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The idea of ​​traveling alone, you will find it difficult at first, but if you think about it a little, you will find that it is a very beautiful idea and it is natural to ask yourself some questions such as will you be safe? Will you have fun on your own? How will you know the route and areas? The bigger question is what destinations you can go to on your own.
To learn more about these destinations, read the article:


1. Berlin (Germany): The Best Destination for the Charming Life:

Berlin is the most charming city. It is a charming city that leaves you with an impression with many beautiful stories. When you go to Berlin, visit the Brandenburg Gate, a monument that has stood throughout history since the eighteenth century, so let this gate be on top of the destinations you want to visit in Berlin. If you are a fan of towers and views, visit the “TV” tower to watch the sunset from the top of the summit in a 360-degree angle. The price of the entry ticket is 21.50 euros. You can also dine at the “TV” tower restaurant.
Traveling solo in Berlin is as much fun as it is ideal for travelers looking for good, contemporary locations.
As a solo traveler, I advise you to take trips to museums and walking tours.


2. South America: The Best  Destination for Adventure:

South America is the best destination for solo adventure if you can climb mountains and enjoy stunning river views and ancient ruins, and you can also take tours to discover the jungle. If you are a lover of reserves, visit the “Torres del Paine” park, a nature reserve and national park in southern Chile that is considered the eighth miracle in the world because of its beautiful and wonderful landscapes. If you are a fan of history, you can visit the “Moro” Castle, an ancient archaeological castle in “Havana” that appeared in the movies. If you are a fan of markets, head to the “Otapalo” market in Ecuador, which is famous for its handicrafts and beautiful textiles.
South America is a safe place to travel on your own, but individual travelers to any destination should always be vigilant and exercise caution.


3. Singapore: the Best  Destination for Single Stop:

Singapore is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Southeast Asia, and one of the destinations that I advise you to visit alone for several reasons, the most important of which are: Festivals ranging from art festivals (such as the Singapore Night Festival) to music (such as the Musical Issues Festival) to the GBB is for kids, and there is quality free entertainment for visitors most months of the year.
In addition to your entry to the Conservatories and OCBC Skyway at the Super Park Horticultural Show from the Gulf, and before 7:45 pm or 8:45 pm daily go to the Garden Rhapsody, a captivating 15-minute sound and light show. The Southern Hills is considered one of the best hiking trails in Singapore.

4. Cuba: the best destination for religious culture:

To learn more about Afro-Cuban religions, you can take a walking tour in Havana Launch, and if you want to enjoy and spend a nice time, you should visit the Tropicanalaunch. And when you feel hungry, head to the “Paladares” restaurant, which is a house for a family that they have converted part of into a restaurant, and enjoy seeing this unique house. Taste the cuisine of this restaurant that you will remember forever.
At night you have to prepare for your aloneness, but you will never be afraid to spend your night. You can watch movies or take a little walk in the streets of Cuba and contemplate the beauty of the houses and palaces.


5. Rome (Italy): the best destination for culture:

Whether you’re visiting for a couple of days or two months, there’s plenty to see, but little risk of getting bored, and while English is by no means ubiquitous, it’s hard to feel lonely among the other 14 million tourists who visit this cultural center each year. But don’t publish your itinerary too accurately as Rome is so relaxing. Socializing with strangers over a glass of vino is an essential pastime in the Eternal City. And if you get bored, you can visit St. Peter’s Basilica and walk (4.3 kilometers) from the halls that house the Vatican Museums.
The presence of ancient icons such as the Colosseum and the Forum, in addition to St. Peter’s Church, gave the city an artistic and historical flair, and the architectural amazement and historical marvels in the city made it an unparalleled cultural and historical destination.


