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Food lovers do not travel with the aim of discovering tourist attractions as much as they are interested in discovering new foods that they have not tasted before, in other words, their goal of traveling is to discover new foods. The ideal trip for them lies in the deliciousness of food. The first thing they do upon arrival at their destination is to book restaurants, and of course they have done a detailed search for the menu of foods in the reserved restaurant. Eliminate from your mind the thinking that says that the most delicious foods and dishes are found in luxurious areas and capitals. Good delicious foods are not a requirement to be in the capital or in a luxurious city or in very expensive luxurious restaurants, but sometimes you find a simple restaurant in a poor neighborhood that offers you wonderful food that you will not taste Like in your life. In travel, do not search for foods you love, but rather discover new cuisines and learn new dishes that you did not know before, so travel with an open mind and learn about the countless dishes waiting for you to try. In this article, I have prepared the best destinations for food lovers, including:

1. Italy:

When we say Italian, it is natural for your mind to go straight to pizza and pasta and that is normal, but pasta in Italy is very diverse, like pasta with chickpeas, which is more like a soup than a pasta dish. According to the great Italian chefs, this dish is cooked by soaking the chickpeas used in the dish and drying it before incorporating it With pasta and this is a great way to get vegetables as you can find other chopped vegetables and legumes in this dish as well. Sicilian pasta and the ingredients of this dish are tomatoes, ricotta, basil, the main ingredient and eggplant, and this dish is the best proof of the idea of ​​simplicity we make greatness. Find it all over Italy. If you are looking for the best pizza in Italy, you should visit Di Matteo in Naples, which has existed since 1936 until today. He works and cooks on the street, and this is the best proof that with simple tools you can make the impossible and the most delicious pizza offered by Fritta pizza, ricotta pizza and fried Provolone cheese. Don’t miss out on a visit to Santarbea in Florence, which offers innovative pizza topped with pumpkin and even lampredotto (cow stomach), a nod to traditional Florentine cuisine. Here’s the secret to the dough for those who ask (leaving the dough outside for 48 hours makes the pizza bases exceptionally light and airy).


2. Japan:

Japan occupies the first place in the best food according to food-loving tourists. Japanese food for them is the best at all, especially sushi, and the most delicious sushi you can taste at the Sawada Hotel, which is located in a privileged location in Ginza and has two Michelin stars. Inside the hotel there is a small restaurant with only six seats at the table. Enter it, order sushi and enjoy the unique taste of delicious sushi. Also there is Takako Restaurant which is located in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. Although it is a small sushi restaurant, it has only 7 seats at the table, but it is a tourist destination visited by many food lovers in addition to his interest in ingredients and dishes, the owner has a wealth of knowledge and taste High on suggesting the best items of the moment from rice to vinegar, wasabi and sake. If you like to taste other than sushi, you can eat suspect meat on skewers and find these meat skewers in carts on the sidewalks of the street, the meat has a wonderful taste. The cabbage dumplings (okonomiyaki) may not look attractive but they are very popular so you don’t mind trying them. In addition to fried tempura, sushi and ramen will always be your best choices. Foodies prefer Japan as the best dining destination because of its diverse menus and different dishes.


3. Barcelona (Spain):

Specifically, “Tapas” is very popular, as it is preferred by people and tourists because of the high quality of food in its restaurants at reasonable and appropriate prices. The most important restaurants in “Tapas” are La Cova Fumada, El Vaso de Oro and Paco Meralgo. They are restaurants that provide high quality food and dishes at reasonable prices that suit everyone. If you want to enter Barcelona, ​​you should visit the “La Tarsi” restaurant. Since its modern and sophisticated renovation, this three-star restaurant reopened its doors and continued its era as one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. To get something really special, all you have to do is order the tasting menu that contains On Crimson Shrimp With Red Curry, Charcoal Grilled Pigeon, And Wagyu Sausage With Iodized Salad And Frozen Cheese Powder. Also there is the Dos Piprots restaurant which serves an exotic dish called x-arab which is an ancient dish consisting of fruit infused with herbs, anchovies in vinegar and pine nuts and milk-flavored ice cream with strawberry cream and naturally when you hear the ingredients you will say what a shit! But never judge a dish without tasting it so when you taste the dish you will know why this restaurant is famous in Barcelona.


