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You must be asking yourself how you will move when you arrive at your destination, and it is natural that you have thought about moving by taxi. But if you move a lot of money you will pay a lot of money for the taxi, so it is better if you are good at driving to rent a car. Because, it will make it easier for you a lot of transportation hassles. But before you rent a car, you have to read these tips to save yourself a lot of money.


1. Pay car rent upon receipt:

Pay the rent of the car when you receive it because most companies do not accept late payment, so pay the cost of rent directly when you receive the car and that is better for you because prices can vary from day to day, so as not to get yourself into the maze of different prices pay directly to the company.




2. Pay attention to the gasoline law adopted by the company:

The rental company handed you the car full of fuel and some companies force you to deliver the car with a full fuel tank as you received it and some companies have no problem with the amount of fuel inside the tank. For companies that require the car to be returned full of fuel, you must hand them over with a full fuel tank, so that you do not get charged because they will fill it out and add additional fees on your bill at market price as well as taxes. So to avoid all these mazes, fill the fuel tank and hand over the car to the company with a tank full of fuel.



3. Check the receipt:

Before you pay for the rent make sure you deliver because some companies add unexpected surcharges to you, so carefully check the receipt before paying and make sure you pay for the services provided to you because some agency owners take advantage of customers whether they are from another country who do not know the value of the currency so you should check the receipt well.



4. Don’t buy extras you don’t need:

If the rental agent offers you additional features in the car it is recommended that you do not accept them. Because, they will increase the cost of the car and these features are all present on your mobile phone, there is no need in the car, so you should reject these features to avoid the additional material cost of no use at all and these additional features, such as: the map “Google” i.e. google map and you do not need it, because your mobile includes google map and also provides internet in the car and it is natural that your mobile is available in it Internet, so you don’t need internet. And also there are ice chains and all these extras you won’t need so don’t buy them and save money on yourself.



5. Do not rent a car from the airport:

Don’t rent a car from the airport, right is the easiest way but you will pay a premium for receiving the car immediately after you get off the plane, because these car rental companies pay additional fees to the airport and these fees will reach you directly. So to save a lot of money do not rent the car from the airport but look for rental car offices that bring you to the airport or that take you from the airport to the office to deliver the car. Thus, it’s best to rent the car from rental companies outside the airport and ask them about the car delivery service to you to the airport because this cheek is available in some car rental offices.


6. Leave the border only by agreement with the rental company:

You are not allowed to leave the international border if you do not agree with the rental company to leave the border, but if you agree with the company to deliver the car or deliver it outside the international borders you must pay one way fee which is one way fee, which you pay when you receive the car and these fees vary from international and local fees, international fees pay if you receive the car from a country and deliver it in a different country. But, Local fees are the ones you pay if you receive the car from the city and deliver it in another city within the country, often cheaper and in some companies it is free. Therefore, you leave the border only when you pay the OWT fee in agreement with the rental company.




7. Check the car before you receive it from the dealer:

Do not underestimate the subject of checking the car before renting it in front of the agent and pay attention to scratches, windows, mirrors and furniture of the car. Because, the car dealer may fine you for these breakdowns when you return the car to him even if it has nothing to do with you these breakdowns, so check the car well and photograph it in all respects and ask the number of the car dealer or email and send him pictures and videos to be the best evidence if he asks you for compensation for damages that have nothing to do with you.



8. Rent a Hybrid:

If you want to save money, you can rent a Hybird, because it is very abundant in terms of fuel consumption and environmentally friendly. Since, it reduces the emission rate of gases harmful to the environment and its effort is very high, so it is best suited for you in terms of saving if it is saving money or saving money. The best hybrid cars:

. Toyota Avalon hybrid

. Ford Fusion Hybrid

. Honda Civic hybrid

. Kia Optima hybrid



9. Avoid daily rental:

The daily cost is often higher than the weekly cost, so it’s best for you to rent for a week even if you need it for less, because it’s cheaper than the daily cost and most importantly compare the cost of rental packages before you choose from them. So avoid renting today and choose the weekly package to save money on yourself.




10. Get your own insurance:

Car rental companies seek to get more money from customers by committing them to buy expensive insurance policies, but the customer can save a lot of money by looking for a suitable insurance company at a reasonable and acceptable price. So search for the best insurance that can be chosen to save you a lot of money. Make sure your credit card does not have car insurance when traveling because some cards have insurance.




11. Book early to save money:

The earlier you rent the car, the better the prices and the more, because the car rental companies have the lower the number of cars they have, the higher the prices, so if you book early they have a lot of cars and rent the car at a cheaper price. You can often cancel your rental of the car but if you have already paid the company you will not be returned the money.





12. Rent a car directly from a car rental company:

Rent directly from the company because it will give you cheap prices and they may offer you a discount code that will save you a lot of money so go directly to the rental company in order to save money.







13. Bring the children’s chair:

If you have children, it means you’re going to need a chair for your baby, so get your kids’ chair because car rental companies take you about 10$ to 15$ a day, and if you don’t have a chair, I advise you to buy better than renting the chair because you’re going to cost the same cost, but if you buy it, it’ll be your own.




14. Pay with credit card:

Credit card payment is often a good option because many car rental companies offer offers when paying with a credit card (visa card, master card), so ask the company whether there are offers when paying with a credit card and also a lot of credit cards offer additional insurance coverage.






15. Take advantage of employee loyalty offers:

Employee loyalty programs are programs aimed at keeping employees and giving them special offers in order to focus on their business and to feel a sense of belonging to their own. Many companies contract with companies and service providers to obtain special offers for employees.

So check out the HR department or look for your employer’s loyalty program for special offers in car hire.




You need to be aware of these tips before you rent a car in order to avoid unnecessary payment and to save you money so you need to read these tips before you consider renting a car.



Translated by: Nasser Al Turk




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