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It is natural to ask when we watch any of the films about the places where the scenes were filmed and we are infected with insects to see where these places are located and in any country, so in this article I will show you the best destinations where you filmed the most famous films and you should visit and explore these places that have gained wide fame and even very wide and the best of these destinations are:



1. Petra (Jordan): Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The ancient city of Petra, famous for its red pink sandstone facades, cemeteries and temple, has become a world-renowned tourist attraction after its appearance in Indiana Jones and the last crusade in 1989. Petra is one of the seven wonders of the world, with Indiana Jones finding the Holy Grail in the film and after filming the film, it became more famous.





2. Glenfinnan Bridge (Scotland, United Kingdom): Harry Potter films.

The Glenfinnan Bridge, known to many even google as the Harry Potter Bridge, is very beautiful and surrounded by lush greenery with an ancient historic church as well as a Rowling fan that you can easily reach from the parking lot.





3. London (England): The Return of Mary Poppins.

Emily Blunt played the super nanny in the 2018 film Mary Poppins Return in London. Blossom Street and Fleur de Lis Street in the east of the city were selected for Victorian details as well as filming at other locations including the Bank of England and the Royal Stock Exchange, culminating in Banks’ home on Sherry Lane.





4. Oxford (London): Harry Potter Films.

Diehard Potterheads should take Oxford University home to the most pivotal Harry Potter collections, including the Duke Humphrey Library, with a floor-to-ceiling book wall, a deviant divinity school, a new college square and a Bodley Tower staircase.






5. Northern Ireland and Iceland: Game of Thrones.

The fictional Westeros land spans several locations around the world and Northern Ireland is one of the highlights (there are plenty of tours you can join to visit the exact locations), from Belfast Paint Hall Studios to Tullymore Forest in Down. Scenes from the first season were also filmed in Malta and then in Croatia to Spain in subsequent seasons. Scenes were filmed north of the wall, yet filmed in Iceland.




6. Wintka Illinois (USA): I’m alone at home (Home Alone).

Kevin McAllister’s red brick family home, the same house that two novice thieves tried to loot, is a stunning mansion located in chicago’s wealthy suburb of Wintka. Remember the attic where Kevin was sent to sleep? In real life it’s actually an attic bedroom (takhtiya) with two grand suites and storage.




7. Cleveland (USA): The Avengers.

Apart from the movie studio in New Mexico the Avengers were shot throughout Cleveland, Ohio.The vast laboratory is actually a 122-foot-high aluminum vacuum room at NASA’s space energy facility in Sandusky, just west of Cleveland.





8. Kauai Island (Hawaii): Jurassic World Park.

The director chose Kauai Island to shoot the film’s exterior scenes and this island is one of the most beautiful islands of Hawaii and although the decorations of the film were removed from the island a long time ago, the place is one of the most famous tourist attractions you can go by helicopter to see.





9. Ohio State Correctional Facility: The Shawshank Redemption.

The film took place in a prison and although the story of the film is fictional, the film, which was filmed in a real prison in a correctional facility in Ohio, made this place a tourist destination available to visitors wishing to see the places where the film was filmed and closed the correctional facility in 1990 but reopened to preserve its tourist importance.




10. Lake Powell (between Utah and Arizona) and the Colorado River: Planet of the Apes.

The lake in the film is Lake 1, which borders Utah and Arizona, which was established in the 1960s, but the shape of the lake differed from its time during the filming of the film, with water levels rising more than 150 meters, but this does not eliminate being one of the most crowded places for visitors from everywhere on public holidays. Some scenes are shot along the Colorado River and can be visited by boat and you can dive to discover them.





11. Matamata (New Zealand): Lord of the Rings.

This film is characterized by the beauty of its cinematography and stunning scenery, but all these scenes are already on our planet and are not computer-made and have filmed scenes in New Zealand, specifically the city of Matamata, near Hobbiton Farm, which was home to the hopit in the film. The New Zealand government has organized tourism campaigns, taking advantage of the public’s love of work and their desire to identify the places where they were photographed and the number of visiting tourists was about 80,000 each year.




12. Tunisia (Matmata): Star Wars.

Although the events of the film are fictional and take place in distant astronomy and galaxies, most of the scenes were filmed in ordinary places that we can visit and watch, and one of these places is the state of Tunisia and this place has been transformed into a tourist attraction. The most famous filming was in the village of Matmata, which is filled with fantasy caves, and many residents of the houses where the scenes were filmed left their homes to the tourists who were sent to them every year to see them.




13. Hatley Castle (Colombia): X Men.

This castle is the most important heritage tourist site in Colombia and x men filmed the series, which was launched to the world in 2003 and the most important places where the film’s events were filmed, the historical building taken by the director to film the scenes of days of future and scenes of apocalypse in addition to the very distinctive gardens.





14. Metropolitan Museum: (USA): Oceans 8.

One of the world’s most important museums located near Central Park, New York, had a prominent role in the film, without the museum, this film would not have appeared of such great quality and the film shows the archaeological contents of this museum, whether Egyptian, Greek, Islamic, European and art from the Asian continent and North and South America.





15. Ait Ben Haddo Palace: (Morocco): Gladiators.

The palace witnessed the filming of the huge film “Warrior” and thanks to its elaborate photography won five Academy Awards and a Golden Globe award, this palace is a famous tourist attraction and unesco world heritage, representing the architectural culture of southern Morocco and is exploited to film historical films.





16. Grand Bazaar (Turkey): Argo.

There is a great difficulty in filming scenes in Iran, as the filmmakers decided to go to film their film in Turkey on the busy streets of Istanbul, where the grand bazaar full of goods and people, a tourist attraction of a famous Islamic character, is shown to film scenes showing the intelligence of cia forces to smuggle six American people detained inside the embassy.





17. Sekathis Island (Greece): Mamma Mia.

With a small area of only 50 kilometres overlooking the Aegean Sea and attracting millions of tourists each year, it is characterized by its soft sand and ideal location for diving and after the romantic film was filmed on the island, it gained greater and wider fame and the film impressed everyone who saw it.





18. Municipality of Savoca (Italy): The Godfather.

A town in the northeast of Sicily, specifically in the province of Messina, Italy, has seen many scenes of the film starring Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, the same town where Michael Corleone hid after he left America when his family was attacked by gangs, and anyone can walk around that town and enjoy its streets, which embodied scenes of three parts of the wonderful film, and will find the café “Bar Vitelli” in which he filmed the sight of meeting the father of the girl he loved.



19. Temple of Ta Bruhm (Cambodia): Lara Croft.

This temple is a world heritage site in Cambodia and dates back to the 12th century and has captured the world’s attention after watching tomb raider and this temple is a famous shrine where a large number of tourists attend each year and who visits him tries to relive lara’s adventures in the film.






20. Mehrangar Fort (India): Batman.

The most important historical fort in India’s history and located in Jodhpur, founded in the mid-15th century, is one of india’s most famous attractions and gained greater fame for its presentation to the public in one of the batman films and some scenes of the film were filmed in India and attracted more tourists interested in the location of the filming of the film.




The destinations where dreams are portrayed are innumerable, but each destination is different from the other with its fame, the more famous the film becomes, the more important the destination is and its popularity and destination for tourists in countless numbers. I hope the article is useful and you have benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk


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