4. Beirut (Lebanon):

The Lebanese capital attracts culinary talents from all over the world but it is the traditional dishes created by the Lebanese chefs themselves that continue to impress year after year. As long as we mention Lebanon, we must mention tabbouleh, kibbeh naiya, hummus and beans, because Lebanon is very famous for these foods. In addition to kebabs, and of course, you only eat kebabs from Kababji Restaurant, and today the restaurant has become a chain of restaurants covering all major cities in Lebanon, and the best that the restaurant offers is grilled meat (and kebabs) that are served in sandwiches or on dishes prepared with care and fresh ingredients, which makes Kebab Ji a favorite. At the locals. If you are a fan of traditional and simple places, you should visit “Karam” restaurant, as this restaurant offers a perfect introduction to the Lebanese gastronomy. preserves, yogurt, pita bread and many more. In addition to a Lebanese drink derived from anise, so if you are a fan of traditional food and folklore, then “Karam” restaurant is your request. Beirut is full of restaurants and places that serve very delicious Lebanese food.




5. San Francisco (China):

San Francisco has been known for its delicious and delicious food for several years in a row and is famous for its fresh and organic farm produce, but the prices are a little high. Once you arrive in San Francisco, you must visit the Jackson Square restaurant, which has shared wooden tables loaded with rabbit meat, quail, fresh pasta and market vegetables. Nice to discover new foods. If you are a fan of Chinese food, you should visit “Sam Wu” restaurant, which is the oldest in Chinatown in San Francisco and therefore one of the very oldest Chinese restaurants in America, so its experience is high and its popularity is wide. It is loved by all tourists and locals because of its simple and satisfying menu of Cantonese dishes. Like clown fish and barbecue rice rolls. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you should visit Zuni Café here. You eat delicious food while listening to soft, calm music. The food is classic and thoughtful rather than modern and that is exactly why people like it. California cuisine with heavy French and Italian influences. Chicken for two grilled in a wood-burning oven and served with a warm bread salad of green onions, garlic, green mustard, dried currants and pine nuts has been popular for decades and is well worth the one hour wait.


6. Istria (Croatia):

Croatia is one of the lesser known travel destinations and it is also a great place to travel for food lovers because Croatia’s culinary scene is incredibly diverse and this is natural due to the country’s diverse history. Some of Croatia’s favorite traditional foods include cheese, meat, and pasta. Istria is located on the border between Slovenia and Italy and has some excellent traditional offerings and seafood is especially popular there due to the geographical location of the area. The best restaurants to visit in Istria are ‘Sol’ which is a family run restaurant that specializes in seafood although they also have some meat dishes. The nice thing about it is that all of their dishes and ingredients are locally sourced even all the salads and vegetables come from their own garden at the back of the house. In addition to Konoba Morgan, they serve delicious traditional Istrian food based largely on meat but in an elegant way. They are a beautiful pub with a wonderful outdoor terrace facing beautiful views and they also make interesting sauces that are served with local cheese. As well as “San Rocco”, a fine dining multi-course “slow food” tasting menu located in Brtonigla within a small boutique hotel of the same name, offering a great dining experience in intimate and tranquil surroundings.


