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Despite the fear of many of the cruise trips, they considered it one of the most beautiful trips they took throughout their lives, as it is a new experience that makes you discover new things that you have not previously discovered. In addition, to being a journey of excitement, enthusiasm and discovery. A lot of people often ask about cruises, how dangerous they are, how many months you will stay on this trip, etc., but the most common question is: What are the best cruise lines? And with which line should I share my flight? The answer to that question is in this article and according to the 34th Annual Best Line Choice Awards survey, these lines were named among the best cruise lines:


1. Mega Ships:

. Third Mega Ship Line: (MSC Cruises)

MSC Ship Line has built five (5) of the fifteen (15) largest ships in the world:

1. MSC Grandiosa
2. MSC Bellissima
3. MSC Meraviglia
4. MSC Virtuosa
5. MSC seashore

These ships can accommodate each of about 5,300 to 6,300 passengers as a maximum, but the best of these ships is the Seashore, which bears the character of New York City, and it is the latest ship among these ships, as in November of this year it was the first time to sail. Its length is 1100 feet, which means that it is the longest ship in the fleet, and its external area records 140,000 feet. In addition, to 7500 feet dedicated to children, and there is also a water park called Pirates Cove very suitable for children. MSC doesn’t stop here, but also has four giant world-class ships in the pipeline, each with a capacity of between 5,800 and 6,850 passengers. These lines are suitable for you if you have children.



. Mega Ship Line II: (Royal Caribbean International)

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers four (4) of the largest cruise ships around the world:

1. Symphony of the Seas

2. Harmony of the seas

3. Allure of the seas

4. Oasis of the seas

These ships can accommodate about 6,700 passengers at full capacity and have a length of about 1,200 feet and a total capacity of about 225,000 tons. The size of this ship provides the passengers with just the right comfort and everything they could need as well as things they didn’t expect from water parks and world-class musical productions to independent bars with robots to double-decker suites with children’s areas. With so many cool things in these ships you will never want to leave because they are magical in every sense of the word. These lines are suitable for you if you are an adventure lover and if you want to experience living in a floating city.



. Mega Ship Line 1: (Norwegian Cruise Line):

The Norwegian company is famous for having many colorful ships and giant ships, most notably the Epic ship, which can accommodate about 5,000 passengers and the ship is often full of passengers. These ships that sail mainly in North America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea are the most comfortable for families, especially as they contain Water parks and virtual reality games. In 2019, the company launched the newest ship in its Norwegian Encore fleet, the most luxurious of its mega ships.




2. Large Ships:

. Eleventh Large Ship Line: (Costa Cruises)

The ships belonging to this company were working in transporting olive oil in 1854, but it turned into recreational trips in 1959, and this island transformation added many profits to this company. Today, the company has 11 ships, each with a capacity of between 2,800 to 3,300 passengers, which sail all over the world without exception. Its next ship, Costa Tuscany, will debut in December 2021.




. Big Ship Line 10: (P&O Cruises)

The first cruise line in the United Kingdom and the oldest in the world, passenger operations began in 1837 in Europe, North America and the Caribbean with a crowd made up mainly of British subjects. P&Q’s newest vessel, the MS Lona, is a jumbo vessel, along with its sister vessel MS Arvia, which is due to be inked for the first time in 2022.




. Ninth Big Ship Line: (Norwegian Cruise Line)

Norwegian ships have witnessed an amazing development in eight years as they converted their ships from medium-sized ships to mega-sized ships, and this company currently has six ships on order as part of the Leonardo project, and each of them will accommodate about 3,300 passengers. The company will be launching a new ship, the Prima, in 2022 where some of its highlights include the fastest slides at sea (including the world’s first free-fall dry slide), a three-story go-kart racetrack, and a three-story theater-turned-nightclub. After the evening show.



. Big Ship Line 8: (Carnival Cruise Line)

This line is very suitable for families and its prices are very competitive. It is the largest cruise line in the world in terms of annual passengers (more than five million) and includes 25 ships sailing in North America and Europe, and the capacity of half of them ranges between 2500 and 3900 passengers. Carnival is known for its fun theme park lofts at sea with water slides, rope courses, mini golf and attractions like SkyRide where guests pedal a suspended vehicle around a suspended track so Carnival is the most family friendly cruise line.


. Big Ship Line 7: Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean is famous for having huge ships, but this does not mean that it does not have large ships. The 3,100-passenger Voyageur ships were the largest ships in the Royal line until freedom ships appeared. Each type of these ships had its own advantages. The Freedom Skating Rink was the first ship to feature a windsurfing device at sea. For these reasons, the Royal cruise line is very suitable for lovers of adventure, excitement and fun.



