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Tourist destinations vary according to the months of the year. Each month of the year has its own destinations whose weather and climate suit the tendencies of tourists. When you choose your tourist destination, try to reconcile between your inclinations and the weather in the intended destination. February is very beautiful in most destinations, meaning the weather in February is nice in most countries and regions, so take advantage of this month to make some unforgettable tourist visits. In this article, I will show you the most popular tourist destinations in February:



1. Dubai (United Arab Emirates):

The best month to visit Dubai is February, as the maximum temperature in this month in Dubai is 25 degrees Celsius, which makes it ideal for sightseeing during the day. All you have to do is enjoy wonderful experiences in Dubai and fulfill all your fantasies in the desert from trips Desert safari to the wonderful nightlife in Dubai there is no end to the exciting experiences that you can enjoy on this island in addition to getting to know the best modern architecture and traditional cultural experiences. The best places you can visit in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, which is one of the most famous towers in the world, as tourists come to Dubai in large numbers because of this famous tower. You can also visit The Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah and Al Bastakiya, in addition to the Jumeirah Mosque to see the creativity in engineering and construction. The highlight of what you can do in Dubai is to participate in desert safaris and cruises, and you can spend some time in shopping, and you can also stroll in Jumeirah Beach and enjoy the skyline of Dubai Marina. For food lovers, you can eat at Al-Dawwar Al-Dawwar Restaurant, Talk Feast and Sheraton Grand Hotel. It is nice to try the foods of these places and learn about new foods that do not exist in your home country. So, you should put Dubai on your list of the best places to visit in February because it has a great weather that allows you to do some variety of activities without getting bored.






2. Hanoi (Vietnam):

Vietnam is one of the best destinations that you can visit in the month of February because the weather in this month is wonderful and the maximum temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius. Vietnam is also a place steeped in history, culture and countless experiences that you would like to add to your list of “Best Destinations in February” because Vietnam is a diverse destination that attracts tourists of all kinds from history lovers to culture lovers to adventure lovers. Beach for a relaxing vacation on the beaches in Vietnam because you are in a fun place. Even the architecture that was influenced by French and Portuguese will take you back to the past, where the ancient Vietnamese history, and this is the highlight of what lovers of history and civilizations will rejoice. The most prominent places that you can visit in Vietnam are the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Temple of One Pillar, in addition to Hoan Kiem Lake and the Long Imperial Castle of Thang. And go on a food tour to taste Vietnamese food and try to enjoy the nightlife in Hanoi because Hanoi is one of the areas where the nightlife is beautiful, so do not miss the opportunity to experience the nightlife in Hanoi and enjoy it to live an unforgettable night. For food lovers, you should try Hoang’s Restaurant and Cloud Nine Restaurant to try Vietnamese cuisine and some foods not found in your home country. It is nice for a person to try food that he has never tasted in his life before. So if you decide to take a vacation in February, don’t forget to put Vietnam on your list of destinations for February.






3. Cancun (Mexico):

The most prominent thing that makes Cancun one of the best places to visit in February around the world is that it is located on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the temperature is around 23 degrees, which allows tourists to get a lot of vitamin sea because of its views of the Caribbean Sea. Cancun is also famous for its beachfront hotels, wonderful restaurants and life The night that never sleeps All of these things make up a great vacation that you can spend in the Mexican city of Cancun. Since Cancun was the seat of the ancient Mayan civilization, it’s only natural that you will find many historical sites to keep you fascinated by the great history of Cancun. You can lie on the white sandy beaches however you like without feeling guilty about yourself simply because you are on vacation. The presence of mysterious ruins and coral beaches in this city made it a dreamy destination that many tourists aspire to visit. This city includes many areas that you must visit, including the Cancun Underwater Museum, the Temple of the Scorpion, and the Xcaret Park. You can not be bored in Cancun because you can practice snorkeling activities, attend the Tezmacal ritual, explore the Chichen Itza path, the most important of which is to take a sailing trip at sunset and enjoy the view of the sunset, which contributes to your sense of comfort and reassurance, and when you feel hungry, you can go to Peter’s Restaurant and Tempo Restaurant from In order to try the delicious Mexican food. Do not miss to visit Mexico in February.