6. Vietnam: the Best  Destination for Food:

A must-cap in first class for delicious food that is subtle in its flavors and outstanding in variety, Vietnamese cooking is a huge draw for travelers that is a travel-tale quintet (rice mixture filled with ground pork, mushrooms, and shallots).
Across the country you can mingle with villagers, sample local dishes and sip rice wine in Vietnam’s many regional markets, while countless street food tours and cooking schools enhance the social environments in major cities. It is okay to learn how to cook Vietnamese food to have experience in Vietnamese cooking.


7. The East Coast of Australia: the Best Destination for Exploration:

It’s hard to explore the east coast of Australia alone, with so many travelers plowing the stretch of road from Sydney to Cairns so full of stories of late-night festivities that solitude is often hard to find due to companionship, and the classic road to Bondi Beach in Raging Sydney through rainforests (Old Daintree) and bobbing in the Great Barrier Reef. The most memorable moments are likely to come from interactions with locals in coastal towns and windswept villages. You can also explore the quaint villages and stunning waterfalls that dot the backwaters of the far north coast of New South Wales by car.


8. Kenya: the best destination for safari:

With its incredibly diverse ecosystem and the “big five” (elephant, black rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard), Kenya is a place for safari. You can easily join a large group or arrange a guide to take you into the wild. The country has a good infrastructure and it is easy to find accommodation for you. To enjoy the nightlife and its charm, head to “Nairobi” and do not hide in the hotel, but wander the streets of the city and discover the night magic of the streets of “Nairobi”.
If you are a fan of beach scenery, head to Cipollini Homestay Nyalaunch and enjoy the beautiful and picturesque beaches.


9. Barcelona (Spain): the best destination for solo travel:

Barcelona is one of the best places for solo travel, its café-lined streets are perfect for people who love to watch or you can escape the hustle and bustle by heading to one of the city’s beaches on easy-to-use public transport. In the evening you can avoid eating alone in a stuffy restaurant by doing as the Spaniards do: grazing on tapas in one of the city’s cool bars.
If you are a fan of landscapes and swimming pools, head to the Gaslaunch Hotel.

10. Ireland: the best destination to receive a guest:

Ireland is famous for the welcome it offers to strangers, you can make a friend for life by heading to the traditional Irish box and offering your neighbor to buy a pint of the drink. If you want to go to the West Coast, you have to take your own transport because it is difficult to find public transport there.


11. New York (USA): the best destination for contrasts.

Explore Manhattan’s streets and outer neighborhoods without arguing about a world-famous museum, cutting-edge art gallery, or famous landmark to visit. If you’re not as brave as Carrie Bradshaw and don’t want to encounter a restaurant on your own, there are plenty of gourmet food markets to eat. You can also browse the Brooklyn Flea Market, see Times Square, go to Central Park or go on a sightseeing cruise in the Hudson, and when you’re feeling Hunger headed towards Donut Turlawn underground.
Don’t forget to take a pocket guide to guide you to the best areas and locations.

12. Hokkaido (Japan): the best destination for nature stimulation.

Japan is a very friendly country with strangers, especially those who travel alone are welcomed as VIPs. Hokkaido is the northernmost and least developed main island in the country, and although it brews the famous Sapporo beer, Hokkaido is known for the great outdoors. The 1972 Winter Olympics were held in Hokkaido.
Hiking, skiing, and bird watching are the best activities if you want to embrace the remote landscape. The island has lavender fields of the kind you might expect to see in Provence.
To make new friends, you should visit the Sapporo Networks Hotel and Betlaunch, and to try Japanese food, subscribe to the “Eat as if you were a country” campaign to learn more about Japanese food and taste it.


13. Jordan: the best destination for historical exploration.

Jordan is a gentle introduction to the Middle East, so follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia to explore ancient ruins and cities, and the stars in the desert that float in the Dead Sea. On your travels, be prepared to accept some offers for tea or a meal at someone’s house. You will find it impossible to go anywhere in Jordan without experiencing some of the famous hospitality. To get to know people more visit the hostel and if your time in Jordan take a full day tour to the city of Petra in Amman
Petra: It is an archaeological and historical city located in the Ma’an Governorate in southern Jordan. It is famous for its rock-carved architecture and the system of ancient water channels.


