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With the start of the school holidays, many people are going to travel in the month of July. Let me share with you my favorite destinations this month that I chose based on two main factors; Firstly, the sunny and mild weather allows for enjoying great outdoor activities. Secondly, choosing uncrowded destinations that allow for a quiet and unique experience. So, get ready for adventure and enjoy the month of July as an ideal time to enjoy sightseeing trips in picturesque and tranquil places.



The temperature in the Seychelles in July ranges between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius, with almost no chance of rain during that period. This destination is suitable for a family vacation with children, a trip with friends, or even a romantic honeymoon. All are suitable options for visitors to the Seychelles Islands, as it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful African islands for honeymoon. The Seychelles has more than 100 islands, which give you many options to explore the islands during the month of July, especially its beaches with turquoise waters that resemble the Maldives. Do not forget to purchase some traditional clothes for an unforgettable atmosphere in the best travel destinations in July. What makes this destination the most suitable in this month: First; Tourist activities, where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in warm waters, and explore the wonderful coral reefs. You can also take boat rides and tour the different islands to enjoy the scenic landscapes and visit the local wildlife parks. secondly; The presence of tourist places, as you must visit the main island of “Mahi”, where you are located in the capital, Victoria, where you can experience the local culture and shopping. You can also visit Brasley Island and Bras Dal Island to enjoy the beautiful beaches and watch marine life. Third; water sports; Where you can practice many water activities such as windsurfing, bus riding and windsurfing. There are also opportunities for fishing, canoeing, and powerboating. Fourthly; July is the month of celebrations In July, your visit may coincide with local celebrations in the Seychelles. You can enjoy local festivals, traditional music and dance, and savor local delicacies.



The temperature in Madeira Island ranges between 19 and 25 degrees Celsius in July, providing 8 hours of sunshine and warm weather that motivates you to go out and explore this charming island. swimming in the coastal rock pools, seeing stunning views, walking on the highest cliff in the sky of Europe, tasting local food at “Mercado dos Lavradores”; They are all fun things you can do when you visit one of the best places to travel in July. Although it is one of the European islands, it is located off the northwestern coast of Africa and is divided into four islands, a problem dominated by high cliffs; pebble beaches; and botanical gardens. As for football fans and the player “Cristiano Ronaldo”, the island is the place of his birth, so you will witness a sporting character in the stadiums and tourist places in Madeira. Don’t forget the festivals and celebrations here, as your visit can coincide with the Madeira Summer Festivals that take place in July. These include music festivals, cultural shows, and fireworks, and add a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere to your visit.



Kenya is one of the best cold countries in July, with an average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. The country will welcome you with a wonderful mixture of warm weather, lack of rain and warm sunshine on the skin. Visiting Kenya in July will give you the opportunity to witness the great migration of wild animals and zebras, and speaking of wild animals You cannot tourism in Kenya without joining the safari tours in which you see a huge group of animals that characterize the eastern African region. You will answer a huge number of reserves and national parks that will introduce you to what you did not know about wildlife, your children will love meeting all the animals that They watch it constantly in cartoons. Do not miss tasting the local food in Kenya that will take the taste buds of your tongue on an endless journey to East Africa, the most important of which are yugali, mukimo and madras cooked with manga. The most beautiful thing you can do here in July is to attend the Great Migration Festival, which is considered one of the best activities in the Maasai Mara Reserve. Huge herds of migratory animals such as southern wildebeests, giraffes, donkeys and elephants flock across the Mara River, providing great opportunities to watch them and follow their journey through the savanna.



The temperature here ranges between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent tourist destination for drinking Vietnamese coffee in the morning and visiting rice fields in July evenings. Start your visit with a tour of the city, where you can explore Ho Chi Minh’s cultural and historical landmarks such as Ryung Palace, Gidea Temple, Notre Dame Cathedral and the War Museum. You can also take a tour of the famous canals and water boats in the area known as “Al-Fannah”. Do not miss the markets and shopping, as the “Ben Than” market is considered one of the most prominent “Ho Chi Minh” markets, where you can buy souvenirs, local products, and delicious food. You can also visit Ben Thanh Market and Ben Thanh Market for another fun shopping experience. The most beautiful activities here, a trip to the “Mekong Delta”, where you can take a day trip to the Mekong Delta, a wonderful area characterized by beautiful landscapes and traditional rural life. You can go boating, visit the local villages and witness the traditional way of life in the area.



In July, temperatures in Baguio are mild and usually range between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, making it a suitable destination to escape the summer heat. There might be some light rain, so it’s best to bring an umbrella or light coat for disposal in case the weather changes. One of the things that makes Baguio one of the best tourist destinations that I recommend this month is the stunning natural scenery and wonderful mountainous areas. You can visit the lively city and enjoy the scenic views of rice meadows and beautiful waterfalls such as Baguio Waterfall and Hangan Waterfall. You can also go trekking in the surrounding mountains such as Palette Mountain and Somagon Mountain. For culture and history lovers, Baguio hosts many important cultural and historical monuments, where you can visit Baguio Cathedral, the National Museum, and the Hunter Town Lacson house, and learn about Philippine heritage and culture. For sports and adventure lovers, you can enjoy many sports and recreational activities in Baguio, such as mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking trips in the surrounding scenic nature.



