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Welcome to my Media & Press page!

With years of travel expertise , I’ve had the privilege of teaming up with esteemed platforms like MBC Radio’s Panorama FM, Arabiya TV, Forbes, Sayidaty Magazine, and Al Rabeaa Radio. Through these collaborations, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing insights, engaging in meaningful conversations, and offering valuable perspectives to the world of travel. Join me in diving into these captivating media moments that have truly enriched the journey of wanderlust.

TV interviews

The traveler Nagham Al-Badawi, the family's house, the international truth

What are the ways to get the cheapest prices for airline tickets?


A Palestinian woman roams the world and Israel deprives her of her homeland

Nagham Al-Badawi.. She wore rugged trekking shoes, and her weapons were writing and photography


It came for free in New York / Nagham Al-Badawi with Silva Sabra.

Revenge Travel / Nagham Al-Bedouin with Silva Sabra

5 destinations for Muslims where halal food is available / Nagham Al-Badawi / Silva Sabra

Free Stuff in New York / Bedouin Nagham with Silva Sabra


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a tourist destination in Ramadan

Medical tourism for mothers in the Arab countries

Pictures .. the best 4 fun tourist destinations to spend the month of Ramadan

VIBES – Travel Tips and Tricks with Nagham Al-Badawi

Lost in an art village - Sharjah Biennial 14

When planning to travel with the mother, care must be taken to make fun the title of the tourist trip to create sweet memories away from stress

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