7. Mexico:

There are plenty of great places to find authentic Mexican food dishes all over the country but one of the best destinations for true foodies is Mexico City. If you love the culinary world, this is the place where old meets new, tradition and modernity as fine dining meets street food. Pujol is one of the most recommended restaurants in the city as it takes traditional favorites like tacos and tamales and adds a creative twist to it. The best modern restaurants in Mexico City have a new generation of young Mexican chefs who have spent time training in Europe or the United States and have learned to apply contemporary cooking techniques with local ingredients and traditional recipes, raising the bar for Mexican cuisine. Head to the Rosetta hotel, which is located in an old mansion in the trendy neighborhood of Rome in Mexico City and offers a cheerful atmosphere. Latin is reason enough to head there and don’t miss out on a colorful heirloom tomato salad and braised short rib with polenta and pink mole pudding. Maximo Bistro is a reward for the journey of Eduardo Garcia, who went from being a child migrant worker in the United States to a chef in Mexico. Pujol became head chef and then his uncle loaned him and opened Maximo Bistro with his wife. The legendary story of this chef is enough to make you eager to taste the chef’s cuisine. The seasonal menu at this restaurant is based on local ingredients including produce grown in Xochimilco’s floating gardens.


8. Copenhagen (Denmark):

Copenhagen food is known to be packed with fresh, locally sourced ingredients brought from nearby forests and waterways. One of the most popular restaurants is Noma Restaurant, which has been voted as one of the best restaurants in the world. This restaurant serves seafood in winter and spring and vegetables in summer, in addition to Salma Restaurant, which has been awarded Best Moderate Food Award, this restaurant puts a contemporary twist on the classics by using creative toppings such as elderberry herring with fresh cream and buckwheat. Humble sausages have for years been the favorite snack of Danes and you’re still discovering go-karts all over town for a truly authentic experience So all you have to do is head to Harry’s in a shack inside Nørrebro and order a Børge, a thick, juicy sausage and wash it up With a bottle of chocolate milk. If you are walking there and see a queue of people waiting in front of a bakery, know that you have arrived at Juno’s bakery in Osterbro, so immediately order Juno cardamom buns. In addition, to the other wonderful pastries and bread rolls offered by “Juno” bakery, this bakery also serves filter coffee, and although you will wait for your turn a lot, but honestly it is worth the wait.


9. Negril (Jamaica):

Everyone knows Jamaican chicken but this country’s cuisine goes well beyond that Jamaican cuisine reminds us of sea breeze, reggae music and plenty of rum to wash it all down You can also find some of the best delicacies in Negril and all Jamaican food is cooked in open air kitchens and served in Carts pulled by people in the streets. There is a laid-back, low-key vibe that travelers associate with Jamaican cuisine that truly allows connoisseurs to savor every bite and when traveling in Jamaica be sure to try some shrimp and curries with a refreshing bottle of Red Stripe. In addition, you should visit the restaurant “Murphy’s West End”, which is a simple beach shack that serves wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll also enjoy home-cooked food and stuffing at a very reasonable price, and sweeping hammocks under the thatched-roof seating area makes the restaurant the perfect place to hang out with friends while eating and listening to “reggae” music. Order the Narcissus chicken served with rice, peas and fried bananas for a taste of classic Jamaica. As well as the “Rock House” restaurant, nestled between picturesque cliffs and an oasis of picturesque tropical plants, you will enjoy panoramic views of the ceramic blue ocean while dining on an island-inspired menu that highlights the best of Caribbean cuisine. The fresh seasonal ingredients used in the restaurant are sourced from the hotel’s organic garden on the property and when you arrive for dinner early you’ll have front row seats in one of the most spectacular sunsets on the planet. Because of the romantic stuff it contains.


