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Reading books is my second love after traveling as I believe that they can be a treasured friend of human. They not only entertain you, but they inspire you, offer guidance at different walks of your life and touch your inner soul. Here are my favorite books that I would like to share with you, I hope they work the same for you as they really brought a tremendous change in me and taught me the power of immortality of words…!

Book Name : Secret

I learned from this book that every thought of my thoughts is power, oh you either pull me down or lift me up, you either pull me back or push me forward I learned that everything that comes to my mind and I believe in it will be fulfilled, so I have to be careful with what I think, and that I am on a journey that delays ideas.

I learned that the universe hears and responds to inner words, so now I only speak to myself about what is positive Meditation is not only words, but it is an inner certainty without any doubt, and that only when hope becomes certainty fulfilled .

Book Name : Fourty Rules of love

I learned about the rules of Shams that illuminate ancient philosophy concepts about the unity of peoples and religions, about passion for poetry and about the depth of love buried in each of us. I learned how to see the world and love in a different and broader perspective, so I fell in love with the same love of all kinds and since that time it enlightened my heart with it and it is no longer quenched Something. This is the book that made me travel to Cappadocia in the city of Konya.

Book Name : Why men love bitches

I learned from this book how to understand a man’s mentality and to realize my mistakes in dealing with him or in understanding his words and actions .

Book Name : When breath becomes air

This book is a true novel from which I learned how when we realize that life is short, positions and money do not become our goal, but rather to do what we love, I learned not to live my day, believing that I will live forever and not postpone what I really want to do

Book Name : Alchemist

I learned that a path to achieving dreams is a dream in itself, through which I will discover myself and discover my capabilities and that all that we are looking for and need to achieve the dream is inside us and this novel will show you how that is.

Book Name : Mirror Work

I learned from the exercises in this book how to love myself and get rid of my need for other people’s attention and from my criticism of myself and my body, I learned that love should start with my love for myself, and then when my love overflows with my love, I will distribute the rest to people .

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