14. Southern Thailand: the best destination for diving lovers.

Whether you choose the Gulf Coast to the east or the Andaman Coast to the west, you’re bound to find people to chat with over cold Chang beer if you’re traveling alone. The land of smiles is also 15 degrees north of the equator so it has a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine almost all year round.
If you are a water lover, take part in a snorkeling day in Koh Lanta by Catamaranlaunch.

15. Sri Lanka: the best destination for tea lovers.

Sri Lanka is mostly a Buddhist country, and its people are very friendly and welcoming to everyone. In the interior of this country there is an undeveloped hill that is home to tea growers, ancient cities, forest reserves and sacred mountains. On the coast you will find beautiful sandy beaches, quiet resorts, and lazy lagoons. To get to know your hosts you have to stay in or stay in an ecolodge.
When you’re hungry, eat with a local Colombolanche tour.

16. Copenhagen (Denmark): the best destination for natural beauty.

Copenhagen is a great city for solo weekend travel, it’s a small city that’s easy to explore on foot or by bike, there are bike paths everywhere, beautiful Scandinavian café culture, great art museums, and a cool nightlife. In the summer, you can hit the nearby beaches, one of the harbor pools or the city’s outdoor swimming pool for a swim.
If you are visiting this town for the first time, you should visit Tourlaunch (the old town for walking). To make new friends visit the Danhotel Copenhagen Citylawn.

17. The Greek Islands: the best destination for swimming.

There are party islands and coastlines all for the tourist package, but it’s easy to escape the crowds and find a lone beach or traditional Greek village, especially if you’re traveling out of season and aim to stay with the locals.


18. Newfoundland (Canada): the best destination for glaciers.

Many people decide to travel to St. John’s and get out of Deer Lake, so it is not necessary to go through the island twice. There is the option of renting a car to move around in St. John’s and head towards Deer Lake and this option is the most correct option to make it easier for you to move around because traveling solo by car will give you the freedom to explore a bit off the grid and see the island on your schedule. The roads are all in good condition but driving after dark is discouraged due to the high chances of hitting a moose. There are an average of 600 moose collisions per year in the county so be careful.
Choosing when to go to Newfoundland will largely depend on what you want to see. If you want to see the icebergs the best time is May to early July, and if you want to have the best weather from late July to early September.
Keep in mind that late spring to early fall is the peak season to visit Newfoundland so it will be busier than usual.
The weather can also be a bit tricky in Newfoundland so you’ll have to bring a windbreaker jacket and some warmer clothing no matter what time of year you go.


19. Southwest USA: the best destination for landscape.

The American Southwest is famous for its scenic landscapes, and although there are pine forests and snow-capped mountains, the region’s most famous vista is the deep red sandstone desert with towering peaks. Take some great tours as this town is great for tours.
You can join a horseback ride along the valley’s many trails. Be sure to stop by the viewpoints and photograph the lengthening of the atmospheric shadows in the early morning or late afternoon.
The best way to spend an evening is to take a sunset tour of the Philaelawn Monument and the best way to enjoy the views of the Grand Canyon is to take a scenic ride over the Canyonlaunch.


20. Rajasthan (India): the best destination for individual experiences.

Trajastan is a great introduction to India if you are traveling alone, the land of the kings is crammed with forts and palaces and it is easy to travel between the main locations of “Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodipur and Jaisalmer”, and you will be spoiled for choice between airy and inexpensive places to stay and eat.
Spend some time in the desert on camel back and don’t miss the Pushkar Camel Fair (held in October or November).
To make some new friends head to Zostel Jaipurlaunch, for an unforgettable hot air ballooning experience at Jaipurlaunch and for the best food take a street food tour with a local guide.

These are most of the destinations that you can travel to on your own without feeling any fear or any danger, because you will be safe and you will have a lot of fun and gain new information.
I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.


Translated By: Nasser Al Turk


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