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Nowadays media is the most powerful entity to reach your target audience and convey your messages. That's why I chose many media channels to inspire people, empower Arab women while bringing enlightenment in their lives. Here are some interviews I gave for TV channels, Radio channels based on different subjects.

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Lost in an art village – Sharjah Biennial 14

There’s more to Sharjah Biennial than art exhibitions. From free photography courses to indie film screenings, check out travel expert Nagham Al Badawi’s (@nanotraveldiary) surprising encounters as she experiences this unique art show for the first time.

Instagram Leads As The Most Popular Influencer Marketing Platform For UAE Youth

study by the Canadian University in Dubai has revealed that 46.5% of UAE young adults buy products based on Influencers’ recommendations, highlighting the importance of influencer marketing in an organization.

In Pictures Engineer Backpacker

Nagham Al-Badawi, a Palestinian traveler, born in Kuwait, who traces her origins to the city of Tulkarm, is the daughter of a Palestinian-Jordanian man, a Lebanese mother, the wife of a Swedish Muslim man, and an engineer who visited 33 countries

she wore sturdy shoes for her rugged trekking paths, her weapon of writing and photography

Nagham Al-Badawi,she wore sturdy shoes for her rugged trekking paths, her weapon of writing and photography


Traveling is a self-discovery before the world

Travel is an opportunity for everyone, not just the rich. For this, it must be well planned. This is what Nagham Al-Badawi, a traveler and expert in travel, praises, who left the life of an “employee” to roam the world, as she “felt that the world was bigger than work.”

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