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If you are a fan of travel and exploration, you must have experienced confusion and loss, which tourist destination you go to in each month of the year, destinations vary according to the months of the year.
In this article, I will show you the top 20 destinations to go to in the month of November, and the most prominent of these destinations:

1. Lisbon (Portugal):

Despite the dominance of cold and frost over most of Europe, Portugal often enjoys enviable mild weather, as the temperature in November reaches 18 degrees Celsius, and not only is its mild weather that distinguishes it, but Lisbon is packed with high-end restaurants with an acceptable average price, bustling bars and huge stores. Take time to visit the moment Cais do Sodré neighborhood, which is a former part of the city, but today it has become a park overlooking the banks of the river, in addition to containing fine restaurants. So, if you think of visiting a European country in November, let your choice fall on Portugal, because of its mild climate, which makes it a tourist destination that attracts tourists from all over the world.


2. Egypt:

In the month of November, the cold sweeps most of the regions of Egypt, unlike the governorate of South Sinai, which becomes much warmer, such as the city of Dahab, Sharm El-Sheikh and Taba, and in these areas you can try diving, swimming, night camping and enjoy the charming Bedouin evenings. You can also visit two destinations, “Luxor and Aswan”, where you can take Nile picnics and stay in the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Aswan, and then you can make a historical visit that will take you to the oldest kingdom in human history within a desert atmosphere in which the temperature ranges in November between 28 to 35 Celsius temperature. These degrees are not recorded in all regions of Egypt in the month of November, but in the governorate of South Sinai specifically, so if you want to visit Egypt in the month of November, you must go to the governorate of South Sinai to enjoy diving trips and historical exploration of its archaeological and historical landmarks.


3. Mauritius Islands (MAURITIUS):

The islands of Mauritius are located in East Africa, characterized by sandy beaches, clear blue seas, and luxurious resorts. November marks the beginning of summer in the islands of Mauritius and is characterized by a gradual rise in temperatures, as the temperatures in it are about 24 degrees Celsius, and this temperature is the most suitable for shopping, playing beach games, swimming and enjoying the charming tourist places without spoiling your trip by rain, humidity and high temperatures. Best suited to visit the islands of Mauritius and enjoy its clear sea and picturesque beaches. Thus, if you want to visit the islands of Mauritius, visit them in the month of November, so that the summer season has begun and the rains do not spoil your trip. Therefore, the humidity does not spoil your trip either.


4. Seychelles island:

The period between May and November is the best time to visit the tropical islands of the Seychelles because in these months the temperatures are more pleasant and mild but sometimes rain is expected. The Seychelles Islands are an ideal destination for lovers of diving and water sports. It is a distinguished destination for lovers of sea holidays. It is also very suitable for family and youth trips. It is recommended to visit these islands in November to get rid of the crowds of tourists and the congestion of travelers. You can tour more than 100 islands, most of which are uninhabited. The island of Mahe is the largest island and where the capital, Victoria, is located, which includes many botanical and water parks, local markets and delicious restaurants.


5. China:

November is the most appropriate month to visit southern China, specifically Hong Kong, which is full of life, joy and fun, and Chinese festivals that give the city a bustling life. Victoria Peak, Ocean Park and Big Buddha, and you can also enjoy shopping because there are unparalleled shopping centers.
China’s geographical and climatic diversity made it a tourist destination for tourists in all months because of its beautiful climate and geographical diversity. China is a low-cost destination for the middle-income traveler, and it is also very suitable for family trips due to its low cost and geographical and climatic diversity.


6. Malaysia:

Malaysia is characterized by its beautiful landscapes and rich history, as it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world and provides them with what they need for a perfect vacation. There is only one country that reflects the heart of Asia, and that is definitely Malaysia. The radiant lamps in the Kuala Lumpur skyscrapers form a lively and colorful painting. The island of Penang is famous for its vitality and delicious food, which attracts tourists. Therefore, Malaysia’s mild weather and its charming scenery, in addition to the paintings that are made by the Creator and humans in most of its regions, made it a tourist destination. Tourists from all over the world.


