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Feeling safe is one of the main factors travelers look for when choosing a travel destination. While I cannot provide an exact list of the safest destinations in the world, there are some destinations that have a good reputation when it comes to safety. Here are some tourist destinations that are considered relatively safe to travel to:


1. Singapore:

Singapore is considered one of the safest destinations around the world for several reasons. First, Singapore has a strong legal system; strict; And effective, where laws are applied strictly and fairly. Singapore’s judicial system is considered one of the most effective and transparent in the world. Secondly, a high level of public safety, as Singapore provides a safe environment for citizens and visitors alike. The streets and neighborhoods of the city are safe to roam at all times, and great efforts are made to maintain public order and security. Third, a strong police system. Singapore has a strong and efficient police system. Policemen work around the clock to ensure the protection of the public and to combat crime. Continuous professional training is also provided to policemen to ensure their competence and readiness to deal with any emergency situation. Fourth, drug control, as Singapore is considered one of the countries that deal strictly with the issue of drugs. It imposes harsh penalties for drug possession and trafficking, which reduces its presence in society and protects people from the potential risks associated with it. Fifth, security control, Singapore has a strict and advanced security control system. Surveillance cameras are located throughout the city, and public activities are closely monitored to maintain security and order.


2. Maldives:

The Maldives is considered one of the safest destinations around the world for many of the following reasons. First, political stability and internal security, as the Maldives enjoys a high level of political stability, and it is a country with a democratic system. It also enjoys stable internal security, as public order and security are well maintained. Secondly, the absence of violent crime, as the Maldives is one of the destinations with very low crime rates, and is almost completely free of violent crime such as armed robbery or physical assaults. Tourists can go around the tourist areas without worrying about violence. Third, the culture of hospitality and respect so that the Maldivians are famous for their culture of hospitality and respect. Visitors are welcomed with grace and grace, and a safe and comfortable environment is provided for tourists. Fourth, it provides advanced security services. The Maldivian government is working hard to provide advanced security services to residents and visitors. An effective and responsive police system is provided, and public areas and tourist facilities are regularly monitored to maintain safety.


3. New Zealand:

New Zealand is considered one of the safest destinations in the world for several reasons. Firstly, there is no violent crime as New Zealand is one of the countries with very low crime rates and almost no violent crime. Armed robberies and physical attacks are rare, making it a safe destination for locals and visitors. Second, political and social stability. New Zealand enjoys a strong democratic system and political and social stability. Residents enjoy freedom of expression and participation in political life in a safe and peaceful manner. Third, New Zealand is home to stunning landscapes that include mountains, lakes, sandy beaches, and tropical forests. This pristine natural environment provides a safe and healthy environment for visitors. Fourth, New Zealand has an advanced and efficient health system. Healthcare services are provided to a high standard, helping to ensure the safety and health of residents and visitors.


4. Canada:

Canada is considered one of the safest destinations around the world for several reasons, including, first, Canada has a strong democratic system and political and social stability. Canada embraces the values of pluralism and equality and respects individual rights and fundamental freedoms. Secondly, crime rates are low, as crime rates in Canada are low compared to many other countries. Residents feel safe and protected, and the streets and neighborhoods in most Canadian cities are safe to roam. Third, Canada has a high standard and comprehensive health system. Residents and visitors enjoy good health care and access to necessary medical services in the event of an emergency. Fourth, the picturesque nature and wide spaces in Canada are among its most prominent features. Forests, lakes, and mountains provide a safe and protected environment for roaming and outdoor activities. Fifth, the culture of hospitality and respect, as Canadians are known for their hospitality and respect towards visitors. Canada embraces the values of peaceful coexistence and welcoming different cultures.


5. Switzerland:

Switzerland is one of the destinations where you forget the meaning of fear or crimes, as it enjoys a wonderful peaceful atmosphere far from crimes. Among these reasons that make Switzerland a safe destination: Switzerland has a stable political and economic system. The country is a stable democracy and holds a strong position in the international community. The stability of politics and the economy contributes to providing a safe environment for citizens and visitors. And do not forget that Switzerland is one of the countries with very low crime rates. The population enjoys a high sense of general security and stability, and violent crime is almost non-existent. Switzerland’s advanced, high-quality health system makes it a safe and healthy destination. Comprehensive health care is available to citizens and visitors, ensuring the availability of necessary medical services and appropriate care. Switzerland also has a developed and high-quality infrastructure. The government is working hard to keep the country’s infrastructure in good condition, including roads, public transport and utilities, facilitating mobility and enhancing safety and comfort.


6. Sweden:

Sweden is one of the safest countries in the world for its residents and tourists alike. Sweden tourists don’t have any security issues. Crime rates are lower in Sweden than in any other European country. Safety specifications in Sweden prevail in cities such as the capital, Stockholm, and in rural areas and farms. There are no dangerous neighborhoods in Stockholm, and most of the country’s population speaks English so that it is easy for tourists to communicate with them and ask them about the main destinations or any obstacles facing their visit. Stockholm shares safety with other Swedish cities such as Gothenburg and Malmö. Swedish tourists say the only danger they remember in Sweden is driving on ice.


7. The Netherlands:

The Netherlands enjoys safety in all parts of the country, except for the risk of pick-pocketing and bag snatching in some major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It is famous for windmills, tulips and bicycle use. The Netherlands applies the principle of liberalism in dealing with everyone and does not mind the presence of drugs for personal use in Amsterdam. It welcomes foreigners. In general, the risks for tourists and women traveling alone are reduced.


8. Iceland:

It is one of the safest countries in the world and there are no violent crimes against tourists. The tourism risks do not exceed the difficulty of the severely cold climate and the dangers of driving on ice. Even the capital, Reykjavik, does not suffer from crime, not even from pick-pocketing or bag snatching. Rural areas have higher safety scores. Other estimates indicate that Iceland is at the top of the safest countries in the world, not just in Europe. The feeling of safety in the country has reached the point that it is a country without an army and calls on friendly countries to protect its airspace on a regular basis.


9. Greece:

Greece is the cradle of European civilization and offers tourists a long history, about six thousand islands and clean turquoise waters on its shores. It is a unique example of Mediterranean civilization. In addition to all this, Greece enjoys a high rate of safety and provides safety for its tourists. The tourist does not need to ensure his safety except to the degree of awareness that he applies in his country in terms of being careful of transient accidents such as pick-pocketing. Greece deserves the ninth position in the list of the safest tourist destinations this year, and it welcomes tourists and provides them with a good climate, oriental food, and happy trips.


10. Japan:

Japan concludes the list of the ten safest countries in the world. And the tourist needs to follow the usual safety steps and avoid some areas that are considered unsafe in the circumstances of individual wandering during the late hours of the night. There are no cases of pick-pocketing or fraud in Japan. Japan provides high safety rates in all aspects of tourist visits, from transportation to cases of assault and terrorism, and women traveling alone.


There are many destinations with stunning scenery and very charming places to visit, but there is no safety in them, so tourists are alienated from them and do not go there at all. Therefore, you should look for beautiful and safe destinations at the same time, because beauty without safety or safety without beautiful scenery will make your trip a failure. So all you have to do is look for safe destinations that have charming and beautiful places.


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