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 There are many things that the hotel provides for you in your room during your stay and everyone is wondering if he can take these things? Does the hotel management allow him to take it?
In fact there are some things that you can take from the hotel but at the same time there are things that you can’t take away. In this article, we will learn about the things that we can take from the hotel and the things that we cannot take.


. Things you can take from the hotel:

1. Soap and shampoo:

Of course the hotel management doesn’t tell you to take them, but the free small shampoo bottles and soap packets are usually good to take. Especially, if you have already used them during your stay as they save on hotel waste by recycling them and the 100ml bottles are airline friendly and don’t need a lot of space in the bag.




2. Toothpaste:

You can take toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other personal care items such as sewing kits, ear buds, and any personal care items you can take.







3. Laundry bag:

The hotel rooms have a laundry bag that hangs in the wardrobe and the hotel management allows you to take it when you leave it is nice to have this bag, it is very useful.




4. Writing Instruments:

The pens and notebooks inside the hotel room are among the things that you can get. Many hotel visitors keep them under the pretext of a small souvenir from the hotel because they carry the hotel logo and this movement indirectly promotes the hotel.




5. Comfortable Insoles:

These slippers are worn by guests during their comfort in the hotel, and it is normal for the hotel management to dispose of these slippers, so the hotel management allows you to take it with you while leaving the hotel. It is nice to have them because they are very light and comfortable soles.




6. Tea and coffee:

Most hotels offer guests tea and coffee envelopes as a gift for free. If you don’t use them, you can take them with you because they originally sent them as a gift to you, so they are yours.





7. Concert Tickets:

Some hotels pamper their guests by giving them tickets to attend parties or books that guide them to the famous tourist places in the area where the hotel is located, and you can take tickets without paying any additional value.






8. Shaver and After Shave Cream:

Even if you have a shaving machine that does not provide this machine that you can take, you may need it one day and there is no problem in taking it so keep it and also you can keep the after shave cream, it is provided with the machine, so keep them for you together.






9. Sewing Tools:

Hotels often allow you to take sewing tools and they are inside a small box and its small size is suitable for you, so it does not take much space from your bag and you may need it, so keep it.





10. Shoe Cleaning Bag:

Some hotels offer you a bag with tools for cleaning shoes, and this bag is very important to you, and also its small size is not yours, and you can keep it, as it is very useful if your shoes get dirty.






11. Karta (which helps put the shoes on):

In most hotels, the card is available for you to help you wear your shoes, and some hotels put another one for you in case the first one is broken or lost because it is very useful. Especially, for narrow shoes or whose mold is somewhat narrow, so keep them.





12. Hairbrush:

Hotels put a hairbrush, and it is natural that the hotel management gets rid of this comb as soon as you leave the hotel, so you can benefit from it and put it in your pocket, so keep it instead of throwing it.






13. Umbrellas:

There are umbrellas in some hotels, especially hotels located in rainy areas, so some of them have no problem to take the umbrella with you. In addition to that, the hotel logo is located on the umbrella, so by using it you will benefit them with a good promotional advertisement for them.





. Things you can’t take away from the hotel:

1. Pillows and Bed Covers:

Pillows and bed covers are among the things that you are not entitled to take with you from the hotel because it will cost the hotel management a large amount to bring others. If the hotel management notices that the covers or pillows are missing, their cost will be added to the cost of renting the hotel room.





2. Towels:

The hotel management can wash and re-clean the towels, so taking the towels from the hotel is considered annoying to the hotel staff, so if the staff discovers that the towels are missing, they will be forced to pay an additional fee.






3. Batteries for the TV remote control:

The hotel management does not allow the guests to take the batteries of the remote control and this is very annoying as the staff may notice that the batteries are missing.





4. Books:

Hotels provide a set of books inside the rooms in order to entertain guests during their stay in the hotel. Guests cannot keep books because they are the property of the hotel.







5. Light bulbs:

Theft of light bulbs It is common to steal light bulbs in hotels, so do not take light bulbs when you leave. If the hotel management discovers the absence of these bulbs, the hotel will charge you additional fees.







6. Electrical appliances:

It is normal for the hotel management to prevent keeping any kind of electrical appliances such as hair dryers, coffee makers, hot drinks, and small control devices.







7. Paintings and drawings:

Some hotel rooms have paintings and artistic drawings on their walls to decorate the room and kill the dullness in it. Some guests enjoy contemplating the drawings and are lovers of art. Therefore, some hotels resort to placing drawings on the wall. You cannot keep them or take them with you, as they are the property of the hotel.






8. Clock, Alarm and Radio:

It is natural that the room clock, alarm clock and radio are among the things that you cannot take with you from the hotel because they are special things in the hotel room and all guests will benefit from them.





9. Plants and flowers:

The hotel management puts plants and flowers in the room in order to give the room a nice atmosphere and improve the shape of the room and decorate it.







10. Toilet Paper:

Especially in hotels with low cost, you cannot take toilet papers with you, as they are for all room guests, so you can take them only by requesting permission from the hotel management or the specialized staff.






11. Bathing jacket (robe or robe):

In hotels, you cannot take a bathrobe at all, because the hotel management can always benefit from them, so beware of keeping the bathrobe, or the hotel management will be forced to add its cost to your bill.







12. Coffee Cups:

Coffee cups are one of the things that you cannot take from the hotel because it is a property of the hotel and bears the hotel logo, so be careful to take the cups because their tax will be added to your bill.





In all hotels you will find things that you can take and things that you cannot take and in order not to be embarrassed or overpay. If you like something and intend to keep it, it is better to ask the hotel management for permission. In this article I showed you these things. I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it. An enjoyable read.




Translated By: Nasser Al Turk

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