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It normal to find it strange when I say that there are free things you can do in London, and of course you will ask yourself is it true that you can discover London for free? Yes, you can discover London for free. You will ask how is that, when it is known that London is one of the most expensive countries? All you have to do is read this article and I will show you the most important free things that you can do in London at no cost.


1. Visit the Temple of Mithraium:

London has a long history dominated by many strange and wonderful stories, so it is not strange that you discover some strange and wonderful places that you can visit in the city. The Mithraium is one of these places, a Roman temple dedicated to the mysterious figure of “Mithra”, whose followers likened worship to a secret cosmic. It is natural that This sounds too strange to believe and even more difficult to believe is that you can visit this temple without paying a penny.
The most exciting hidden experience lies under the buildings of “Bloomberg” in the city of London and frankly, this temple is considered one of the most beautiful free places that you can visit in London because of its excitement and mystery.

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2. Watch Changing Guard:

It doesn’t matter if you are a Londoner or a temporary resident of London in any case it is great not to miss watching the changing of the guard. Because, it is one of the most beautiful and wonderful sights you can ever see. Furthermore, the changing of the guard is the process that takes place when the Queen’s guard finishes the guard watch and hands it to the new guard. It’s good not to miss a whole party complete with brass bands and many magical infernal traditions and you can watch the party in two places, but Buckingham Palace is highly recommended as it is the most impressive and easily admired location.

Watching the changing of the guard is one of the wonderful and exciting things that you can do for free in London.



3. Visit the Barbican Conservatory:

Barbican is one of the best cultural venues in London, as it is located in a series of amazing buildings near Smithfield. However, for the most part you need to pay to make the most out of the fantastic program of theatres, movies and concerts on offer. This is one of the great things to do in London. Notably, there is a wonderful conservatory filled with all kinds of tropical plants, cacti and flowers located on the third floor of the building.
As for the opening times of the institute’s door, it used to open its doors on Sundays only, but today it opens its doors to visitors all days of the week, but you have to book.

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4. Street Art in Shoreditch:

Lund is one of the countries that are distinguished by the art of graffiti, and despite the success of this art, some areas underestimated this art, but most of the residents of London encouraged this art and admired it with all admiration. If the talented artists would use the city as a painting to add a little color to the lives of the residents, the colors remind us With a sense of life, Shoreditch boasts one of London’s most iconic art scenes. It is worth saying that it is impossible to step from one wall to another on this street without finding paintings painted on the wall by graffiti artists.
To learn more about this art, click on the following link:



5. Enjoy seeing flowers at the Flower Show (Columbia Road):

The Columbia Road Market is one of the most unusual markets in London, especially as the road turns into a planet of flowers on Sunday, down to a long-term market that is not without beautiful beautiful flowers. Seeing flowers in this market is free, but it is natural that buying flowers is not free, of course, cash in dollars The American is the norm there.

Is there anything more beautiful than contemplating flowers and inhaling their fragrant scents!!

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6. Public Viewing Exhibition at Oxo Tower:

It’s great that you can see London up high with some high places like A View from the Shard, but if you don’t have the 30£ to drop on the ticket you won’t be able to get in, and that’s where Oxo Tower is located, it’s a great place to visit in London hardly know it nobody. All you have to do to enjoy the wonderful view is to enter the elevator and press the eighth floor and enjoy the charming and wonderful view of the city of London. Imagine with me that you are watching London from eight floors! Watching such view is more than charming.



7. The British Museum:

London is a wonderful city in many ways, but one of the things that really stands out is the number of museums you can visit for free, and many of the city’s biggest museums double as some of the biggest free attractions in London. And if you are confused about which museum will be your destination, head to the British Museum, which is largely unparalleled when it comes to the huge range of antiques, artwork and antiques on display. So do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful museum, which is one of the most important and prominent museums in London and you can enter it Free.

