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If you are looking for European tourist destinations for a family vacation, then you are doing the right search because Europe includes many destinations that suit a wonderful family vacation. For an unforgettable family, and in order not to search too much, I have prepared a list for you of a group of European destinations for family tourism, the most important of which are:


1. Netherland (Holland):

The Dutch state has made a lot of effort and trouble to make every part of the Netherlands suitable for children and families, and it meets all their needs in an exaggerated manner. That they face difficulties in tickets and there are many favorite destinations for families in the Netherlands, the most important of which is Amsterdam, which respects children very beautifully and provides all means of comfort for families, making it a preferred destination for families and families with children. You can also visit it in the Netherlands, suitable for families, “Rotterdam” and “Maastricht”.

1. Royal Artis Zoo: The top rated zoo in the Benelux, take your kids to see giraffes, zebras, ostriches and many other animals. Entry ticket to the park is 29$ per person. For children under the age of 3, entry is free.

2. “Nemo” Science Museum: Take your children to this museum to learn how things work with the help of a specialized professor or creative engineer, and then head to the rooftop to play with sundials and kites in Energetica and learn about the elements and energy in addition to watching the chronology of scientific discoveries in science through ages. Entry ticket to the museum is 20$ per person.




2. Denmark:

Many believe that Denmark is a destination that is not suitable for families at all, but the truth is completely different. As Denmark includes many destinations and tourist areas that are suitable for families and families. The most important of which is the famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park located in Copenhagen, which is the second oldest children’s entertainment city in the world, and it was the source of The inspiration for building the famous Disney theme parks. Furthermore, Denmark includes many beautiful historical monuments and wonderful castles, and the fact that Denmark has a famous amusement park. This is the best thing that makes it a family tourist destination suitable for families and families that accompany their children. Because, I think the most important thing that your children need are amusement games to have a fun time and an unforgettable time.

1. Tivoli Theme Park in Copenhagen: The second oldest amusement park in the world and the beauty of it is that it is not only an amusement park, but also a park surrounded by trees and flowers and you can leave your children playing on the swings while you are sitting in the café sipping your coffee or drinking refreshments. Entry ticket to the city 21$ per person.

2. Copenhagen Canal Tour: Enjoy a classic canal tour and explore the port of Copenhagen and end your wonderful visit with the beautiful old Tivoli Gardens, and naturally your children will be delighted with a boat tour around the canals and the port of Copenhagen, thus getting to know more about the city. Entry ticket per person is 33$.




3. Germany:

The most prominent thing that Germany is famous for is its vast and beautiful public gardens, and the presence of these charming gardens made Germany a tourist attraction for families and families. Perhaps these are the first reasons that attributed Germany among the suitable tourist destinations for families and families with children. Germany also offers a convenient and well-priced public transport network that allows you to travel with your children without worrying about your children. If you do not want to take your children to public parks, you can accompany them to contemplate the scenic landscapes and impressive historical landmarks such as historical castles. This explains that Germany contains many areas in which you can spend a beautiful time with your children, so make Germany one of the tourist destinations that you are considering as a family tourist destination.

1. Europa Theme Park: Take your kids to the Europa theme park to enjoy the swings and bullet trains, as well as discover 15 European themed areas with authentic architecture, gastronomy and green spaces. Entry ticket 64$ per person.





4. Sweden:

Sweden is famous for being the home of many parks, gardens and amusement parks, as well as many tourist attractions and attractions, especially for art enthusiasts. You can take your children to beautiful parks and public gardens to spend an enchanting time in the lap of nature, and then move to amusement parks with the aim of entertaining your children and making them have an unparalleled fun time, which leaves a beautiful impression on them. Do not forget to go to the island of “Gorgarn”, which includes many recreational attractions that center around the family, in addition to your visit to the city of “Stockholm.” This is what makes Sweden one of the best European tourist destinations ideal for families and families who take their children with them. Don’t forget to go to Sweden.




5. Belgium:

Belgium is famous for being the home of popular animated series such as: The Adventures of Tintin, Blue Smurfs, Chocolate Candies and Oranges, which makes it a favorite destination for children to spend a beautiful holiday. It is also known to be very rich in cultural heritage, tourist attractions and charming tourist attractions. All you have to do is start your tour by visiting the capital, “Brussels”, which is home to the most important tourist attractions, the most important of which is the “Manneken Pis” fountain, the Great Square Market, and the historical area that dates back to the fifteenth century. After this tour, I think that you will make sure that Belgium is the most suitable destination for families, families and children, so put Belgium on the list of the best European destinations for a magical holiday with your family, especially your children.

1. World Train Museum: You and your children see 5 steam engines and original railway huts in an original setting and then walk around the magnificent Schaerbeek station, one of the oldest railway buildings in Belgium. Entry ticket price is 16$ per person.

2. Historium Bruges Story: Discover the ‘golden age’ of Bruges at the Historium Story & Historium exhibition and then follow the romance of Anna and apprentice Jacob while seeing the most visited attractions in Bruges. Entry ticket price is 17$ per person.




