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Santorini in greece was my dream destination since i saw that picture when i was teenager, but years passed while i was stuck in joy and problems untill one day i realized my 30th birthday is in months and i decided to start this new decade by me gifting my self a dream.greece was my first trip that i planned in details,i reserved even restaurents months ahead and worked tens of extra hours.i can never explain The feeling that minute when i saw the scene in the picture for real,untill now thinking about it make me and my heart don’t need people to celebrate your self, surprise yourself,even with a bar of chocolate you like or flower with your fav colour, who said you can’t buy ur self flower? why u r generous to people and not to your self? No one deserve more than you, celebrate that you are still here,celebrate your sight and hear,your achievements doesn’t matter how small those are,celebrate your problems that are always easier than what alot of people have.
Share with us if you are like me like to give gifts to your self, and what is your favorite gift that makes you happy?and what this make u feel?

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