To learn more about other museums, click on the link:



8. Attend the Keys Gala in the Tower of London:

The Tower of London is one of the must-see attractions in London, but you will have to open your wallet if you want to go inside. Because, it is normal that entry to the most famous towers in the world is not free and for you to participate in the ceremony of keys all you have to do is to book a ticket before the tickets are too late. The bad news is that since this is one of the most important free things to do in London, it is naturally very difficult to get a ticket and this party is being held again but it is difficult to be there unless you are a Londoner.



9. Sky Garden:

If you’re thinking of doing something great for free in London, check out Sky Garden, its gorgeous three-storey lobby at the top of the Walkie Talkie Building. It’s beautiful on the inside and it commands some great views of central London and the way to get to this park is two ways, one right and one wrong. The right way is to feel fun in the elevator and walk around an almost empty park enjoying some of the best views in London in peace and quiet, and the wrong way is waiting for you In line for hours only to be accepted into a scramble of people all trying to live their best lives and capturing the same boring shots so try to be simple and fresh, not imitated.

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10. Take a free walking tour:

London is a surprisingly easy to walk city where you can easily go out on a self-guided walking tour of London (meaning the destination for yourself) in order to entertain yourself. It is best to have a knowledgeable guide with you who shows you all the hidden points and tells you their stories exotics while you’re wandering that’s why walking tours are recommended. There are so many topics to choose from, from East London food tours to Jack the Ripper tours, all you have to do is pick and go.



11. Somerset House Free Tours:

Somerset House is the last of the huge mansions that once lined the River Thames in central London. It is classic architecture that carries the history of London in its folds and it is great to wander by yourself and book one of the free Somerset House tours to delve into the nitty-gritty of the history of raising an eyebrow. To some extent (it belonged to Queen Henrietta who was Charles I’s husband).
Entrance tickets are issued daily, but they run out quickly because of the splendor of the place.

For more information, visit the following link:



12. Walk under the Thames on the Greenwich Foot Tunnel:

The tunnel was opened in 1902 and is still used by over a million people every year today. It is one of the most unusual places in London. It is a straight tunnel 370 meters long that takes you from one side of the Thames to the other. You can navigate the Isle of Dogs and use To get to the wonderful Greenwich.





13. Visiting the public galleries of Parliament:

Watching the action live at the public exhibitions in both Houses of Parliament is free for both UK residents and foreign visitors and most of the time you can board and enter, but you will need to book in advance if you want to see PMQs or time ministerial questions. Knowing that politics is very boring, but visiting the galleries in the Parliament is a wonderful visit because of the valuable information it contains.



14. Walk around Borough Market:

Borough Market is one of the most popular food markets in London. Because, of the quality and range of fresh produce and street food is high and of course it’s not free to buy, but much of the Borough Market experience revolves around enjoying the atmosphere and getting a sample or two definitely worth checking out.

So it’s no problem to take a tour around this market and discover some new foods.

To learn more, visit:



15. Lake Street Tunnel:

The Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel is the largest graffiti wall in London and also one of the coolest street art sites in the city which is why you should visit it as one of the best things to see in London for free. It was transformed from an old railway tunnel into the colorful riot you find today by Banksy who organized a street art festival here in 2008. There’s always something new going on and you’re sure to meet an artist or two at work when you visit.




16. Visit St. Peter and Paul Church at the Old Naval College:

Sometimes you have kudos to whoever designed a space just because of the extravagant splendor of the end result and that’s certainly the case for the Chapel of St. Peter and Paul at the Old Naval College in Greenwich. The neoclassical decor is pure drama and there’s a marble floor and carved ceiling (with additional paint for that finishing touch). And one of the most distinctive 18th century interiors you can find in the city. Make a quick visit to the nearby Queen Anne’s House or the National Maritime Museum (both free) for the perfect little day out in Greenwich.



17. Visit Minalima House:

There are plenty of great Harry Potter-related gems out there in London (PSST – I wrote a self-guided Harry Potter tour to show you the best of them). Founded by Eduardo Lima and Mirafora Mina, the graphic designers responsible for bringing iconic design elements into the movies (think copies of the Daily Prophet and posters required for the Prisoners of Azkaban), the house features cool posters and designs from films, most famously the little Harry Potter.