7. Hungary:

It is known that Hungary is a historical country rich in ancient tourist attractions dating back to the First World War, where you can see medieval castles, Gothic palaces and grand fortresses. Since you went to Hungary, you have to attend festivals and holidays such as: All Saints’ Day and Saint Martin’s Day. For history lovers, they can visit the fisherman bastion, the parliament building in “Budapest” and also the Hortobagy National Park for nature lovers.
The tourist attractions that can be visited in Hungary are the Buda Palace, the “Budapest” Zoo, the Botanical Garden and the Gothic-style Diosgyor Castle. Most tourists prefer to visit Hungary in the month of November because of the pleasant weather and moderate temperatures.


8. Ireland:

The best month to visit “Ireland” is the month of November in order to attend the story-spinning festival, which extends from 9 to 11 November and is held in the city of “Bray” near the Belfast market. As long as you come to Ireland, you can explore some amazing cities such as Dublin, Cork and Galaway, in addition to discovering ancient castles such as Kilkenny Castle and Slane Castle. For history lovers, you can explore the best historical monuments in Ireland by wandering the Ring Of Kerry.
Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Isle, because of its dark green expanse of meadows.


9. Oman:

For beach lovers, you can visit Oman in November because of the mild weather. Head to Al-Sawadi Beach and the “Grand Canyon” in the Sultanate of Oman. Muscat Oman is full of mosques, opera houses and monuments, especially the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which is a heavenly piece of human wonders in addition to charming gardens. For animal lovers and exploration, you can visit the Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve, which is a wonderful haven for animals, in addition to practicing diving exercises in the Dolls Islands.
Bat and Al Ain tombs are a UNESCO World Heritage site that was built by Bedouins during the Bronze Age in the Omani region.


10. Morocco:

The season plays a big role in visiting Morocco. Your visit to Morocco varies according to the season, in other words, choose the places that you intend to visit and discover, and then select the timing in which the season is appropriate with the places you intend to discover. The best months to visit Morocco are from October to April, that is, from October to April, and the best month of these cold months to visit Morocco is November. The picturesque coastal city of Essaouira is the perfect place to rest and relax, where you can sample fresh fish on the seaside grills, and the white houses with blue shutters give a vibrant touch of the Mediterranean.


11. France:

France is one of the most visited tourist destinations by tourists around the world, as one cannot get enough of this charming European country. France constitutes a major center among the countries of Western Europe; From the countryside rich in terrain and diverse landscapes to the richness of French culture, to cafes and restaurants, to world-class architecture and delicious French cuisine. All these things have made France the most important tourist city for tourists from all countries of the world annually, but also monthly, and the most prominent beautiful cities worth visiting in France: Nice, Cannes and Marseille.


12. Maldives:

These islands have charming beaches with blue waters and stunning views, as the Maldives is one of the most famous places in the world. Its charms and exotic marine creatures vary, which makes the island an unparalleled dream, meaning that when you visit the Maldives, you feel as if you are in a dream or that you are in heaven because of the magic of its beauty and splendor. Its nature, and for lovers of the seas, this is the most suitable place where there are many water sports activities in addition to the romantic scenery that makes it the best place for a honeymoon. Thanks to the views of these romantic islands and the water sports that spread on them, these islands have made these islands the most famous and most important islands in the world, as the Maldives are visited by tourists from all over the world. Therefore, the Maldives is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.


13. Thailand:

November is the wettest month along the northern coast of Thailand, meaning that it is characterized by a dry November. The most important thing to do in Thailand is to go to the markets and take a walking tour along the Chao Phraya River, and watch the Loi Krathong festival that takes place in mid-November. And if you are a fan of nightlife, you can visit the night bazaars to enjoy the nightlife, while beach lovers can go to the beaches of the west coast such as “Krabi”, which enjoys the sunshine in a wonderful number and there are few tourists at the time, in addition to the “Mae Ping” river, which You can access it through the old eastern gate.


