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Cruises are one of the most beautiful, exciting and adventurous types of trips. It is natural if you are going to experience a cruise for the first time in life to be afraid and nervous. This is a very normal thing, because it is your first trip. The cruise is amazing and suits all categories of travelers from couples to friends to families, it suits all types and is a wonderful experience for everyone and the unforgettable cruise remains firmly in the memory, because of the scenic views you see and the delicious food you eat on board the ship. In addition, to the comfort you feel in your room all the way to the fun and the beautiful time you spend with your family or friends, according to those who accompanied you in this wonderful experience, and do not forget that you will make new friends through your trip on the boat. Do not forget, because the first experience is difficult and anxious. So I will show you in this article the most important tips that will help you overcome difficulties and make your journey easy, enjoyable and simple:



1. Make sure you bring the required documents:

In order to participate in the cruise you will need to check-in and this registration is relatively similar to taking a ride or taking an international train like Eurostar in Europe. If you are going on an international cruise you will need a passport and you may also need a visa and vaccination certificates so make sure you know the documents required well in advance of the cruise so that you do not get into embarrassing situations and if you do not know what documents are required your cruise company will be able To help you in that if there is any confusion or loss of information and most importantly remember to bring all these documents with you, otherwise you may be refused boarding and face embarrassing situations, so to avoid all this remember to bring these documents.




2. Choose the old cruise ships:

All ships are not equal in terms of cost, each of them has its own cost. In order to save money, choose old cruise ships, they are much cheaper than modern ones, to the extent that they may be 50% cheaper than modern ships, so to save money, choose old cruise ships and you will not lose some of the non-existent features In old ships like an ice skating rink, but it is not one of your travel essentials, so no problem, because by doing so, you will save yourself a lot of money.




3. Make sure you get on board early or after everyone has arrived:

Departure day All passengers get on board in order to prepare for departure. Some cruise companies may offer you an early departure for an additional fee such as Carnival Cruises (Carnival’s Faster to the Fun package) which enables you to board the ship before most other passengers if you have accessibility requirements (eg if you are wheelchair bound) You can ask your sailing itinerary to pre-set your room and allow you to board early so you have time to settle down and this can usually be done at no extra charge. It always gets crowded and rushes on the day of departure and if you haven’t otherwise arranged for early boarding you can avoid crowds and queues either by coming extra early in the day or sitting in a little café for a coffee or some food while everyone else is on board you’re free Check-in. It is best to make sure you are at the port of departure at least one day before the cruise ship departs. This usually means that you spend the night in a hotel somewhere near the port in the evening before the day of departure to avoid crowds.



4. Don’t bring too many clothes:

Gather all the clothes you feel comfortable and choose half of them to take with you. Don’t take them all because you won’t need all of them. You only need half as many cruises these days are casual and you really need a few clothes to move around during the trip. From ships to rooftop laundries where you can run a load or two of laundry every few days. This laundry may cost you quite a bit, but to pay that little is better than bringing a giant bag full of clothes you won’t need and you’ll need to make room in your bag for all the little treasures you’ll find along the way.




5. Pack a bathing suit in your handbag to keep you nearby:

In most cases the porter working with the line will move your luggage away from you and they will be delivered to your room later in the day. It’s a nice and convenient idea. It also means that you may not be able to reach your luggage for many hours on your first day on the ship so make sure you pack anything you think you might need in those early hours of the cruise in your carry-on bag like medicine, phone charger, Plus, a bathing suit, sunscreen, and other items will let you head straight to the pool deck to start the fun.




6. Bring your own power adapter to give you more ports:

Phones, iPads and laptops seem to be on the list of things you’ll bring and need to plug in and use them during your trip and many cruise ship cabins have limited outlets so bring your own power adapter to allow you more ports. The good news is that new ships are being built with more power outlets however we suggest bringing an adapter or two to increase the number of sockets available.




7. Bring your own water bottle:

A bottle of water can cost you $4 so one of our best tips for cruises is to bring your own water bottle All cruise lines have large dispensers of ice and water (also free lemonade and iced tea) so you just need to bring your own water bottle and you can fill it up for free Water tastes great and using your own bottle saves the environment plus works great with outlets too.






8. Get some sunscreen:

There is one of the shops on the ship that has basic supplies of toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. If you forget anything you will find what you forgot and they also have sunscreen and aloe vera but it is very expensive so make sure to bring sunscreen to avoid paying money that you don’t need to pay. Sunscreen is $20 at the cruise ship shop, while at the brand store it’s $8, so bring it with you to save $12 on your budget.