4. Melbourne (Australia):

Melbourne has a dynamic lifestyle with a thriving culture and temperatures around 25-28°C are the best international places to visit in February to explore the wonderful parks and pleasant climate for outdoor adventure as well as bustling rooftop bars and luxury boutiques Melbourne has plenty to indulge in. Especially since its mild weather allows you to venture into the Mornington Peninsula, a favorite place for a weekend getaway. Melbourne offers you some beautiful places that you can visit there, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Union Square and Eureka Skydeck, in addition to the Queen Victoria Market, which is one of the most famous and most beautiful markets in Melbourne. National parks where you will have fun in the lap of nature Do not forget to visit Flinders Street and Union Square and head towards Art Street and this street is like a museum of beautiful drawings and paintings, but it is just a street, but its artistic value is very high. For food lovers, head to Caesar’s Restaurant or Longren Restaurant for a taste of Australian food. The wonderful temperate climate in February made Melbourne one of the best destinations that you can visit in this month because the temperate climate attracts tourists remarkably because in this climate tourists can do whatever they want without the weather being an obstacle to their activities.






5. Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is the right destination if you are looking forward to having the best international trip in February as it records 37 degrees Celsius. The presence of towering volcanoes, green rainforests, vibrant cities and rugged national parks make this destination among the best destinations to visit in the world in February where you can explore Wildlife, strolling on the beaches or taking surf lessons, even if you are not good at surfing, you can learn to surf. Costa Rica is a beautiful amalgamation of the rich marine life and diverse wildlife along with sustainable tourism. February because of its beautiful weather. The best places to visit in this destination are San Jose, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio and Monteverde, and in order not to get bored, you can do some activities such as surfing, hiking in the rainforest, water sports, snorkeling, diving, visiting volcanoes and excursions. As for food lovers, there are some restaurants that you must taste their food, and they are the Asian Jo Restaurant, the La Pecora Nera Restaurant and the Turin Restaurant. What better way to taste a new food that you have never tasted before. For these reasons, Costa Rica attracts all kinds of tourists.






6. Sri Lanka:

One of the best places to go in February (31°C) its tropical climate, endless beaches, historical sites, monuments, elephants, rainforests and temples make it a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. Sri Lanka is a diverse land where you can ride a fun train, visit famous tea plantations and just wander around to explore. Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine makes it hard to resist in order to explore the flavours. Do not miss the beauty and culture of Sri Lanka and this makes it one of the best places to visit in the world in February in addition to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites and ancient sites that tell us the ancient history because of all that we have mentioned this island country definitely deserves to be on the list of best places to visit in February In the world, do not miss this great opportunity. The best places to visit in this destination are the Temple of the Relics of the Sacred Tooth, the Royal Dambulla Cave Temple, in addition to Yala National Park, where you can contemplate the beautiful nature while you are in its arms. To avoid getting bored, I will tell you some of the things you can do in Sri Lanka. Visit ancient ruins, temples and caves, then take a stroll along the beige sandy beaches, explore the wildlife, and take a train ride. The train ride is a special flavor experience. If you are a food lover, you should visit Flo Restaurant and Crab Restaurant, which features seafood.




7. Argentina:

Summer in Argentina is unparalleled and unmatched in February, as the temperature is around 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, which provides exciting vacations in this famous country, as the places in Mendoza seem more charming under the clear blue sky and warm sunshine, as every part of Mendoza is alluring Very especially, with bustling bars and restaurants jumping on the sidewalks, you will also find world-class beef grilled over a wood fire in addition to ice cream. You can also go on road trips to the Uco Valley and enjoy the beautiful view of the frozen Andes mountains and the wonderful green vines and for these reasons, Argentina is one of the best places to travel in February 2022 due to its healthy weather conditions. The best thing to do in Argentina is horseback riding in the Andes, tours around the vineyards, and paragliding. This is a wonderful experience that you can try here. If you are wondering where to eat, I have the answer. You can try Azafran Restaurant and Ana Bistro Restaurant to get to know the taste of Argentinean cuisine.






