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In many cases, travel has golden opportunities for humans, such as getting to know new people, gaining acquaintances, a job opportunity, treatment, or to improve the mood down the drain.
When you make the decision to travel and start the procedures, you will most likely feel some anxiety and tension.

Resulting from your constant thinking about the experience that you will have, how it will be, and the preoccupation with the arrangements and equipment that will take time and effort. Especially, if this is your first experience or a new travel experience that you have not had before.

To relieve this pressure, There are some steps and procedures that help you overcome these feelings and help you rest. We will address them in this article.

1. Procedures, equipment and preparations that help you rest and psychological readiness:

• Determining the purpose of travel, whether it is for investment, job search, tourism, education, treatment or other.
• Ask those with experience about all the details, requirements and approximate cost, and do not underestimate any advice or information from specialists and experienced people.
• If the travel is for a long period, especially if it is for work or investment, it is preferable to visit the embassy of the country to which you want to travel, in order to take a general idea of ​​the regulations and laws if possible, according to the cooperation of these embassies.
• If the travel is for work, education or treatment. Therefore, it is preferable to obtain information from more than one source and to ensure that the entity you will deal with in that country is legal. Moreover, doesn’t exploit foreigners, whether materially or morally.
• Searching on the Internet for the country and its geographical and demographic information. Furthermore, taking a general idea of ​​the most important cities and tourist destinations, taking an overview of the cultural, social and religious customs, traditions and political trends. (Knowing this information helps you to stay away from any prohibitions or violations of laws).
• Record all the notes that have been collected to not forget and apply them when needed.
• Prepare all travel documents, personal belongings and bags well in advance.
• In cases of long travel, take a complete rest inside the house at least two days before traveling and spend it with family and close friends.
• Taking a sufficient amount of sleep on the night of travel and waking up a sufficient number of hours before the time of heading to the airport or the means of travel so that there is enough time to take a warm bath and eat a satisfying snack.
• To have an additional amount of money as a reserve in case of any emergency, if possible, as this will make you feel reassured and make many things easier for you.

2. Some important points to keep in mind during your dealings and roaming:

• Be balanced in your dealings with others as much as possible, so there is no need to go into depth and there is no need to deal with dry, rough things.
• Do not give your full information, whether it is your name, numbers, accounts, amounts, your residential address, to any stranger you meet for a few minutes, and without a necessary need for that, this information is only given to trusted people and according to the need and necessity.
• Do not talk too much about what is not needed or useful, and do not touch on topics that may raise strife and sensitivities, always remember that most of the people you will meet during your travels you do not know beforehand and may not meet them later, so there is no need for opinions and discussions that would be unnecessary.
• Pay close attention to your actions and words, not every place is suitable for expressing feelings and opinions.
• Don’t allow your good or bad mood to negatively affect the way you communicate, for each maqam has an article.
• If you are in a place designated for entertainment, take advantage of every moment and allow joy to enter your soul and heart, even if you are angry, sad, anxious or tense. About yourself, and don’t spoil others’ moments, just try to take advantage of the moment and get out of the bad mood.
• If you are in an official, religious or cultural place or any serious place. Treat it formally and seriously, and there is no need for any extra talk about the need for your work or visit, and there is no need to joke or laugh excessively for no reason. Thus, show respect and pay attention to the rules and laws of the place.


Psychological comfort during travel helps to achieve better, faster and more neatly, and to make decisions in the appropriate time and form. In addition, to raising the level of attention, focus and vigilance, and thus reduces problems and exposure to fraud. It also provides enough space to enjoy the moment and joy and spread the positive energy to you and everyone around you. Thus, the ability to interact more positively with the societies of the countries visited or resided in.

Comfort and enjoyment, let this be your goal in your travels, whatever their reasons.


Translated By: Nasser Al Turk


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