10. Zurich (Switzerland):

The Swiss are famous for their cheese and chocolate but there are plenty of other great Swiss dishes that travelers can try when they visit. Other local Swiss favorites include a minced meat dish called Züri-Geschnetzeltes, potato pancakes, tortillas, berries and peaches but of course cheese and chocolate are also a must. Consider taking a tour of the Lindt Chocolate Factory and a visit to the Appenzellar region to sample the local cheese. One of the best restaurants here is Volkshaus This restaurant is a favorite among those looking for a delicious dining experience in the trendy 4th district of Zurich and Volkshaus is not only famous for its traditional Swiss dishes but also hosts a variety of concerts and exhibitions. Volkshaus is a typical Swiss restaurant but this 100-year-old establishment avoids becoming a standard tourist trap. In addition to the “Iroquois” restaurant, this contemporary restaurant serves delicious burgers, quesadillas and weekend brunch in a relaxed atmosphere. With its light wooden walls, bleached floors and rustic interior decoration, it looks very much like a country house and this is what makes it most attractive to tourists. The Iro Grill, adjacent to the restaurant, serves a variety of meat specialties and is ideal for fast food. Take a tour here at a sporting event and enjoy delicious burgers or club sandwiches on a sunny day. Reasonable prices, great taste, and a vibrant atmosphere. It’s nice to have all these qualities in one restaurant so don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this restaurant and taste its food.


11. Chiang Mai (Thailand):

Thai food has become a staple in many people’s diets, but you may be surprised at what cooking in Thailand looks and tastes like. Chiang Mai is one of the best places in Thailand for foodies to visit and die-hard foodies can take a cooking class at the Four Seasons to really learn about the local market’s foods and recipes. Some of the main ingredients Thai chefs use in their cooking package shows for visitors are turmeric, coconut milk, and lemongrass. The best restaurants you must visit here in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai ancient cultural center This center does not offer the most delicious food but a perfect perfect experience you have to taste the delicious Northern Thai style meat as well as two dishes of central Thai dishes with traditional dance and this was The place has been a local entertainment for foreign visitors for the past 40 years to the present day. As well as Midnight Chicken, one of the most legendary restaurants in Chiang, all you have to do is choose fried chicken and sun-dried beef and enjoy it with a mountain of steamed sticky rice, along with a plate of crunchy and pickled mustard and a spicy Northern Thai-style dip. As the name of the restaurant suggests, it is only for the dark at night. Never miss a visit to the ‘Beautiful View’ cottage. This cottage was named by that name because it overlooks the wonderful scenery. This rambling riverside shack satiated anyone who has stayed in or visited Chiang Mai and the menu stretches across every corner of Thailand and also has some Western, Japanese and vegetarian dishes as well but with such a great view, breeze, and live music it’s all about the classic Chiang Mai ambiance and atmosphere.


12. Charleston (South Carolina):

Charleston is the perfect city to soak up the sun as you stroll through the moss-filled city center and historic homes like Drayton Hall and Nathaniel Russel House. South Carolina’s most beautiful small seaside town known for its Southern charm, Lowcountry restaurants alone range from counter service to farm-to-table modern interpretations and from seafood to fresh meat. FIG serves up Charleston’s best food thanks to its next-level farm-to-table offerings. The chef brings his French style and South American background to the restaurant’s Southern dishes, creating dishes like ricotta gnocchi with lamb bolognese and Provencal fish soup. This is in addition to “Bertha’s Kitchen”, a family owned restaurant that grew from a home-cooked restaurant to a local restaurant and this restaurant won the James Beard Award for America’s Classic in 2017, and this is reason enough to encourage you to visit it,

Bertha’s kids continue to cook and serve their mom’s dishes so if you go to the restaurant, top up with crispy fried chicken, tender pork chops, cheese, sweet potatoes and red rice so trying multiple dishes won’t break the budget and be sure to finish your meal with whatever dessert they suggest and some sweet tea or lemonade. When you visit Bertha’s kitchen, you will find an empty chair in the middle of the restaurant. This chair remains empty in memory of their mother’s soul. They think she is not with them physically anymore, but her soul still fills the dining room just like the smells of her delicious dishes.