. Big Ship Line Six: (MSC Cruises)

This line has eight ships and the eight big ships sail primarily in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean and although they offer itineraries in North and South America, Asia and Northern Europe as well, these family-friendly ships tend towards the upscale side and are known for their incredibly international crowds. .



. Fifth Large Ship Line: (Holland America Line)

It is a cruise line established in 1873 to transport mainly passengers, the majority of whom were immigrants from the Netherlands and the United States. These days, this line sails extensively around 470 ports around the world on 11 ships and is highly regarded for Alaska itineraries. Travelers can enjoy classic cruise activities such as swimming and sports. The line is also known for its cooking and music programming and has a partnership with America’s Test Kitchen for cooking shows, cooking classes, a number of live shows, music venues (including BB King’s Blues Club) and theater productions. Dedicated to the history of music on many ships of this line. The latest addition by this company is the Rotterdam which first sailed in July 2021 with a capacity of 2,650 passengers.



. Fourth Large Ship Line: (Princess Cruise)

The Love Boat program was placed on board the Pacific Princess ship, and this program is very well known as it is broadcast on aircraft televisions. In addition, this company includes 14 ships, each with its own distinctive activities. In 2020, the latest ship of this company, the Enchanted, sailed, and it is said that in 2022, a new ship called Discovery will sail, specifically in the spring of 2022.





. Third Large Ship Line: (Cunard)

For lovers and lovers of romance over the Atlantic Ocean, the cunard cruise line is very suitable for you. This line was built in 1840 and has 10 ships but today there are only three active ships which are the Queen Mary which is the only real ocean liner in the world across the Atlantic Ocean and is also the only pet friendly ship in the world (dogs and cats are required to stay in Kennel, dedicated playroom and designated walking deck) In addition to the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria and the activities have not changed much in the last 180 years there is still afternoon tea and black tie dinners and festivals in the ballrooms. It’s just like going back in time but with all the modern safety measures. It is nice to board a ship whose moments range between the past and the present. Cunard’s next ship scheduled to sail in 2022 or 2023 has yet to be determined.



. Big Ship Line Two: (Celebrity Cruises)

This company is currently sailing around the world with a fleet of 14 ships, ranging in size from the small Xpedition class ships, which carry from 16 to 100 passengers, in addition to the large Solstice class, which can accommodate about 2,800 to 3100 passengers, and the 2,900 passengers of the Edge class, which first appeared in late 2018 with Celebrity Edge. This spirited vessel is designed to appeal to a non-navigating clientele with innovations such as Eden, a three-story hybrid “experimental” restaurant, a craft cocktail lounge and performance venue, and Le Petit Chef at Le Grand Bistro, a dining restaurant featuring a 4D animation displayed on your plate. throughout your meal. Celebrity Edge was later joined by sister ship Celebrity Apex in 2020 as well as Celebrity Beyond which is said to set sail in 2022.


. First Big Ship Line: (Disney Cruise Line)

The best that Disney Cruises has to offer is hospitality. The company has absorbed every lesson it learned from its parks and resorts operations and has implemented it on its four cruise ships:

1. Disney Magic.

2. Disney Wonder, which seats 2,400 passengers.

3. Disney Dream.

4. Disney Fantasy, which can seat 4,000 passengers.

The ships are designed for families with a multitude of themed activities daily, from meet-and-greets to full-on Disney-themed parties, with plenty of adults-only areas providing a respite for the little ones. However, the ships aren’t over the top when it comes to Disney décor, as they are very elegant and their design is inspired by early 20th century ocean liners and Art Deco and Art Nouveau aesthetics. The four ships are currently sailing in the Caribbean where they make a port on Disney’s private island (Castaway Cay), Alaska, Europe, the Pacific Coast and finally the Panama Canal. Three more ships are scheduled to be added to the expected fleet between 2022 and 2025, the most important of which is the Disney Wish ship.




3. Medium Ships:

. Medium Ship Line 18th: (Norwegian Cruise Line)

This company mainly focused on medium-sized vessels that carry around 2,000 passengers and they still make up the majority of the fleet. A colorful atmosphere reigns over the ships as guests enjoy everything from waterslides to silly pool competitions like synchronized swimming to everyone’s favorite Bingo Night. Norwegian ships have itineraries all over the world and many focus on North America. The company launched the Epic in 2010, as well as the Breakaway and Breakaway plus ships in 2013 and 2015.



. 17th Medium Ship Line: (Princess Cruises)

The fleet of this company includes 14 ships, but it includes the smallest five ships, which are:

1. Coral Princess

2. Island Princess

3. Sun Princess

4. Sea Princess

5. Pacific Princess

Of these, the Pacific is by far the smallest, with a capacity of only 680, and the other four ships, which carry about 2,000 passengers, and are the perfect size for sailing through the Panama Canal.