18. Petrie Museum:

Not many people know about the Petri Museum, which is a strange museum that includes ancient Egyptian and Sudanese antiquities. This museum, however, includes historically valuable archaeological objects.






19. Watch the movies at BFI Mediatheque:

You can find free fun things to do in London if you only know where to look Example The BFI Mediatheque on BFI South Bank. There is a great little area where you can snuggle up in your viewing booth and watch your way through our extensive private film and TV archive Simply choose your show (I went to Wuthering Heights with Timothy Dalton as Heathcliff – phwoar), put on your headphones, and settle on the show.




20. See the deer in Richmond Park:

This park you can take as a place to relax yourself and give yourself away to nature, especially with the presence of the deer, which is one of the cutest and most beautiful animals. Richmond is a little far from the city center but it is undeniable that it is one of the most beautiful parks in London. Deer roam freely in the park and are perfect for long walks all adding to the feeling that you might be in the middle of the countryside. What a beautiful feeling in the countryside!



Here I am going to show you some of the various free things you can do in London:

1. Walking tours: From walking tours to self-walking tours Increase your steps and get a proper view of nature with any of the wonderful walking tours in London as you can walk the trails of the Epping Forest or walk the path of the Great Fire of London.

2. FREE EXERCISE CLASSES: Better than spending £60 a month in the gym Whether you’re walking on wheels, a yoga mat or on your feet you don’t need to break the bank to exercise because London is your playground. Among these exercises:

. Find inner peace with lunchtime meditation sessions.

. Work out in these exercise classes.

. Pause with yoga classes at St Margaret’s House.

. Show your tricks at the famous skate park in Southbank.


3. Free parks: Park your car at one of these places to spend a great afternoon or wander under the trees and reconnect with nature. These parks include:

. Battersea Park and London Peace Temple.

. Isabella’s farm is located in the quiet heart of Richmond Park.

. St James’ Park, famous for its annual carpet of daffodils.

. Dalston Eastern Curve Garden and a great pumpkin festival.

. Tranquil Crossbones Garden in the Home of the Forgotten Dead in London.

. The Garden at 120 with enchanting rooftop views.


4. Free art galleries: Take a look at interesting paintings, sculptures and installations at free art galleries is a perfect idea All you have to do is stand your ground and fool anyone into thinking you are a genius art critic and then take a tour around street art in East London. The most prominent of these free art exhibitions:

. national exhibition

. serpentine exhibitions

. Scenes in the square (beautiful movie themed statue walkway in Leicester Square)

. Marvel at the underground art scene with Leake Street graffiti

. National Portrait Gallery (currently closed for three-year renewal).

. William Morris Gallery

. White Cube Gallery

. Be dazzled by the mosaic frenzy of Carrie Richardt’s home.


5. Duty Free: It’s only free if you don’t buy anything, but there are always free samples you can get… Walk around these great places for the perfect weekend day!

. Columbia Road flower market

. Camden Store

. Greenwich Market

. Portobello Road Market

. neighborhood market

. Chiswick flower market

. Brixton Village and Market

. Old Spitalfields Market

. Mercato Metropolitano

. Bob Brixton

. khal yard


Here I will show some practical tips for exploring London for free:

. London’s transport system is extensive but unfortunately very expensive, but fortunately for you that London is an easy country to walk in so you can save money on yourself and head to your nearby destinations on foot.

. Eating out There are many great street food markets scattered all over the city where you can get a delicious meal at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant dinner.

. Some hot drinks such as coffee, for example, may cost you a lot, so bring a thermos with your coffee and save yourself some cash. You should also carry a refillable water bottle with you because the coffee and water expenses may cost you a lot of money because you will definitely be thirsty a lot, so save this money on yourself.



After all this information I think that the free things you can do in London are now known so read this article and take advantage of the free things you can do in London. I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk




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