 canals that you can visit by boat. They are all very welcoming however the most famous is the Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal) in Amsterdam where you can see the most amazing houseboats in Amsterdam.


Romantic restaurants:

1. sea palace: The things that are famous for the wonderful restaurants in Amsterdam are not dependent on the quality of the taste only, as each restaurant is distinguished from the rest with its designs, services and many other features, but you see what distinguishes the sea palace restaurant in Amsterdam to become one of the most prominent restaurants amsterdam The most prominent thing about the restaurant is its beautiful, attractive décor, and this restaurant serves good food for lunch as well as dinner, and therefore you can go to it to enjoy eating during these meals.

2. ghandi restaurant: It is one of Amsterdam’s distinctive restaurants, which is usually visited by all “Indian” food lovers. This halal restaurant delights its visitors not only with its unique food, but also with the comfortable seating it provides.


How beautiful it is to travel and how beautiful it is when it is with your life partner, where you share beautiful travel moments with each other and make your own memories in various destinations of the world. In this article, we have presented 20 romantic tourist destinations that lovers must visit in order to have some unforgettable moments and memories at all. I hope the article was useful and you have benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser  Al Turk

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