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Qatar is an independent country with a high rate of safety, as it was ranked twentieth among the most peaceful countries in the world, and the United Nations classified it as the most advanced country in the field of human development in the Arab world, in addition to the beautiful tourist places that you must discover. Qatar has a distinct biological and environmental diversity. Although it is one of the driest countries in the world, it hosts unique species that are able to adapt to hot and dry climates. Qatar has a lot of amazing things that it offers for free, meaning that in Qatar you can do many things for free, including:


1. Visit the Doha Corniche:

The first thing you should do is take a tour around the place so that you can explore it more and enjoy the atmosphere of the sea and its unmissable view. During that, you can rest on one of the seating areas spread in different places of the Corniche. Provide the Corniche with dedicated walking paths, where the sea weather will lead you to enjoy walking and jogging. You will have exceptional pleasure when you go to the fishing area provided by the Corniche and begin to try your luck in fishing. There is no doubt that a coastal destination like this Corniche will attract you directly to enjoy your time more on the Corniche beach and lie in front of the sea, and of course you will not be able to resist the sea water and enjoy swimming in it. Another pleasure you will feel when you combine your picnic between seeing the magic of the sea on the Corniche and exploring some of the landmarks along the Corniche such as the Qatar National Theatre, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Pearl Monument. The Corniche is characterized by a beautiful park that meets the requirements of everyone who wants to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea along with the wonderful atmosphere of nature, and you can spend a happy time inside it that is not missed.


2. Visit Porto Arabia (The Pearl Island):

which offers an amazing mixture of fun and relaxation that you will not be able to resist, as this island definitely has at least one thing that you will fall in love with, whether you are excited about the majestic sea atmosphere or even you are eager to spend times of relaxation and tranquility Just. Here you can enjoy the charming view of the yachts and experience the restaurants and cafes there, in addition to being a marina so you can watch the ships and yachts and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.



3. Visit the Gardens:

Among them is “Dahl al-Hamam”, which invites you to stroll around it, perhaps accompanied by a good book or accompanied by people close to you. Moments of enjoyment and relaxation await you, which you will spend in this garden, which was classified as one of the most beautiful gardens in Qatar, and which has gained great fame since its opening in 2004. Start your day by A tour to explore all parts of the garden, as it will give you an opportunity to plan the course of the rest of the day in the appropriate way. Certainly, you will not be able to resist contemplating the many things that you will encounter during your wandering, such as lush trees and wide green spaces. For a break, you will find many seating areas distributed throughout the park.

There is also Al Bidda Park, which is characterized by its unique location and its green spaces, as there are benches for sitting, and you will find what interests you in terms of sculptures of a unique style, as well as fountains of exquisite beauty and beautiful water pools. We can say that the park is a unique destination for beach lovers, as it is strategically located on the waterfront, which will give you the opportunity to relax in front of the sea. We advise you to pass by the artificial lake to spend some time enjoying the view and you can also go for a trip around on one of the pedal boats available for rent there. Al Bidda Park, Doha, Qatar provides sports enthusiasts with spaces that allow them to enjoy some sports activities, such as walking and jogging in the designated roads. They can also rent a bicycle or use one of the free sports equipment available in the park. Visitors can also spend enjoyable times.

Also visit Al Gharrafa Park; Here, there is no excuse for you not to run because of the high heat, because this park, Al Gharrafa Park, is an air-conditioned running place in Doha, as it maintains temperatures between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius, so you have no excuse not to go out for a run because it provides you with a refreshing heat. You can try table tennis or what is called “ping pong” at the Park Hotel for free, but you have to bring your racket and ball with you here. The Park next to the Sheraton Grand is also a popular running place for “west bay” athletes so here you can do two things at once.



4. The Garden of the Museum of Islamic Art:

which is considered a shrine that tourists are advised to visit, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Doha and as one of the best gardens in Qatar in particular. To explore the garden in an appropriate way, it will be interesting to take a tour around it and contemplate the beauty that you will find spread here and there, especially on its lush trees and spacious green spaces. You enjoy the view of the boats that stand here and there and the cruises that take place from time to time. It is distinctive in this park of the Museum of Islamic Art Qatar that a number of small boats are available that will take you on a tour in the open sea. You can practice some movement activities in the charming natural atmosphere. The Museum of Islamic Art Doha garden provides walking paths. In order for all the guests of the Museum of Islamic Art Doha garden to fully enjoy their time that they will spend there, the garden has allocated a children’s play area, and thus the children will also spend an interesting time in the garden.




5. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Souq Waqif:

Start with the popular clothing stores, which are distinguished by their beautiful embroidery and attractive colors. You must tour the markets of traditional fabrics, carpets, and rugs, where you can see and buy many amazing textiles, gifts, and decorative pieces. Here you will find a unique assortment of handmade products in Souq Waqif in Qatar. You can also choose some pieces to decorate your home with, as you will find among the market’s corridors a group of home supplies stores that are unique to their wonderful pieces and unique offers.

Visiting the spice market, which contains local and foreign spices, as you can seek the permission of the shop owners to taste the spices for free, of course, so it is good to try new spices. This is in addition to the Majlis al-Dama, which is like a club in which the fans of the game “Domo” gather, as you can enjoy watching them play and spread tea or coffee for free, or read religious books that introduce you to Islamic countries. , and you might be lucky to attend one of the concerts he is famous for.



6. Visiting the municipal market:

As no visitor can miss seeing the handicrafts that are displayed in the municipal market in Qatar, as they reflect the creativity of their makers and the rich heritage of the city. If you are interested in buying some household items, the municipal market in Qatar is a suitable place to find these commodities, as the market includes Stores that sell household supplies, and if you want to buy some spices while you are wandering around the market, you will find a number of stores that will meet your request. There is no objection to exploring the vegetable and fruit market available on the site, where you will find various types of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Go to Aspire Park, Doha’s largest park and one of the city’s scenic public green spaces for picnics, family bonding, and other outdoor activities. Enjoy all these things at Aspire Park without spending even a single riyal.




7. Visit Al-Kout Fort:

Which is a huge and majestic building located in the city of Al-Kout, Qatar. The castle was built by the ruling Al Thani family in 1927 during the reign of Sheikh Abdullah bin Qassim Al Thani and was used as a family palace. The castle was built in the traditional Arabic style and is one of the most impressive tourist places in Qatar. It is currently open to the public as a museum displaying Qatari handicraft products. It is worth a visit if you are interested in the history and culture of Qatar.

Explore the Doha Tower, or as it is also called the tall Doha office building, which is one of the most famous and tallest landmarks in Doha and one of the most prominent tourist places in Qatar, as it is the sixth tallest building in Doha, which was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel to meet the need for a modern architectural model for the city of Doha and consists of 46 floors It also reflects the Islamic heritage of the State of Qatar. The tower is mainly used as an administrative building. There is also a café at the top and privately owned apartments. It is located on Corniche Street in the Arabian Gulf and overlooks it, providing a direct view of the sea, as it won the Council on Tall and Urban Buildings Award for the year 2012.


8. Learn about the night sky at the planetarium:

If you find yourself in the Katara Cultural Village, one of the best free things to do in Doha is to visit the Planetarium. Inside you’ll find interactive screens where you can learn more about important astronomers and look at the objects used to watch the stars on the way back. You can also watch shows projected onto the planetarium that take place throughout the month. You can find the full program and register at

You can also wander among the 12,000 LED lights at the National Museum of Qatar. Back in March, the amazing light installation Your Brain to Me, My Brain to You (2022) opened at the National Museum of Qatar and has quickly become one of the best free things to do in Qatar. Doha. The resin coated lights are designed to change color with the music which is a really cool experiment that we can do again and again. Don’t forget to pre-book your tickets at



9. Bird watching at Al Karaana Lake:

Al Karaana was formerly a waste water dumping ground and has been cleaned up and converted by Qatar’s Public Works Authority into a small oasis. It’s the perfect place for bird watching or just for those needing an escape from the city. In addition to the “Masfur” basin, visiting the Masfour crater is one of the best free things to do in Doha, as it is about a hundred meters deep and you will be able to make your way to the bottom easily. This is great even during the summer as the temperature drops below ground.



10. Climb the Arch at Crescent Park:

There are many reasons to visit Crescent Park in Lusail, from the bike paths to the maze. But the main reason to visit is undoubtedly the Arch which you will no doubt already see all over social media. You can climb to the top and enjoy the view or just take some pictures outside. This is in addition to the experience of fishing in Al-Wakra port, as Al-Wakra port is a great place for fishing during the cooler months, and there is also a large park here with a few games and attractions nearby. It is easily accessible by car and has plenty of parking space so grab your gear and set it up on top of the cobblestones. Make sure to bring a barbecue, too.