13. Singapore:

Singapore is the most unique and creative city in addition to being one of the best destinations for food lovers and here you do not have to look far to find a great dish. The city is one of the best destinations for food lovers. Let me help you with the best restaurants you should taste in Singapore. Nashwa Restaurant that sanctifies botanical ingredients. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and even flowers take center stage here. Plus, you’ll find unexpected dishes prepared with a botanical focus and served in a carefully designed space with distinctive foliage walls. And onion decorations and lots of natural light. In addition to a restaurant
Superstar Virangi A feast for the senses first and indulged in dreamy interiors, the food is also a wonderful reinterpretation of traditional Indian cuisine where recipes are tweaked and tweaked so that everything is new again is a feature of this restaurant. As well as Cloud Street Restaurant The food served here is a remix of its memories and heritage, evident from the first bite, where grilled oysters come swimming in a pool of coconut milk, to the unappreciated bread dish mixed with local sesame and licorice. One of the biggest real estate developers in Thailand to showcase art, design, merchandise and loads of delicacies so imagine what it would feel like to dine in a luxury apartment owned by the wealthy of Bangkok! The head of prawns and lobsters are used to make a cookie-like sauce.(When you’re done with your food take a tour around the house because artwork, interior goods, and other furnishings are all available for purchase for a treat. for your home).




14. Paris (France):

Paris is one of the most famous international destinations and it is also one of the favorite destinations for lovers and food lovers, especially as it is characterized by many of its own cuisine that you can only find in France, specifically Paris. The Clover Grill is a favorite of tourists here and is well suited for business lunches as well as for a long meal with friends. Beef is the star of the show here, along with the fillets and burgers, but don’t miss out on the great appetizers like the tomato tartare with basil and Stratella or the graflax of wild sea bass with lemon and dill. There are well cooked shrimp and local fish served with a selection of sauces. As well as the Allard Restaurant, which is among the latest classic restaurants of its kind, and the most beautiful thing that serves you here is duck with green olives, in addition to boiled turbot, duck liver and some western food that you must taste. As well as the Septime Restaurant, meals at this cozy, Scandinavian-inspired venue begin with innovative, plant-based dishes that change every two weeks. Café Breeze serves the best Breton style crepes in Paris and although the menu is not difficult the menu has more original flavor combinations than the usual eggs and cheese. To taste the taste of the wonderful place, order a smoked herring with Saint Malo potatoes and smoked salmon with Ikura roe of salmon and fresh cream, in addition to boiled peaches, raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream and fresh mint, as well as a crepe wra


15. New York:

Choosing a favorite restaurant in New York City is a fun task with a myriad of possibilities depending on the occasion, mood and even the time of year. New York City draws tourists in droves to its world-class museums, monuments, shopping, and theater, but it’s also a city where eating is often not something you do in between activities, but rather the activity itself. New York also has one of the most competitive and diverse restaurants anywhere in the world. The Hudson Smokehouse is great not only for the range of grill styles they offer on their fun menu but also for their extensive smokehouse technique using lots of wood, brisket being a case in point, as are the spare ribs and roast beef tips. If you are a fan of sushi, visit Sushi Noz, as the meal at Noz is a great place to start your journey. From the beginning of the restaurant, Chef Nozomo Abe used his bar as a stage for slicing live king crab and grilling eel over eucalyptus and shaping nigiri bites. In addition to the blue willow restaurant, this restaurant specializes in Hunan cuisine and catalogs sour flavors and spices, besides making use of preservation methods such as drying.


16. Chicago:

Chicago is filled with restaurants run by chefs who have outgrown creativity and even become world-class chefs, and all over Chicago restaurants are distributed, so all you have to do is find a restaurant with a new menu to get to know it. Lula is one of Chicago’s most beautiful restaurants, serving an array of dishes made with the freshest seasonal ingredients, from salads to turkey sandwiches to grilled chicken, and everything you’ll eat here tastes as if it’s perfectly refined and refined.

. Note: Lula serves brunch daily so if you’re free on Thursday or Friday mornings, the Classic Lula Breakfast Burrito is waiting for you.