8. Saint Petersburg (Russia):

Saint Petersburg in Russia is known as the city of palaces and poets because it is a center of arts and philosophy and the ideal place for a gentle romance because it is at its most classic in winter and classic with winter is one of the most important symbols of romance. Frozen canals and snow-covered streets add even more beauty to this destination. A traditional hammam called “banya” provides relief from the sweltering temperatures in Russia and is also a Russian way of having a relaxing experience and you may notice residual snow but it is still one of the best holiday destinations in February. The most prominent places that you must visit in Saint Petersburg are the Peter and Paul Castle, in addition to the Hermitage Museum and the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood to learn more about religious matters. In order not to get bored, you can ride a boat, participate in walking tours, and visit the deepest underground metro, and this is an interesting and unique experience. For food lovers, you can try the food at Severyanin Restaurant and Francesco Restaurant to try Russian cuisine.






9. Cartagena (Colombia):

The temperature in Cartagena is 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. This Colombian seaside town is a panacea for the senses. Its corn-yellow colonial villas, palm-fringed courtyards and strong citrus-accepted rum cocktails make it the perfect combination for the perfect vacation. The picturesque romance and cozy locations of ancient Cartagena have turned it into the ultimate destination. Romantic It is your duty to stick to the art and authenticity of this place. On the streets you can find bright murals, homeless musicians, Champeta discotheques and restaurants famous for their thin crust pizza. Colombia may be one of the best travel destinations in February. Take the boredom away from your trip by taking a tour of the food street and visiting the mud volcano and then watching the sunset on the beach, as this scene may give you some comfort and reassurance.






10. Szczecin (Poland):

For nature lovers, trekking and camping enthusiasts, Poland is an ideal place for you. Szczecin is one of the most amazing places to visit in February for nature lovers as you will be amazed to see a wide variety of twisted trees near the town of Gryfino in western Poland in Szczecin. The trees are slightly tilted in most of the weird structures and the crooked forest is made up of about 400 pine trees that grow with a 90 degree bend of their roots and some say it’s because of the gravity inside the area so imagine with me you and your friends sitting around a campfire among the crooked trees what a great experience. The most important thing to do in this destination is to enjoy the architecture, visit small breweries, and explore Polish food, especially at the Brazylijska Kuchnia Restaurant. It is worth mentioning that Poland is not on the list of cheap destinations, but it is on the list of the best tourist destinations in February.






11. Georgia:

Georgia is one of the most important tourist countries that you can visit in February (the temperature is about 13 to 16 degrees Celsius). It includes many places and attractions that attract tourists from all over the world, in addition to its wonderful tourist diversity in the winter season, especially in February. Georgia is famous for being one of the best tourist destinations because of the presence of nightlife places and wonderful shops that enable you to shop completely freely, in addition to the beautiful historical monuments that tell the events of history. The most prominent attractions that you can visit in this destination are Tbilisi Resort and Gudauri Resort to experience the fun of skiing, in addition to the charming Narikala Fort overlooking the Makvri River. You can visit the beautiful Batumi Gardens and many wonderful and distinguished museums and monuments there. For these reasons, Georgia occupied the list of the best tourist destinations, as its tourist diversity attracts tourists from all over the world, because most tourists, whatever their inclinations, will find what suits them in it, and this wonderful tourist diversity is what gave this destination that tourist importance.






12. Serbia:

Serbia is one of the most beautiful destinations during the month of February because the winter season has realized Serbia and the Serbian nature in the winter is very charming and picturesque. It is worth mentioning that Serbia is located in Eastern Europe, which allowed it to include many recreational activities that you can practice in addition to a large group of cafes and restaurants Beautiful serving the most famous Serbian food. This destination includes many wonderful theaters and beautiful historical castles, and music festivals are held in Serbia from time to time, which attracts music lovers and parties. Between them and the artistic drawings, the drawings are made by the painters, while Serbia is the work of the Creator. For these reasons, Serbia was ranked among the best tourist destinations in February.






