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Hi! I’M NANO .. 🙂
Meet the World with me..!!

Are you one of those adventure junkies like me who always want to pursue their wanderlust?

I’m Nagham Al Badawi, born to a Jordanian Palestinian father, Lebanese mother in Kuwait, married to Swedish and raised by the world. I have visited more than 30 countries including, Norway, Sweden, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy and Vietnam. For me, travel is the most fascinating way to fulfil your adrenaline egos, especially when you find hidden gems like some spectacular islands, lucid-azure blue waters, white sandy beaches or a place to have a scenic drive road trip.

With my travel blogs & itineraries, I want to encourage people especially, women who hail from all over the world, to explore the beauty of independence, leave the humdrum behind and feel the enriching experience to travel the world.  Currently, I am running the Instagram @nanotraveldiary which is a rapidly growing travel account focused on providing expedient travel and self-growth tips.

Well, I was really lucky to find an exciting career path that actually requires me to travel the world. Shifting my career from an “Electrical Engineer” and working as a project manager in a government entity to an “Arabic Travel Blogger” was quite satisfying to me. As I had a prestigious job, sound salary and could have a bright future ahead, but I was not really happy or I would say that it was not the “Real Me”. After then, I realized that I had dreamed enough and started saving to live my passions and dreams.

I had a motive to obtain the right knowledge about self-growth, positivity, planning, and research I have succeeded in spreading positive vibes and to encourage people to travel, follow their dreams, overcome from negative feelings and in some cases conquer their problems and exceed the imaginary borders that some cultures have prisoned the souls in especially the women. Now, I am well-known as a strong, adventurous woman who is not scared to try anything and with open mind to any culture, religion, and thought.

I have started my account just to share my travel experiences with friends, but my account has grown, and I become an idol for a lot of women in our Arabic region who their dreams are to be free to travel, communicate, explore and follow their dreams. I’ve been around the world many times and have had many incredible experiences with many incredible people, that has increased my desire to continue “Traveling world”.

Also, I’m a member of Economical Travel Group which has more than 225 travel influencers from GCC and member of Positive initiatives in media group which has more than 200 media related members from all the different Arab countries. I’m fond of photography that aid me to capture the incredible beauty of nature, rare moments and emotions. My dream is to continue traveling the world to witness the natural wonders, explore the hidden gems, meet the different cultures, and let the world travel through my eyes.

I’ve an insatiable desire to travel the world that could never settle through conform with the norm or an ordinary life. With that passion, I always strive to reach my audience with amazing travel experiences and itineraries that help you pack your mind and explore the different sides of the globe. Feel free to contact me media@nanotraveldiary.com


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To Nano I think that you are placed into people’s lives for a reason, sometimes i wonder how i got so lucky and what i have done to deserve a friend like you. your friendship is one of the greatest gift that i have ever recieved. I could write a book about the positive affect you have had on others, your heart is of the purest that i have ever known. Your energy and smile radiates whenever you walk through a door. The love and compassion that you shown for others is special. I'm so grateful to be affected and influence by you. You are the epitome of a beautiful human being. I hope that every person in this world has someone like you in their lives

- Marwa

A huge THANK YOU to Nano for her well reported trip in New York city. I followed her advices and tour visits and had a lot of fun, NYC really exceeded my expectations. What an EXPERIENCE!!! Good Luck Nano.

Nagham is an inspirational simple person Very humble in her way of sharing information She loves life and inside her a huge wonderful positive energy Talking with her is so nice that you don't want it to end She is a movable information treasure Her way of communication is classy and elegant like her taste of fashion


Radio Presenter

Queen Nagam you are unique as a fingerprint. Very strong women  to inspire women everywhere. Being strong is not just about physical abilities, but also emotional, intellectual, and mental strength. It may be hard for some to become a strong independent woman but with perseverance and self-confidence u have, we should all achieve it.

- Nouha Kamoun



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