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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Yes, it becomes absolutely factual when it comes to feed your wanderlust by traveling different fascinating destinations of the world. Well, being a travel blogger, I’ve racked up a decent amount of airline miles and have experienced many unique and amazing cultures across the world.

Traveling got me a bunch of treasured and incredible memories that will never be vanished out of my mind. For me, every travel is amplified & enhanced as a passionate wanderer.

Now, talking about one of my challenges- “camping in Preikestolen Pupil rock”, which is the most popular tourist attraction in Rogaland country, Norway.  Norway is the most breathtakingly pleasing countries in Europe and hiking is the best way to appreciate that as a perfect destination, especially in the fjord sides because of combination of water and the mountains there. I chose Pulpit rock Norway as my first hike, because among all the other hikes it is easy and short since this was my first ever hike I do and I wanted to have a great hiking experience in Norway, and the experience was quite satisfying and fulfilling to my soul. I would count that hiking as one of my craziest adventures on the list.

Towering that almighty, Preikestolen hike (Pulpit rock) 610 meters (2,000 feet) high, was one of the challenges for me but I wanted to accomplish that anyhow while in Norway. It took me around 4 hours to climb, then finally, I reached the top! The views at the peak of Pulpit rock was really quite spectacular & fantabulous! The fjords, dramatic landscapes and beautiful lakes had captured all my imaginations.
I would like to thank my Twin-soul, my sister- “Angham Al Badawi” who pushed me to do it, as it was the longest hike I ever made. Her company, youthfulness, fun-loving nature and her adventurous spirit made that hiking unforgettable to me. Also, thanks to mountain tops, waterfalls, lakes and incredible views over the islands, that made my travel outstanding and the most happening.

If you would like to have breathtakingly beautiful day at Pulpit rock, then it is recommended to reach there before 9:30 AM, as you will find only few folks there at this time.  This helps you take a bunch of pictures and feel the great peace and relaxation at the top. Capturing through drone and camping directly on rock was not possible there, but down the rock it is. The most important and indispensable part is bathroom facilities, as there is no toilet at the Pulpit Rock, but you can go to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge at the trailhead or The Preikestolen Resort to avoid any hassle. Here is the price list of accommodations provided by this resort.

You can also visit Hotel Alstor, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Victoria Hotel, which are the most popular hotels among tourists and are just 5-8 Kms away from the Pulpit Rock. Now, if you are looking for hotels with free-Wi-Fi access, great parking availability and modern rooms, then “Scandic Stavanger Forus” and “Clarion” is the name you should take into consideration.  Stavanger is the closest town to Pulpit rock which is about 90 min drive away. The typical Norwegian hut, fjords, route from ferry to tau, landscapes will make you fall in love with this charming town of Stavanger.

The route for Pulpit rock was arranged so well by Norwegian government in order to provide great comfort to the travelers or adventurers. The trip from Oslo to Pulpit rock was around 277 km far driving. We rented a car and went for trip but the cheapest way to reach Pulpit rock from Oslo is bus, which cost me around 689 Norwegian Krone. The car parking will cost you 200 NOK.

Throughout the hike, I took many little breaks at some milestone distances. I took some high energy, slow releasing snacks, and water bottles along with me to avoid a dizzy ascent. Well, as per my experience towards weather, the best time of the year to travel Norway especially for hiking is May to September because there is the least snow. You can try to visit there between October-December if you are tough enough. As the Preikestolen hike consists of slightly hilly terrain, so, make sure you have necessary apparels and accessories including, good-quality shoes, preferably mountain shoes, food & drinks, warm clothing etc.

I got loads of opportunities for adventures and activities along the route that I would like you to take advantages of. But you can also relish canoeing, kayaking, salmon safari, kiting, skiing, cycling, rappelling, paragliding and what not. Apart from this, you can have overnight stays in Stavanger and enjoy boat trip on the Lysefjord. But, make sure you have your swimming cloths with you in order to avoid facing any inconvenience. As Pulpit Rock is the most iconic and family-friendly hikes. Thus, there is no wonder if you bring your kids and even furry friends there, and enjoy watching them crawling with full excitement.

Destinations and Adventures to be covered Cost
Oslo Hotel 689 310.05
Camping in pupit rock 320 144
Helikopter 1000 450
Lilland Hostel Vaulali 947 426.15
Zipllining in bergen 780 351
Funicular Bergen 350 157.5
Flåm Tent Camping
300 135
Flåm Railway train journey 780 351
 Fjordsightseeing 90 min/Traditional Vessel 700 315
Total 6406 2882.7

Would you like to have your next trip to Norway? Want to watch the trailer of what you can feel through my experience? Then watch this video:

Well, with my experience, I would like to recommend every explorer to visit the magnificent Lysefjord, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock hike) once in their lifetime. At last, I would say, Pulpit rock hike, Norway provides a truly remarkable yet unforgettable way to admire the scenery of nature.

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