11. Visit Al Zubarah Fort:

This fort is a fascinating representation of the history of Qatar for history buffs. It is one of the finest examples of 18th to 19th century settlements in the region. It is located in the middle of the desert and the main attraction is how it looks as you ride through the desert on your way to the site. The fort’s three-foot-thick walls helped repel invaders and keep the rooms cool during the hot summer. Mosques, residential palaces, courtyards, houses, fishermen’s huts, cemeteries, the canal and the port are also part of that wonderful landscape.



12. Visit the city of Katara:

Start your visit at the Katara Mosque, which is considered one of the most beautiful mosques and mosques in Qatar, designed by the world-renowned Turkish mosque designer Zeynep Fadil Oglu. Its decorations were implemented by a number of restoration specialists who came from the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. It is characterized by its exterior surface inlaid with turquoise and violet mosaics, and its wonderful interior design, which gave its corridors and facilities more splendor, beauty, spaciousness, and breadth. The exterior and interior architectural designs of the mosque, in addition to the minaret, the dome, and the mihrab, are all inspired by Among the many Islamic mosques famous for the cities, cities and capitals of different Islamic countries, in addition to the artistic handicrafts that abound in the mosque, such as lines, decorations, inscriptions and mosaics. In addition to the Katara Museum of Art, here you have to go around, which will make your visit to this museum take place in the appropriate manner, as you will discover during that all parts of the museum and take a peek at its exhibits. There are works in this place that deserve you to take the time to see them, as there are wonderful paintings and works of art in which the most famous painters excelled. What will attract you most here is the air-conditioned street in Katara, which is the first air-conditioned street in the world, and the temperature in it reaches about 25 degrees Celsius during the hot summer months, when temperatures rise to 45 degrees Celsius, through network cooling systems that pump cold air from openings distributed along the street. This exceptional street is designed to be an additional tourist destination on the list of the most attractive destinations for tourists from all over the world.


13. Visit Msheireb Museums:

Start your journey by wandering between the halls of the museum and getting acquainted with the valuable archaeological exhibits distributed inside it, and if you feel the need to obtain more information, there are guided tours offered by the museum that you can benefit from. There are many exhibits in Msheireb Museums in Qatar that will attract your attention and prompt you to take some memorial photos of such Prominent pieces, and this is something that the museum management allows in all departments. The museum exhibits that date back to different periods of time deserve to be given the appropriate time to view them and explore the era to which each exhibit belongs, as there are artifacts dating back to the prehistoric and BC era, as well as artifacts dating back to the early Middle Ages and others dating back to the middle and late Middle Ages. This museum is unique in its historical nature, which is reflected in its exhibits, which shed special light on introducing visitors to the history of the country. Among these exhibits, visitors can see the tombs of ancient rulers. Msheireb Museums in Qatar not only gives a glimpse into the country’s heritage, but is in fact a witness to its past and present at the same time, as there are exhibits that depict the country’s achievements between the past and the present. There are prominent exhibits in the museum and we recommend seeing them, the most important of which are old writing tools and exhibits on old shops, in addition to old sewing machines.


14.  Quartier Canal at The Pearl:

Quartier canal is a microcosm of Venice in the center of Doha, with its colorful low-rise buildings, interlocking water channels and social spaces. Just like in Venice, the houses in Qanat Quartier were built on the banks of the water channels that cross the neighborhood to facilitate the passage of boats to and from the heart of the “Pearl Island”. It was linked with elegant and ornate bridges above the water channels, to increase the luster of the place, evoking the spirit of Italian life full of romance. The neighborhood enjoys a beautiful view of the waters of the Arabian Gulf and is equipped with various facilities and services, creating a unique lifestyle and giving visitors an amazing experience worth telling. It also enjoys a positive outlook and resonates beautifully on social media, especially among tweeters who like to call it the “Venice of the Arabian Gulf”.


15. Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Mosque:

The Mosque of Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab is known as the Great Mosque of Qatar because it is the largest mosque in Qatar and was opened in 2011. However, its simple lines and beautiful curves catch the eye and distinguish Islamic architectural traditions. The mosque includes three libraries, separate halls for prayer and ablution for men and women, and special halls for memorizing the Holy Qur’an, and it accommodates more than 30,000 worshipers. The sandstone mosque offers stunning views of Doha’s skyline, with a succession of arches and domes making it the largest in the country. Colorful marble floors provide coolness for worshipers in the summer heat, while corridors shaded by small domes provide shade. The mosque consists of a total of 93 domes, some of which are located above the mihrab and the chapel. Religious lessons are offered throughout the year, in addition to offering a strong schedule of social, educational and cultural programmes.