13. Turkey:

Turkey is one of the most European countries that enjoys a large percentage of tourists every year, because it has everything that tourists imagine and everything that suits them. It has places of rest and recreation amid the charming nature and the most beautiful places that you can visit in Turkey Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul, which became a mosque in 1204 But the Crusaders turned it into a museum in 1935, and it is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Turkey, and one of the most famous landmarks is also the charming Blue Mosque with its minaret and creative engineering. A museum of underwater archeology, as it overlooks an inner harbor full of sailing boats, and for art lovers, you can visit the Aspendos Theater preserved since ancient times. And as long as you come to Turkey, do not forget to go to Patara Beach. This beach is surrounded by ancient Roman remains and sand dunes without any buildings at all except for a small cafe. There are a lot of offers on flying offered by tourism companies constantly, especially in February, so Turkey is considered one of the best tourist destinations in February, as the temperature is about 12 to 14 degrees Celsius.






14. Greece:

Greece is one of the most famous countries that receives a large number of tourists every year, especially in February, and most tourists enjoy this destination. Tourists who love history can see what the Ottoman rule did in the country and what they built as well, and they can learn about many Greek historical mosques. For lovers of enjoyment, you can Head to the ski resorts like Kaimakstalan, Mainalo and Kalavrita and enjoy the fun of skiing. This diversity of tourism between history and recreation made Greece a magnet for tourists of all kinds. Those who want historical knowledge and those who want to spend a vacation of recreation find it all in this destination, so Greece was added to the list of the best tourist destinations in the month of February. Temperatures in Greece are around 11 to 13 degrees Celsius.






15. Italy:

The temperature in Italy in this month ranges between 7 to 11 degrees Celsius, and Italy is one of the most important countries that Arabs visit from everywhere. Tourist destination for tourists of all kinds and inclinations from all over the world. The most prominent places that you must visit in Italy are the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, in addition to restaurants that cook the most types of Italian foods that tourists prefer and love very much. The majority of tourists are their first reason to visit Italy because of its very delicious food, and most of its restaurants offer halal food for Muslims. A charming natural that reflects the beauty of the nature of Italy.






16. South Africa:

South Africa is distinguished by its inclusion of many tourist places and regions that attract tourists from all over the world, and the most prominent tourist areas in it are Pretoria. It is one of the South African tourist cities, which is 70 km from Johannesburg to the north. It is an upscale city where many embassies are located and contains important tourist places, including Museums, places of recreation and parks such as Ritfly National Park, in addition to Durban, which is one of the coastal cities of South Africa located in the province of KwaZulu-Natalu on the eastern coast, as it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in South Africa and is famous for its charming beaches and includes many beautiful parks and attractions that are worth a visit. It includes a group of luxury hotels, in addition to Johannesburg, which is considered the best tourist city in South Africa. It is located in the province of Gauteng in the northeastern part of South Africa, approximately 1,400 km from Cape Town. Johannesburg is characterized by being the largest city in South Africa and the main entertainment and financial center in The country has many parks, museums and galleries, and the old town is famous. The presence of these tourist places in the destination of South Africa has made South Africa a favorite tourist destination for tourists, especially in the month of February.






17. Vietnam:

The temperature in Vietnam in February ranges between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, and Vietnam is the ideal destination for lovers of activity and vitality. It is full of colors, markets and wonderful restaurants, as well as amazing cities that offer its visitors many ways to enjoy between culture, natural wonders and lively life. Ho Chi Minh City” is a wonderful city full of fun and amazing adventures such as the fun markets that come in the forefront of the Ben Thanh Market, which awaits you with many colors, handicrafts and souvenirs from local products.The city of Ho Chi Minh is also characterized by modern and lively life, especially around the city center. A history lover, visit the War Remnants Museum in the city, which was established after the Vietnam War, in addition to Hoi An, which is also a popular fishing village, so if you are a fan of fresh seafood, do not miss it and enjoy some of the most beautiful fresh fish dishes in one of its restaurants. On the beautiful beaches, which offer its visitors a variety of delicious local cuisine.






