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The most beautiful experience that a person can do is the experience of travel, and one of the things that travelers are afraid of is how to book cheap hotels.
Expensive hotels are an obstacle for travelers with low budgets, as hotel reservation prices rise according to the tourist season, and the location of the hotel plays an important role in the price of the hotel.
In this article, I will give you some important tips that may help you when you book a hotel.

1. Budgeting:

One of the most important things that the traveler must plan is to determine his budget before his travels. Determining the budget helps you determine the appropriate price category for your stay, in addition to determining the style of the trip, whether it is tourist, commercial or otherwise.
So determine your budget before you book your hotel.




2. Extending the period of stay:

The longer the stay, the lower the reservation price, so increase the number of reservation days to get a lower cost. If you book the hotel for three nights, the hotel offers you the fourth night for free, or the hotel discount is additional services such as adding meals to the value of the hotel reservation without additional costs, and these offers differ From one hotel to another, but those who book for a long time always benefit from these offers, so take advantage.



3. Hotel location:

If your desire tends towards cheap hotels, the location of the hotel should not be the priority, because look for cheap hotels according to your budget to avoid the financial deficit, as hotels that are located in important locations are the most expensive, so choose a hotel whose location is close to the places you want to visit and close to the destinations that you want to go to.




4. Early booking:

The best thing you can do before you travel is to book early, because the earlier you book, the lower the hotel reservation price. As for the high hotel prices, the closer the travel date, the higher the hotel reservation prices. There are online booking sites that offer huge advantages when booking early, including free cancellation.
You can book on the following website:



5. Travel season:

Seasons affect hotel prices. Prices rise very much on occasions and holidays, especially on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, as prices rise very much because Christmas and New Year are celebrated by all countries of the world, so Christmas season is considered one of the most expensive seasons. Also, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha raise prices in Islamic countries. It is natural for prices to rise during summer vacations because all employees and workers tend to travel on their summer vacation and do tourism, and hotel prices are not fixed, but change and vary according to seasons. Apart from holidays and events, prices are much lower and you can get travel offers and reservations at a cheap price.



6. Compare Prices:

Meaning, to compare prices between all hotel search sites, do not enter on one site only, but use several sites. The best site is booking, which contains 28 million hotels around the world and is part of Booking Holdings, which includes more than one search engine for hotels, so it is considered one of the best sites The most widely used.
There are other sites besides booking such as:
These sites will help you compare prices.
And if you do not want to live in hotels, you can visit the airbnb site, which connects people who want to rent their homes with people looking to stay in that area, and this site so far covers more than one hundred thousand cities and 220 countries around the world, so you can rent a house through them instead of a hotel.
For more information, visit:


7. Reading hotel reviews is more important than the number of stars in the hotel:

Some hotels provide a means of comfort or service on a permanent basis, which is given a star. One star means the basics of accommodation only. It does not mean that the hotel is not clean or exposed, but rather means that you will have a place to sleep only. As for two stars, it means the same one star, but the bed in it is more comfortable, so it is more expensive than The four-star and the four-star are famous for the quality of their services and their very high comfort, while the five-stars are flawless and offer special and distinguished services such as luxurious showers and luxury sleeping supplies.
If your budget is simple, do not associate the stars with the quality of the hotel, but rather look for a cheap hotel that has the basics of accommodation.



8. View of the room:

You have to know that the view of the room increases the price of the reservation cost, so the price of the reservation increases according to the view of the hotel, meaning that the view of the hotel plays an important role in the cost of the reservation. The hotels that overlook the tourist attractions or landscapes such as the sea, mountain and river, so look for a view that fits the goal of your trip and fits your budget if it is Your budget is simple, so do not look for a view of the sea or famous tourist attractions.



9. Avoid famous hotels:

You are trying to maintain your budget, so there is no need to search for famous hotels. Famous hotels are the same as other hotels. You may pay extra value for the brand and guarantees offered by famous hotel companies. So, famous hotels are not different from other hotels except in international fame and brand, so let your search for A hotel that fits your budget, not your desire to book a famous hotel.




10. Avoid searching on Fridays:

Friday night at the hotel means one of the most expensive nights and the reason lies in everyone’s desire to spend a nice weekend. Friday nights are the busiest and most expensive, so try to arrive on Saturday morning and if your room is not ready, take a tour around the hotel in order to prepare your room and make it ready.



11. Choose hotels that allow cancellation:

During your search for the cheapest hotel, try to have the hotel have a free cancellation feature, as this helps in obtaining great prices. In some hotels, cancellation is free even 48 hours before the night of entry.
Booking.com and Agoda.com give you favorable rates on non-refundable or non-refundable rooms and a higher rate on refundable rooms.
Some hotels, if you cancel a room reservation, they offer you a suitable discount on that room, so try to cancel in order to reduce the price, but do not repeat this movement in the same hotel because hotels hate repeated cancellations.



12. Do not decide as users wish:

It is important and useful to listen to the opinions of users, but do not put their opinion on your convictions and your choice of hotel, because remember that people have a lot of time for the Internet and people spend most of their time on the Internet, which makes them complain and object to any small thing, so let your decision be mature and conscious enough and do not give importance to all opinions but rather Follow the most mature and informed comments and opinions.



13. Find hotel photos:

Google, Booking, and TripAdvisor provide important reviews and opinions on hotels and photos. Try to compare the photos shown by the hotel management page and the photos that users have shown while they are at these hotels and choose the most credible hotel whose photos match the photos of the users.





14. Take advantage of the “last minute” offers:

Last Minute Deals are offers the hotel offers on specific rooms for a limited time, and these deals are very reasonable in terms of rates for the period you want to spend there.
HotelTonight offers last minute travel deals at low prices and high quality so take advantage of these offers as much as possible.





15. Room type:

The types of rooms vary, including single, double, triple and family, including one bed, two beds or a double bed, some rooms are large and some are small, and there are air-conditioned rooms and non-air-conditioned rooms, rooms that you can open their windows and rooms that you cannot open their windows, all of these options make the choice of room a difference in the price.
If you are alone, choose a single room without a luxury bed.
If you and your friend choose a room with two separate beds.
If you and your wife choose a double room, either a luxury or a standard bed, according to your desire.
If you and two of your friends choose a triple room.
If you are with your family, choose the family room.
Finally, there is a room called Economy Room, which is a room located either at the top of the hotel or at the bottom of the hotel, and its price is very cheap, and it is for sleeping only.



All of these tips may help you in choosing the right hotel, so you should look at these tips and take advantage of them before you travel or book to avoid financial loss and disability.
I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.



Translated by: Nasser Al Turk

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