16. The Purple Island:

The creek or the purple island is a spot that you cannot miss when you visit the country. The island is located in northeastern Qatar, an hour’s drive from Doha near the city of Al Khor. It is an island famous for its natural beauty, its exotic flora and fauna, and its original environment. It is the perfect spot for the whole family to enjoy a day trip. The island was a castle for the dye industry for many years, and from here it derived its name, as the color purple was made there, but there is another story about why Al Khor Island was called the “Purple Island”; Some say it is due to the purple flowers that grow on the island. If you are planning to visit it, the best time is between November and February as the temperature and sun are milder at this time of the year and you will enjoy more of the different activities on offer. With its stunning natural beauty, the island is an ideal destination for bird watching, wandering and enjoying nature, spotting a variety of marine animals, kayaking through the mangroves, or crossing the wooden bridge that connects the island with small hills and the purple island beach. Keep in mind that there are no facilities or shelter on the island, so, prepare and bring your own supplies, a hat or whatever shade, proper walking shoes and of course, don’t leave any traces behind; Pick up any rubbish and take it with you before leaving.


17. The old port of Qatar:

Strategically located in the heart of Doha and close to the city’s most famous Souq Waqif, museums and tourist attractions, Doha’s Old Port has become a cruise terminal for mega cruise lines and luxury yachts. It provides a wide range of facilities and services to its visitors, including immigration and customs offices to ensure smooth procedures, exchange services, taxi and bus stops, city bus tours, as well as a duty-free market, a coffee shop, and waiting areas for passengers and cruise ship employees. It also provides various tourist information services provided by the Qatar Tourism Authority. Mwani Qatar’s marine services ensure safe and efficient arrival and departure for ships calling at Doha Port. Mwani Qatar is working alongside the Qatar Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Interior to develop the marine tourism industry in Qatar, which has seen a significant increase in the number of inbound travelers over the years. The development work of the Old Doha Port project included the construction of the port district, which provides visitors with many and varied services, the most important of which is a commercial market, a fish market, retail stores, restaurants and cafes.In addition to, a hotel, berths for boats and ships, bicycle and walking paths, in addition to a station for receiving large cruise ships. Doha Port aims to attract local tourists and those coming from neighboring countries via cruise ships, as it aims to establish a pioneering infrastructure in the cruise ship sector that is in line with the highest international standards, which consolidates Qatar’s position as a tourist, as it contributed to absorbing the growth in the number of cruises during the World Cup. FIFA Qatar 2022. It is expected that the Doha port, which cost 2 billion riyals to develop, will turn into a tourist attraction in the heart of the capital, allowing the reception of two giant ships at the same time, and it is expected that the State of Qatar will attract 500,000 visitors aboard cruise ships by 2026.


18. Visiting the free beaches:

I advise you to start with a tour along Al-Wakra Beach, during which you will enjoy the magic of nature around you, the sounds of crashing waves, and indulge in the pleasure of walking on the soft sands, and of course you will explore the features of the beach and the recreational activities it provides. You will also notice that there are some seating areas where you can rest at any time you want. This beach includes a park that provides you with a greater opportunity to enjoy the view of the beach, its clear waters and soft sand, which contains a space designated for young children in which children will spend times full of fun. Swimming is one of the activities that the majority of Al-Wakra Beach visitors in Qatar love to do. If you are also one of its hobbies, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the warm beach waters. You can imagine the amount of fun that will be available to you when you hold a unique barbecue party on the beach, as Al Wakra Beach Qatar allows its visitors to hold barbecue parties and provides the necessary facilities for that, so arrange for a unique barbecue party and gather your family and friends to enjoy together.

In addition to Simaisma Beach, and start here with a tour along the beach, it is the first pleasure we invite you to experience as soon as you arrive at the place, as there is nothing like the splendor of walking in front of the sea and enjoying the view of the waves racing to touch your feet, and this tour will also reveal to you the available activities and facilities. During your wandering, you will come across a number of places designated to sit and rest for a while. Swimming is one of the first activities that most visitors flock to the Simaisma Beach in Qatar, and therefore enjoying swimming in the sparkling sea water is one of the best activities that you will definitely not miss.


Qatar is a charming country that enjoys a rich culture and history, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in the Arabian Gulf, and the more time you spend in it, the more you discover it because it is a country rich in tourist attractions and urban development. Useful article and advice, do not miss the opportunity to visit Qatar because it is one of the most amazing countries in the world.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk

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