14. New Zealand:

November weather in New Zealand is very warm and sunny most of the time, with the possibility of some rain, as temperatures in the south range around 11 and in the north 17. Do not waste the opportunity to visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, which are full of night lights, as the scene in them is as if you are watching the starry sky in the middle of the night That is, as if it were a painting, but it was made by the Creator. For sea lovers, they can visit the sulfur lake in “Wayotapu” and enjoy the green color of its water. They can also take a cruise in the “Milford Sound” area, which is surrounded by waterfalls from the top, and the sound of the waterfall in it is refreshing to the ears. As for lovers of green oases, they should visit the village of “Hobbiton”, where it has fertile green pastures, and which witnessed the filming of a number of films there.


15. Kyrgyzstan:

The weather in Kyrgyzstan is continental, meaning its winters are cold and its autumns witness heavy rain, but it is shorter than winter, meaning the duration of winter is longer than autumn. The first thing you can do is visit the capital, Bishkek, and enjoy its diversity of food, with traditional Central Asian dishes, international dishes and bazaars that fill the green alleys of the city. For history lovers, you can visit the “Purana” minaret, which is more than 20 meters high, in addition to the historic stone house “Tash Rabat”, also the oldest city “Osh” as it contains the Holy Mountain of Solomon, on which it is believed that the throne of Solomon was located.



16. Amsterdam:

The best time to visit Amsterdam and most European capitals is in the winter, especially at the beginning of November, when the festival of lights begins with impressive light models in many aspects of the city. If you are a winter lover, Amsterdam will be a very wonderful destination because it is a winter city.




17. Athens:

By virtue of its geographical location, Athens has a Mediterranean climate, where temperatures are moderate in winter, and this is what makes November the most appropriate month to explore and visit Athens, especially since the number of tourists decreases in this month, so you will not face tourist congestion. Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has an amazing cultural and historical diversity. You can visit the Greek civilization and the 2500-year-old Acropolis and then head towards modern Athens.



18. Sydney:

Australia is the best destination during the month of November, as it coincides with the summer period due to the location of the country in the southern hemisphere, as temperatures in Sydney during the summer range around 19 and 26 degrees and may exceed 30 on some days. This means that you will be able to enjoy Australian beaches without fluctuations in the weather. So for those who love summer and beaches, visit Sydney in November where the temperatures are stable.




19. Antarctica:

Perhaps you would never have thought that you would spend your vacation in Antarctica, which is characterized by a very harsh nature, with winds reaching about 200 miles per hour, and despite being covered with ice, it is actually a desert and it is the largest desert in the world. 14 million years. The most beautiful thing you can do is watch the penguins because Antarctica is the home of the penguins, as there are three thousand pairs of penguins that you can interact with. In addition, to watching the humpback whale and orcas, as tourists go to the Antarctic for these rare animals. Antarctica is famous for its unique icebergs and glaciers filled with black ash.


20. Colorado:

The American state of Colorado is a great destination for adventurous tourists who love landscapes. In Colorado, you can visit the Rocky Mountains National Park, which offers tourists several activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, horse riding and mountain climbing, and you can also visit the Mesa Verde National Park, which offers tourists Climbing the stairs to reach the dwellings in which the ancients lived between 600 and 1300 AD, in addition to the summit of “Pekes” in the “Pike” National Forest, which is considered the most visited summit in the world, as its height remains about 14,115 feet, and tourists can reach the top of the mountain easily By car or they can take the train for a scenic 3-hour round trip.



These are the best global destinations that you can go to in the month of November, because every month of the year differs in the destinations that you can visit due to the different weather and weather conditions from one region to another and from season to season, so allocate certain destinations to visit in certain months so as not to spoil your trip due to weather and climate conditions.
I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.


Translated By: Nasser Al Turk

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