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Hello, I’m Nagham, but everyone calls me Nano.

 I left my professional life in engineering to embark on a quest to discover not only the world but also myself through travel. Some may label me as crazy or a lost woman because I dared to say no to societal milestones and expectations. But I believe in forging my own path and embracing the freedom to explore life on my own terms.

With over 30 countries and 60 cities under my belt, my journey of exploration has only just begun. Through my blog and Instagram page @nanotraveldiary, I aim to provide you with glimpses of the diverse and wonderful cultures around the world. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and embrace new experiences, as travel is not just about the physical journey but also about the positive emotions and self-discovery it entails. I want you to know that travel is accessible to everyone, regardless of your budget, through good planning.

In addition to sharing my travel experiences, I also plan many trips, which gives me the opportunity to meet and connect with many of you. I believe in the power of sharing our travel stories and insights to inspire and enrich each other’s journeys.

I have also authored a book that reveals the secrets of booking tickets. This valuable resource contains insider tips and techniques to help you secure the best deals and save money on your travels. By subscribing here, you can receive a free copy of my book and unlock these invaluable insights.

I collaborate with various media outlets, including magazines, television, and radio, where I share insights about travel. Some of the platforms I’ve worked with include Al Arabiya TV and Sada Magazine. Additionally, I’m a member of the Economic Travel Group, comprising over 225 influential travel personalities from Gulf Cooperation Council countries. I’m also actively involved in positive initiatives within the media group, which consists of more than 200 members affiliated with various Arab countries.

Through my own experiences, I want to reach out to every woman and girl out there and let you know that I feel you, and I understand you. Society may try to define our paths and restrict us, but we have the power to break free from those limitations. If I can embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, then I wholeheartedly believe that you can too.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I look forward to sharing my travel adventures, tips, and lessons with you. Remember, with proper planning, travel is accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. So let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

To Every Woman

Dear beautiful soul,

I am writing this to let you know that I know you. I have been you, walked in your footsteps, and carried the weight of the same doubts and limitations that have been heaped upon you. I have heard the echoes of “you can’t,” felt the pressure to conform to roles not of my choosing, and believed the words that attempted to confine my dreams.

I have been told I am destined solely for marriage and motherhood, as if that’s the only path to fulfill my purpose. I have tasted the bitterness of betrayal, the sting of deception, and the mental and physical toll they take. I have endured the harassment, the degradation, and the disrespect that so many have normalized.

Age limitations, they say – as if the years should dictate what we can achieve and when we should achieve it. But through it all, I’ve learned that I am not defined by these limitations or the voices that aim to enforce them. I am defined by the strength that courses through my veins, by the fire in my heart, and the unyielding spirit that refuses to bow down.

I didn’t just break through the screams echoing in my head; I shattered them with my own voice. I filled the once-haunting silence with the echoes of my determination, my dreams, and my unwavering belief in myself. And as I write these words to you, I want you to know that you have that same power within you.

Yes, my journey is still a work in progress, and the road ahead is uncertain. But the difference is, now I walk that road with my head held high, surrounded by the echoes of my own voice and the voices of those who stand beside me.

You are not alone in this. Remember that you are not defined by their expectations, their limitations, or their attempts to dim your light. You are defined by your resilience, your strength, and your unapologetic pursuit of your own path.

With unwavering solidarity,

Nagham Badawi