The weather here is special in July, when the temperatures are mild and usually range between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. There might be a chance of rain, so it’s best to bring an umbrella or a light coat to adapt in case the weather changes. The first thing you can do here is to experience culture and art by visiting Oslo museums such as the “Viglund” Museum of Contemporary Art, the “Viking” Museum of Art and the “Viking Ships” Museum to explore Norway’s cultural and artistic heritage. Do not forget to visit Vigeland Park, here you can have fun in Vigeland Park, which is a large amusement park in Oslo. The park contains a variety of games and activities suitable for all ages. If you are a sports fan, you can visit the Olympic building in “Holmenkollen” and explore the sports facilities and sports history of Oslo. You can also enjoy walking in the nearby mountain trails. You cannot come here if you are not a nature lover, because Oslo is surrounded by beautiful and charming nature and you can enjoy walking in the parks, forests and stunning scenery surrounding the city. You can also take a cruise on the fjord, which runs right next to Oslo.



In July, temperatures in Montevideo are mild and usually range between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius. The weather is relatively cold, so it is recommended to wear warm clothes such as jackets and scarves. The first thing you can do here is visit the many museums and cultural attractions such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Jose Gordio Museum to enjoy art and history. You can also spend a day visiting the historic Vía de la Plata, a coastal town near Montevideo. You can explore the old town and historical buildings and enjoy the stunning views of the Plata River. If you are a fan of shopping, I advise you to visit the Trieste Shopping Market in Montevideo, where you can find local products, handicrafts and souvenirs. You can also explore the main commercial streets such as 18th of July Street and Sarsfield Street for more shopping and fun. Nature lovers, although temperatures are mild in July, you can enjoy visiting the beaches in Montevideo. You can enjoy walking on the beach and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sea.



Temperatures can reach around 25-30°C during the month of July. Start your visit with the Salzburg Music Festival The Salzburg Music Festival is one of the most important music festivals in the world. It usually takes place in July and lasts for several weeks, as it presents many performances of classical music, operas and theatrical works. If you are interested in classical music, attending a show will be an unforgettable experience. You can also explore cultural attractions such as Mirabell Palace, Mirabell Garden and Hohensalzburg Castle. Take a tour of the Old Town to explore the narrow streets, historic buildings, and beautiful churches. If you are a nature lover, here is your ideal destination, as Salzburg is surrounded by stunning landscapes. You can also spend time exploring the surrounding mountains such as UNTERSBERG and GAISBERG. You can also enjoy a ride in the nearby lakes such as Lake Fosslin, Lake Walrsee and Lake Mondsee.



Daytime temperatures in Honolulu in July range from 28-31°C. July in Honolulu is a dry summer, and rainfall is usually low. There may be some short and limited rain showers, but they are usually light. The sea in Honolulu is warm and suitable for swimming and water activities. With such warm and sunny weather conditions, you can enjoy the wonderful sandy beaches and marine activities in Honolulu during the month of July. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the beaches of Waikiki, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Honolulu. Where you can relax on the beautiful white sandy beach and enjoy the warm blue waters. You can also go surfing or try kayaking. If you are a nature and adventure lover, take part in a trip to Mokolia Island: You can take a boat ride to Mokolia Island near Honolulu. This island is peaceful and beautiful and offers great opportunities for swimming, diving, kayaking and seeing the rich marine life. Don’t Forget to Visit Hanauma Bay: Hanauma Bay is a stunning natural park in Honolulu. You can enjoy walking in the mountain paths, exploring waterfalls and enchanting landscapes. You can also take a glass boat trip to see the marine life.



In July, the weather in Heidelberg is mild to warm with temperatures recorded in the range of 20-25°C. What makes this destination most suitable for visiting are festivals and events, as there may be some exciting festivals and events in Heidelberg in the month of July. For example, the Heidelberg Arts Festival takes place this month, showcasing numerous art, music and live performance shows across the city. There may also be concerts and other entertainment activities. If you are a fan of arts and antiquities, visit Heidelberg Castle, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city. You can explore the massive castle, wander its grounds, and enjoy great views of the city and the Neckar River. You can also visit the museum inside the castle to explore the local history and culture. I recommend an old town tour where you can walk around the beautiful old town of Heidelberg and explore the historic buildings, narrow streets and shops. Finally a boat trip on the Neckar River where you will have a chance to enjoy the stunning scenery of the city and its surroundings, and get a different perspective on Heidelberg.


In conclusion, those tourist destinations that are ideal for enjoying the month of July in the best possible way. In those places, you will find tranquility, charm, and breathtaking beauty. You will have the opportunity to explore its historical temples, enjoy its charming beaches, and enjoy its beautiful landscapes. Taste the local delicacies and soak up the unique culture of each destination. Get ready for an amazing experience and unforgettable moments on your trip in the month of July. Make this summer unforgettable and enjoy the best that these wonderful destinations have to offer.


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