6. Barcelona:

The Spanish city of Barcelona is famous for its nightlife, but there are many reasons for families to visit and Gaudí’s antics in Park Güell are sure to impress adults and make children feel as if they are wandering in a fantasy land. Street shows along Las Ramblas surprise and shock audiences of all ages. Kids will enjoy exploring La Boqueria where they will find delicious treats ranging from fruit to churros with chocolate, and families can always head to the beach for some outdoor fun or watch a FC Barcelona soccer match at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s stadium.




7. Paris:

With iconic landmarks and kid-friendly attractions such: as the Pompidou Center and the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris offers an enjoyable and enriching vacation. Don’t miss the Eiffel Tower that is sure to delight your kids whether you want to climb to the top as a family or see it at night when it’s lit up. The best thing that makes Paris a destination for family tourism is the presence of “Disneyland” Paris, which includes a popular attraction for those with young children. If you prefer to stick to central Paris, you will find many of the city’s top attractions lie within two miles of each other, which is why Paris is one of the best European tourist destinations for families and families with children.




8. London:

The city of London attracts tourists of all ages, whether young or old, and this is what makes London a family tourist city. Many of the best attractions offer guided tours and are excellent ways for families to interact and learn about the sites. London is famous for its high price tags, but you can find budget-friendly accommodation in chain hotels, or holiday rentals and you can also easily move around the city using the affordable underground, or by taking the famous red London buses and this ease of transportation attracts many tourists From families and families. Especially, families with children, parents feel comfortable and safe through the safe movement that London provides in the transport service.

. Best Places for Kids: DreamWorks Shrek Adventure Tour where your kids can jump in a 4D magical bus with the famous donkey in the cartoon “Green Shrek” and make your kids a part of 10 live fairy tale-themed shows with many different adventures and then get to know all the Shrek characters DreamWorks is a favorite of the majority of children. All this for 32$.




9. Rome:

In Rome, you and your children can create lifelong memories as you learn about ancient history at the Colosseum and Pantheon, with plenty of squares for kids to walk around and kid-friendly museums to tour. Rome is an educational and fun city for audiences of any age to explore and the city’s culinary scene is full of kid-approved items like pizza, pasta and gelato. These are the most prominent things that make Rome a destination suitable for families and children.

The best places to recommend for children in Rome: Take a guided tour with your children of 3 famous Roman sites, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill for 36$, in addition to a fun family private tour for $70 per person.



10. Madrid:

Madrid has many child-friendly attractions in Europe, including the Casa de Campo public park. Families will find the Madrid Zoo and an amusement park. The most exciting thing for children is seeing animals and having fun in the city’s amusement parks. Children who need to stretch their legs can also run around Retiro Park or play on its playgrounds, while adults enjoy the park’s formal garden, so here you and your kids will have fun together. Madrid is an inexpensive city and there are many public transportation options to bring travelers to every tourist attraction. Before leaving Madrid, visitors should attend the football match at the Santiago Bernabeu, the official stadium of Real Madrid, and take a tour of the Royal Palace.

. The best places for children: Visit the Santiago Bernabéu stadium for you and your children, which is the stadium of one of the most important clubs in the world (Real Madrid Club). Explore the venue with a local guide and discover the essence of the club and enter the press room, players tunnel, cup room and locker room. This way your child will feel like a Real Madrid player. The entrance fee to the stadium is 50$ per person.



11. Berlin:

Berlin is a city full of history, full of museums, monuments, and plenty of sausages. Berlin also attracts visitors of all ages, children and adults. Families will especially enjoy exploring the approximately 520-acre Tiergarten, which is home to the Berlin Zoo and nearly 20,000 animals. Kollwitzplatz (an area with a plush playground and weekly outdoor markets) is another popular family-friendly spot and other unmissable attractions include the Neues Museum, which focuses on history, and the Children’s Museum Modellpark Berlin, which is perhaps most appealing to children. There is no public transport in this city that makes it easy for families to get around but despite this Berlin is relatively affordable and easy to get around. Let Berlin be one of the family tourist destinations that you and your family will visit for an unforgettable vacation.

. Best Places for Kids: Berlin Aquarium Place your kids discover the wonderful underwater world and get up close and personal with wonderful rays, sharks, sea horses and more other aquatic animals. Entry ticket price is 22$ per person.



12. Vienna:

If your children love music or play an instrument, they will naturally be fascinated by the Vienna House of Music. The museum highlights the work of the city’s famous musicians, and intellectuals will find many independent bookshops full of titles for all ages. Vienna is also home to Prater, the world’s oldest amusement park, and Schönbrunn, the world’s oldest zoo. The swimming beaches along the Danube and the many public playgrounds scattered around the city guarantee children plenty of places to explore. Vienna is a suitable destination for children, artists and musicians, or those who love music and musical instruments. If your children tend to music or love musical instruments, all you have to do is take them to Vienna, and this is a guarantee of a wonderful holiday that cannot be forgotten.




13. Greece:

The Pelion Peninsula, 60 miles north of Athens, is filled with magical historical legends, whitewashed villages with leafy squares. Where you can eat walnut cake and buy handicrafts, Byzantine churches and museums in the provincial capital, Volos, and the traditional mountain village of Melis. The mansions are well preserved and the beaches are excellent for swimming and recreation. Esperos Suites in Lafkos features nine self-catering villas around a very spacious pool and is great for couples with a baby or toddler. These historical assets have made the Pelion Peninsula a tourist destination that tourists go to without hesitation.