18. New Zealand:

New Zealand is a charming nature destination filled with many attractive places. It is the home of charming places and picturesque nature. When you are in New Zealand, you are as if you are in the arms of nature. The most prominent places that you can visit in New Zealand are Apple Tasman Park, which is a national park and one of the most sunny places in this destination, in addition to Auckland, a legendary city known as the city of sails and surrounded by water, which makes it very attractive, as well as the Gulf of Islands, especially if you are a beach lover, its transparent crystal water is warm You can also practice diving, fishing, and discover the historical monuments located there, which attract tourists with its solid history. On the white sand beaches and learn about historical sites that tell the history of New Zealand with all art.






19. Paris (France):

Paris, the capital of beauty and fashion, is one of the most prominent tourist destinations that are visited by millions of travelers around the world because of its beauty, charming atmosphere, tourist places available for tourism, and the most important tourist attractions in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, which is the most famous historical landmark in the world and is the most symbolic of France. Gustave Eiffel in 1889, on the occasion of the centenary of the French Revolution, and there are two restaurants in the tower that provide their services to visitors, in addition to the Champs Elysees Street, which is one of the most important and finest streets in Paris and one of the most luxurious tourist and commercial streets in the world, where the finest international shops and restaurants are located, as there are many on the Avenue The Champs-Elysees has cafes on the sidewalk and sidewalks, and at the end of the street there is the Arc de Triomphe, one of the most important landmarks of the city of Paris. As well as the Luxembourg Gardens, which is the second largest public park in Paris, and tourists often seek to visit it because of its charm and beauty. The garden also appeared in Victor Hugo’s famous novel, Les Miserables. For lovers of art and history, you should visit the Louvre Museum, a luxurious palace that was the home of the kings of France and is now a historical museum of fine arts worth visiting and is located on the northern bank of the Seine River in Paris, the capital of France. The Louvre Museum is the largest art gallery in the world and contains many Egyptian antiquities stolen during the French campaign against Egypt. To a royal palace known as the Louvre Palace. Paris is the favorite destination for all kinds of tourists, even lovers. Paris is their favorite city because it is the city of love and the city of night. That is why Paris occupies the list of the best tourist destinations, especially in February, when winter has come to Paris. The temperature in Paris during February is about 3 to 7 degrees Celsius.






20. Sultanate of Oman:

Oman is not as famous as other destinations but it boasts an incredibly rich history, full of culture, and interesting and inspiring landscapes. The Omani winter ends in February and brings with it an ideal climate for sightseeing. When the winter is over, you can discover the sights without the winter and snow being an obstacle to your trip. There are many stunning landscapes in Oman, including the most beautiful sand dunes in the world, wild beaches and rugged mountains, in addition to the Hajar mountain range, which is home to Jebel Shams, the highest peak in the Sultanate of Oman and one of the country’s greatest natural wonders, as well as the Empty Quarter, which has an estimated area of ​​650,000 square kilometers. from the desert. Don’t forget to try Omani food. Omani food is influenced by the country’s location and the most famous national Omani dish, Shawwa, which is slow-cooked lamb or goat over aromatic rice, is a must-do if you are in the Sultanate. Traditionally, this dish was only eaten on special occasions and cooked in an oven dug into the ground, but now you are able to taste the dish in some Omani restaurants in addition to offering Omani coffee and dates almost everywhere as a sign of hospitality, which is prepared with cardamom. For these reasons, the Omani people are considered one of the most generous and hospitable.




February is one of the most beautiful months that opens the way for you to spend a beautiful tourist vacation. The weather in this month is charming and pleasant in most destinations. This is what makes February one of the months that tourists love the most. In this article, I showed you the best tourist destinations in February, so before you decide on which destination you will spend your vacation, read this article well and choose the destination that suits your tendencies and desires in order to spend an unforgettable tourist vacation. I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk

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