While walking around, you should head to a sausage stand located in Boxville Market in Bronzeville, founded by local musician Bobby Morelli and his daughter Brooklyn. Foodies, especially meat lovers, should try these delicious sausages made with filet mignon and Alaskan salmon, each topped with delicious sauces and served with a biscuit and a drink. Do not miss also to try the bakery and taste of “Kasama”, a modern Filipino-American bakery and restaurant from husband-and-wife team Tim Flores and Jenny Kwon. Two at dinner. Then there’s the Filipino breakfast that comes loaded with longanessa or tocino (fried eggs and pickled papaya) all served on top of a pile of fragrant garlic fried rice so don’t miss out on this amazing experience.


17. Amman (Jordan):

There are many restaurants in Jordan, but the best of them are located in the capital, Amman, as these restaurants vary and all food lovers and food lovers should visit it. One of the best restaurants is the award-winning Lebanese restaurant Fakhr El-Din, a popular meeting place for members of the high society in Amman, offering excellent food and service and is located in A renovated traditional house in the city’s 1st district, you will feel a tangible sense of life in the past as you stroll elegantly around the place. The restaurant is famous for its wide range of authentic mezze dishes. Connoisseurs of Lebanese cuisine will not disappoint your expectations with shisha or hookah as an added bonus after finishing a meal. Perfect dinner.

In addition to Hashem Restaurant, which is considered one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Amman. It is a simple, small bistro restaurant that is famous for its healthy taste of good quality. It has a specific menu of traditional Jordanian cuisine, which is characterized according to customers’ opinions with the best types of falafel in the country. The restaurant is located in the downtown area of ​​the capital The bustling and basic furnishings of the restaurant complement the rich experience and unparalleled flavour, and few places in town are so authentic as Hashem’s Restaurant.

As well as Sofra Restaurant located on Rainbow Street and serves its customers traditional Jordanian cuisine in a wonderful atmosphere. It is light and airy with options to sit outside or on the rooftop which has some exceptional views of the city and the bread in this restaurant is delicious so this is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch and dinner Even.

History lovers, you should visit Kan Zaman, a beautiful historical place located in an old Omani dwelling. The stunning arches of brick and vaulted ceilings create an unparalleled ambiance and its service system has recently been revamped. It is a professional and discreet service. The menu offers a good selection of Lebanese cuisine, a wide variety of mezze dishes, as well as a variety of irresistible traditional desserts while sitting in Outdoors if desired and traditional music is often played in the background.

pped with white chocolate mousse and matcha tea with strawberries, the menu here is varied and wide and do not fear Than to try any dish because it sure is great.


18. Dubai (United Arab Emirates):

Dubai restaurants are among the best restaurants that offer the most delicious and delicious food, and that are interested in creativity in recipes through the most famous chefs in the world. A number of Dubai restaurants that have stimulated the taste of visitors, including: Zawarab Restaurant, which is an ideal destination for lovers of authentic Arab and Palestinian flavors, as it serves delicious popular foods such as falafel, manakish, pastries and many more. This restaurant is located on Sheikh Zayed Road where you can sit in the outside garden or order a sandwich as you wander among the contemporary art galleries in the Dubai International Financial Centre. In addition, to the stadium specializing in kebab restaurant, which is one of the oldest facilities that serves authentic Iranian cuisine and is located in the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood and is the ideal destination for dining and exploring the city’s historical landmarks. Seasoned with milk.

Head to Cafe Isan for home-cooked Thai food. Located in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, this destination offers delicious dishes at the best prices, as the menu includes mouth-watering curries, delicious soups and fries, everyone’s favorite.