14. Romania:

In the Carpathians you can take part in a self-guided mountain biking tour, meaning you go by bike to a destination you want and the trip starts from “Bucharest” and ends in the hills, forests, pastures, valleys and Dracula’s castle in “Bran”. As for the difficulty level of the trip it is an average of 37 kilometers for bikes Maximum climb and 750 meters to climb every day. So if you and your family are a bike lover and cycling enthusiast, all you have to do is head to the Karyat and take part in a cycling tour.

. Best places for kids: Take your kids to Dracula’s castle for 42$ per person and enjoy a full-day tour to Transylvania, then visit the former royal residence at Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful places in Europe, then tour the medieval Saxon city of Brasov on a tour Walking with guides.



15. Austria:

Austria is an untapped resource when it comes to beneficial family holidays. The highlights of what you can do in Austria are petting lambs and chasing chickens, an activity not found in other countries. Beautiful wooden chalets and family friendly farms are easily listed on the Tirol tourism website with the smell of dung. Fresh cow and dried hay to entice city dwellers. The Bauernhof Zieplhof has great views of the winter ski slopes, as well as a large playground and you can go horseback riding and play with pets (free for guests) How nice it is to spend time with the cute animals. For these reasons, Austria is a suitable destination for families.

. Best places for kids: Ferris giant amusement park, which has a unique view of the UNESCO-listed city of Vienna, if you have not tried the swings and amusement parks of this city, you have not visited Austria at all. Take your kids to this city for 13$ per person.



16. Leipzig:

The eastern German city of Leipzig is known as the home of Mendelssohn, Wagner and Bach, so children learning classical music may enjoy concerts at St. Thomas Church as well as the Bach Museum. There’s also Panometer, a 360-degree cinematic panorama, and canoe trips along the city’s waterways with newly created lakes outside. Day trip options include the half-timbered Dresden and Erfurt and the sandstone Elbe Mountains.




17. Sicily:

Favignana is one of the beautiful Akkadian Islands off the northwest of Sicily. And is where the famous Sicilians escape to spend lazy days swimming in the crystal waters, sunbathing, jumping off the rocks that surround most of the bays, and also to feast on local tuna and pasta with tomatoes and almonds. Set within an old limestone quarry, Oasi Favignana has a hotel, four apartments around a jacuzzi and sun terrace, a garden, and organizes boat trips to the other Akkadian Islands. Ferries to the island leave from Marsala and Trapani and connect by bus to Palermo Airport. It is nice to take your children on these beautiful trips that will remain immortal in the memory.




18. Albania:

Albania is located in the Balkan countries, and this geographical location gives it great geographical importance. In recent years, Albania has gained an important tourist position due to the importance of its charming geographical location, as many people come to spend summer holidays and to visit the beaches and high-end resorts with acceptable prices. Families can also relax on the beaches of Albania due to the presence of resorts In addition to enjoying visiting museums, palaces and castles, as well as the engineering and historical monuments left by the Ottoman civilization. After all this, we conclude that Albania, thanks to its geographical location, beaches and resorts, ranks among the best European destinations for families.




19. Salzburg:

Salzburg is just like Budapest and it is the perfect destination for a trip with children no matter what time of year it is, no matter what month of the year. The full music along with the picturesque city scenes are among the things that make children, who have a passion for beautiful sounds enjoy their presence in Salzburg. Full enjoyment Of course, no wonder Salzburg is home to many concerts and many other attractive factors that will not let you get bored at all. You can go to the gardens of Mirabell Palace with your children where you can walk or run around Hohensalzburg Castle, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. In addition, street meals will delight the whole family, so you do not need to search for child-friendly restaurants because the meals will take care of that. If you have more time you can opt for a day trip to the oldest picturesque Austrian village known as Hallstatt.




20. Zagreb:

Zagreb is one of the most beautiful European cities for holidays with children, especially for lovers of Croatia. This picturesque city has gardens, fountains, a town square, many pedestrian streets and cozy cafes. Zagreb is very popular among many tourists around the world. When you get there with children, your children will be waiting for a lot of opportunities Pleasant entertainment You should also visit the Luterskak Tower, which offers its visitors a set of charming picturesque views. Plitvice National Park is also a wonderful place, not far from Zagreb. It is one of the most beautiful sites in the world, which will undoubtedly delight your children, as it features 16 lakes interconnected with cascading waterfalls, in addition to wooden walkways and wonderful stairs. What makes it a great place for nature lovers, the turquoise waters and the picturesque landscapes in this park make children and parents feel like they are in a fairy tale. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why Zagreb is one of the most important European destinations for children.




There are many European destinations that are suitable for children of course, but in this article I presented to you the most important destinations. So all you have to do is read this article before you intend to travel with the aim of spending a tourist holiday with your children. In order to know the most suitable destinations for your children,  look for these destinations before you visit Head over to find out what awaits you there.

I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk

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