. 16th Medium Ship Line: (Royal Caribbean International)

It is well known that the Royal Travel Line is known for its huge ships, but it also contains a good number of medium-sized ships whose maximum capacity does not exceed 2500 passengers. She explores more adventurous destinations like Alaska and Cyprus. But they also sail the Caribbean providing Royal Caribbean loyalists with a more intimate experience than the larger ships in the fleet.



. 15th Medium Ship Line: (Carnival Cruise Line)

Every hour, the Fantasy and Spirit ships at Carnival have a capacity of about 2,100 passengers. This line hasn’t built a ship of this size since 2004 and has no plans to order more, but these smaller ships ply itineraries around the world from the Panama Canal to the South Pacific, and in addition to shorter sailings from Florida to the Caribbean they also bring in just as much. A relaxing pleasure for every sailing.



. 14th Medium Ship Line: (Marella Cruises)

The UK-based Marella cruise line operated by TUI UK has a fleet of four ships with a capacity of 1,100 to 2,000 passengers and sailing routes for these ships in Europe, the Middle East, North America and the Caribbean with some special trips to Asia. Cruises are billed as all inclusive and include alcoholic beverages and tips, but some specialty restaurants charge an additional fee.


. Medium Ship Line 13: (Celebrity Cruises)

The celebrity ships are the smallest in the fleet, each with a capacity of 2,100 to 2,200 passengers. The ships recently received a range of new, modern luxury rooms as part of the Celebrity fleet upgrade and when launched in the early stages were among the first ships to use more environmentally friendly engines combining the power of gas and steam. The four ships sail from domestic ports around the world in Europe to North America and all the way to Asia.



. 12th Medium Ship Line: (Holland America Line)

Of the 11 Holland America ships, eight (8) are in the medium-sized category and carry between 1,400 and 2,500 passengers each. Frequent ships sail to destinations all over the world but one of the most popular destinations for this cruise line is Alaska.



. 11th Medium Ship Line: (Azamara)

Azmara includes three medium-sized ships with a capacity of about 700 passengers, but what distinguishes these ships is its high-quality food, in addition to many marine activities that attract passengers. Not only do Azamara offer customized beach excursions but they also offer nightlife excursions allowing guests to explore even more remote destinations inland.



. Medium Ship Line 10: (P&O Cruises)

The British P&O line is the oldest in the world and was founded in 1837 to transport mail and passengers between the United Kingdom and the Iberian Peninsula, but it began to provide recreational operations, the first sea voyages he made as early as 1844, as ships meet the needs of the British public in the first place and then provide value Good for a classic sailing experience. Guests enjoy traditional activities such as shuffleboard, dance lessons and prize competitions. These ships usually sail in Europe although they also have ports of call in Asia and the Middle East.



. 9th Medium Ship Line: (Hortigruten)

This line includes seven expedition ships, but five of them can accommodate from 500 to 1000 passengers, and the two most recent ships in this line are:

MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen are hybrid powered vessels demonstrating that Hurtigruten’s sailing system is as clean as possible to protect the environment.



. Eighth Medium Ship Line: (Cunard)

The Cunard ship line includes three of the most important ships:

1. Queen Marry, which has a capacity of about 2,600 passengers.

2. Queen Elizabeth, which has about 2,000 passengers.

3. Queen Victoria, which can accommodate about 2000 passengers.

The Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria ship are very similar in terms of capacity and activities, but differ greatly in design, as each has its own design.



. Sixth Medium Ship Line: (Silversa Cruises)

The silversea line has ten ships but only three of them are technically medium sized with a passenger capacity of around 600 but that’s too many for a luxury cruise line that specializes in smaller expedition cruise ships. In addition to the Silversea Moon, which debuted in 2021, and its sister, Silversea Muse, but is larger, each carrying up to 596 passengers. The line sails to more than 900 destinations around the world.



. Fifth Medium Ship Line: (Oceania Cruises)

This ship line is very suitable for foodies, as it features two ships in this line, the MS Marina and MS Riviera, which seats about 1,250 passengers, restaurants by Jaques Pepin and a six-course dinner by Dom Perignon with a cooking center where passengers of all levels of culinary skills can take Cooking lessons and culinary excursions such as visiting the market in Nice with the chef. Its four smaller Regatta-class ships, each accommodating 684 passengers, have excellent dining options such as the Polo Grill and the Italian restaurant Toscana. Two new ships, accommodating 1,200 passengers, are said to be en route to Oceania and scheduled for delivery in 2023 and 2025.