If you are a fan of plants and nature, you should visit the Turkish Kaftan Restaurant to eat among the distinctive green plants and rare flowers. The Turkish Kaftan Restaurant in front of it has a wide and beautiful garden from which you can see the Burj Al Arab also. The restaurant is very special for lovers of Turkish food and oriental food in general and in the same context the restaurant is built in the Turkish style The decorations are inspired by the ancient Ottoman heritage. This restaurant offers a lot of delicious foods, such as the “Smit Saray” meal, which is a dish of the famous Turkish cake, which is added to roasted sesame and eggs, in addition to the traditional Turkish sausage, in addition to the “Gurmei Pinar Bagh” meal, which is originally 4 types of Turkish cheese, but it was placed on it. Black grapes, walnuts and figs. As well as sweets such as the wonderful pasa Qatayef and many other types of main dishes in Turkish cuisine.


19. Marrakesh (Morocco):

Marrakesh is one of the most important Moroccan cities and has many of the best Moroccan restaurants and is accepted by thousands of Arab and foreign tourists of different nationalities throughout the year because of its tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes, so we find there is a great diversity in the restaurants in this city between the restaurants that It serves Arabic, Moroccan, and some European and Mediterranean food. One of the best restaurants in Marrakech is “Riad Kniza” that offers a special and varied menu where guests can taste the finest Moroccan cuisine including a selection of Moroccan salads with a variety of tagines, exquisite Moroccan sweets, local coffee or the well-known Moroccan mint tea. Regardless of the delicious dining experience, guests of Riad Kniza have the opportunity to participate in cooking workshops where the chef will share with guests the discovery of the secrets of amazing Moroccan cooking. This is in addition to the “Bozen” restaurant, which has a classic and modern décor that allows visitors to experience a serene environment. Guests can enjoy a menu filled with a selection of dishes with international touches such as lobster salad with Thai mayonnaise and caramelized black cod served with rice or fish tagine with spice fish. All accompanied by local sweets. If you want to discover the civilization and heritage of Morocco, you should visit the “Compteo” restaurant, which offers visitors an elegant Moroccan atmosphere worth discovering, where guests are welcomed by traditional Moroccan musicians in a magical place that combines tradition and authenticity. This restaurant is the destination of high-level celebrities and businessmen in Marrakech Especially with its menu of authentic Moroccan dishes with a variety of traditional tagines such as the kofta tagine and the famous Moroccan couscous dishes such as the royal couscous or the couscous bowl with chicken along with local and international sweets. The place where guests can enjoy a meal in a stunning elegant space.


20. Turkey:

It is known that Turkey is famous for its delicious dishes with distinctive spices, and there are a group of the most famous restaurants that offer innovative and delicious foods. One of the cities where the best restaurants are located is the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is on the list of cities that offer classic Turkish dishes with a modern touch, and these are some of the best The restaurants in Turkey start with Al-Madina Restaurant, which is the most famous Istanbul restaurant, which contains a list of the most delicious dishes with unique Turkish spices. Thousands of tourists come to it to eat and watch its artistic presentation accompanied by musical performances as well as special fireworks shows. In this restaurants the most famous professional chefs work. We move to Nicole’s Restaurant, a distinguished restaurant run by Chef “Eileen Yazigul”, who has a great passion in the kitchen that made him leave his doctoral studies to devote himself to it. This restaurant offers many French and Turkish meals with fresh ingredients, and delicious and innovative flavors are added to the foods. In addition to the Bursa restaurant, which is considered one of the high-end Turkish restaurants located in Istanbul, it serves the best and most delicious Turkish food since 1927 and since its opening has not changed in its designs and dishes that are more than wonderful. You can try a number of delicious dishes such as grape leaves and lamb soup in an innovative way and many other foods Which makes you adore Turkish food. Arriving at Karaköy Restaurant, you will find a range of classic Turkish dishes, which are home cooked and professionally made dishes, and the menu changes in the evening to include fresh fish and a lot of fine and refined cuisine.


There are many destinations and there are many restaurants and places that offer delicious food, but it is not possible to limit the food destinations to food lovers because each tourist destination is characterized by its own food and its famous cuisine. And new dishes that they have not tried before and thus they will be introduced to new foods and achieve the goal of their trip. I hope the article was useful and you enjoyed it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk.


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