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Girls travel is still not common in our Arab society, which makes many girls look for tips to travel safely to overcome all possible difficulties during the travel trip, especially if this is her first trip.


If this was your first trip and you were struggling with feelings of fear with a passion to travel so that anxiety became the master of the situation now ?!

Here are the most important tips for safe travel from me. I, Nagham Al-Badawi, present to you after an interesting conversation with Ibn Hattuta about travel and girls ’travel in particular.


Now is Adventure Time Pack your bags and take advantage of our exclusive list of top safe travel tips for girls:

  1. Be a top-notch researcher:

Dear traveler, the beauty of nature in any country is not a sufficient reason for you to be a guest in it for one day !!

And fear of travel is just a thought in your head, do not make the failed travel experiences experienced by others of you the source of your information.

Here is my advice to you to make friends with Google to collect the largest amount of information about the state and its rituals, prices, hotels and restaurants, its customs and traditions, even the methods of monument there.

After a lengthy search, choose your right destination to spend your money to travel to a country that fulfills your dream and gives you a ninety travel experience to repeat.


2.Choose a safe country to travel:

When it comes to travel, the fears that will jump to your mind are many, perhaps their first solution is to choose a safe and comfortable country for your first travel experience, especially for you as a female taking off for the first time alone outside her home country.

Traveling in a safe country will make you have more travel experience, giving you the courage to have the maximum number of safe travel advice.

Turkey and European countries in general and some Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines and other countries are safe in the first travel for girls.


3.Wear familiar host country clothing:

       We all as females love to look our best and we often think that travel needs the most beautiful clothes and accessories

     But, dear, you should pay attention !!

Excessive clothing and entering into a fashion competition with the women of the country to which you intend to travel to look the most beautiful or have the most expensive clothes will make you fall victim to exploitation in all aspects.

Stay away from wearing gold and precious jewelry, even branded bags, follow what women in that country wear and wear what is very similar to them.


4.Choose a travel bag in a smart way:

We also agreed that the travel accessories that you will need on travel are completely different from what you can wear for a fun evening with a friend, and perhaps the most important of these accessories is the bag.

Side bags and waist bags are very convenient on the long road to travel, followed by backpacks, especially those that have a belt that you can tie to your waist and make sure that it is difficult to open.

From my own experience, I advise you to have two wallets inside your bag, the first is small and contains a little money that you can easily access and the other contains the rest of your money.


5.Share your itinerary with your family or one of your friends:

One of the most important tips for safe travel is to have a specific travel itinerary to share with your family or close friend

Try to find some task scheduling apps and share your login information with your mother or sister in case you come across any emergencies on your way.

Regarding transportation, too, be sure to deal with a private driver for your transportation, or use a well-known and guaranteed application now ..

Personally, I use the Uber app for several features, including it does not depend on cash payment, the pricing is known and fixed, and it added a new feature that you can use when you feel any danger is coming.


6.Make sure you have an alternative mobile with you:

Perhaps it is not necessary, but I am one of the people who prefers to have two mobile phones with me during my travel trip, one of which I use at all times and the other contains a copy of everything in the first phone in case of any theft or any malfunction! !

Also, do not miss having Power Bank with you all the way.


7.Make friends with the reception team at the hotel you will be staying in !!

One of the most important relationships that you need to start consolidating in travel is the reception and customer service team at the hotel you are staying in

Try to inform them that you are a solo traveler and try as much as possible not to tell anyone about your room number. In addition, make your place of residence a secret that you do not tell anyone, especially those you know for the first time.

In the end, I wish you a safe and enjoyable travel for every female who has set her goal and is looking for advice to help her in traveling so that the trip is more beautiful.

You can attend an interesting conversation with Ibn Hattuta about travel and travel via this video


If any of you have a previous travel experience, share one of your tips with us in the comments.




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