. Fourth Medium Line: (Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

This line is very suitable for traveling across continents. Most of the things on this line are free, except for spa treatments, laundry and the casino, which you have to pay for. Each ship on this line carries 750 passengers or less, but the ships are actually quite large and provide each guest with a large personal space in their rooms, and the route of this line floats all over the world. There is also a ship called Seven Seas Grandeur that will be launched in 2023.



. Third Medium Ship Line: (Seabourn)

The ships of this line are closer to being giant yachts, as this line includes five ships, each with a capacity of 600 passengers. In 2015 Seabourn announced a partnership with celebrity chef Thomas Keller who has created new menus for the three existing ships and spearheaded new restaurants on its two newest ships, the Seabourn Encore and the Seabourn Ovation. It is said that the Seabourn Venture is supposed to join this line, as well as a yacht to be released in 2022, but they haven’t named it yet.


. Second Medium Ship Line: (Crystal Cruises)

This line contains only three ocean-going ships:

1. Crystal Serenity

2. Crystal Symphony

Both have a capacity of less than 1,000 passengers and sail global routes.

3. The newly launched Crystal Endeavor a giant expedition set sail this year.



. First Medium Line: (Viking Ocean Cruises)

This line was intended for river cruises. This line has released six ocean-going ships since 2015, the latest of which is the all-new Viking Venus, which completed its maiden voyage in 2021. Most of the ships of this line are nearly identical, carrying 930 passengers each and located on the balcony in luxurious rooms. Viking Ocean offers guests one free cruise per port (ships mainly sail northern Europe although there are some Mediterranean cruise itineraries as well), lunch and dinner, and unlimited Wi-Fi.




4. Small Chips:

. Small Ship Line Six: (American Cruise Lines)

This line has the unique advantage of operating contemporary river ships as they not only sail the Mississippi River but you can also explore the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, this fleet of 15 owns oceangoing vessels that explore the coasts surrounding the entire country from modern England to Alaska all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The line’s newest ship, the American Melody, set sail in August 2021 and will spend its inaugural season on the Mississippi River.



. Fifth Small Ship Line: (Windstar Cruises)

This line contains three sailing yachts and three full-wing motor yachts. In 2017, Windstar became the James Beard Foundation’s official cruise line offering more private itineraries with culinary themes and guest chefs, which is probably what gave it its reputation.



. Fourth Small Ship Line: (Seabourn)

Seabourn has six ships with less than 300 suites per vessel but takes advantage of this small size to reach some of the world’s most famous yachting ports such as Saint Tropez in southern France, the Greek island of Kos and the famous large ports of Dubrovnik and Monte Carlo. Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keeler creates specialty menus on board and a partnership with UNESCO ensures shore excursions and sustainable tourism practices in some of the world’s most wild and exotic destinations. Soon, the first expedition ship belonging to this company, called the Seabourn Venture, will sail, in addition to another similar vessel.


. Third Small Ship Line: (Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

For those who prefer calm and do not like crowds, all you have to do is choose this company because of its ships capacity of about 480 guests only. It also offers unlimited excursions on the beach, unlimited Wi-Fi, in addition to dining in specialized restaurants. Its ships sail all over the world from New Zealand to Dubai on itineraries of one to three months.



. Small Ship Line Two: (Paul Gauguin Cruises)

This line’s ships sail only on the Pacific Ocean and treat its 332 guests to idyllic beaches and dramatic landscapes in “Tahiti, Bora Bora and Fiji” all year round. Mota Mahana is the island of the French Polynesian Line. Most passengers sip cocktails from the floating bar or paddle over the reef on kayaks and paddleboards directly from the ship’s watersports marina. For diving enthusiasts, PADI’s on-board snorkeling program sees divers in some of the clearest waters on the planet so you can try this amazing experience and the prices of the ship are all inclusive. In 2019 Ponant acquired the cruise line for the first time.



. Small Ship First Line: (Lindblad Expeditions)

This line consists of 15 ships, each with a capacity of 148 guests, and these ships include small and simple rooms in addition to some beautiful activities such as snorkeling in Borneo or hiking in an ice field in Patagonia and these ships sail in rugged destinations as far away as the Arctic, Svalbard, Antarctica and Indonesia.

This line added three very good expedition ships:

1. National Geographic Endurance

2. National Geographic Resolution

3. Oberoi Philae

These three (3) ships are in the Nile River and each sail contains an expedition team consisting of experts in fields such as marine biology and photography.



Finally, these are some of the best cruise lines that you can travel with on your next cruise, so all you have to do is find out which one of these cruise lines suits you, suits your preferences and which line you find suitable for you, book with it. I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk

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