9. Beach Towel Towels:

The idea of ​​the tongs is unpopular for some because some passengers put their beach towels on and try to mark their area and then leave all day which essentially deprives other guests of the opportunity to use the chair at the time they leave so if you bring the towel clamps, don’t be one of those people. Beach towel tongs can also be very useful. The pool and decks on a cruise ship can be very windy on sea days as the presence of clips prevents towels from blowing all over the place or in the ocean.



10. Leave the hair dryer at home:

Many passengers bring their own hair dryer and are shocked that there is a hair dryer all over the ship from cabins to bathrooms to salons even in bedrooms, so save a lot of space in your luggage and do not bring a hair dryer with you because it will take up a lot of space in your bag and you will not need it at all.





11. Don’t share a “buffet” on your first day:

The ship administration opens a buffet for passengers on the day of departure and all passengers will go to this buffet. You can imagine the crowding rate that occurs because of the large number of people heading to the buffet, so your decision to go to the buffet and share the passengers is a very bad decision. All you have to do is to skip participation and eat your food in a restaurant ship to avoid congestion. Most of the passengers will be this first experience for them, so they will be happy with everything that the ship management offers.





12. Put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off completely:

There are a lot of embarrassing stories about cruise passengers who forgot to turn off their phone data and then found out when they got home that they had huge bills for international roaming that’s why in order to avoid this payment you should either turn off your phone completely or turn it on in airplane mode so that it doesn’t It uses data but you can still connect to wi-fi. It’s the simplest way to make sure there are no big surprises when you get your next phone bill.





13. Use the stairs instead of the elevator:

If the ship consists of three floors, use the stairs instead of the elevator, with thousands of people on a cruise ship, the elevators can sink, causing stops on every deck up and down. This means that the elevator may take some time to reach your floor so take the stairs Because it is much faster than the elevator because of the congestion of its use by people, and using the stairs may also benefit you by burning extra calories in your body, so be sporty and save a lot of time and use the stairs.




14. Join the cruise line group on Facebook:

Here is another great place to get ideas on what to do in ports and on ships and what to bring with you on your cruise. These groups are Facebook groups dedicated to specific lines and in these pages you will find thousands of cruise enthusiasts who are often very willing to answer questions About their favorite line, ships, itineraries and destinations on the itineraries and you can become one of their friends and meet them and get to know them they are very nice in addition they serve you permanently and do not complain about questions. Feel free to join these groups.





15. Head to the rooftop pool on the day of departure:

When your cruise ship departs, cruise liners head straight to this pool so they can take part in the exhilarating and fun traditions of “sailing party” so all you have to do is catch up and join them and join them because this moment truly brings everyone together and fills you with excitement about adventure The amazing you are about to share with them. These are very magical and beautiful moments so don’t miss them.






16. Get ready for the shoot:

Your picture will likely be taken at some point during your trip and first travelers are often surprised to find a photographer in the middle of their gourmet dinner snapping pictures of their smiling face so be prepared for the picture. As a base, cruise ships hire professional photographers to walk around the ship during the voyage to take pictures of the guests enjoying themselves at each location. If you reject this idea of ​​photography, you can tell the photographer I do not want to photograph me, thank you and he will definitely understand you and not take pictures of you.




17. Use hand sanitizers and wash your hands often:

One of the famous cruise ship diseases is gastroenteritis that causes the imbalance known as “Norovirus” because closed cruise ships have a large number of people in close proximity to each other and share meals This provides a near perfect environment for the spread of Norovirus so Norovirus can spread quickly Relatively through cruise ships, it can haunt your body for days. Help yourself and other passengers get rid of norovirus by using hand sanitizer before and after meals and regularly throughout the day. It goes without saying that you should wash your hands regularly as well so keep your hygiene to help yourself and those around you from this virus.




18. Be aware of how you manage your room:

On most ships room service runs during the day so whatever you can ask for your room will be in the day so be sure to ask your room attendant for extra towels if needed, extra soap, more tea and coffee and ‘egg foam’ (don’t worry if you don’t You hear this, they will know what you mean, put this foam on your bed to make it more comfortable) It is normal that you have not heard of it before because it is your first trip and experience.




19. Pay for your cruise as slowly as possible:

You will always pay a deposit when you first book your cruise but some people choose to pay for the entire cruise at once. Sure it feels great to know that your cruise has been bought up and paid for in full but it also puts you at risk if there is a drop in fares. You probably know that cruise lines adjust fares like airlines when you make a deposit you can call the cruise line if you see a price drop and ask them for the lowest price. Not paying for the entire trip actually gives you some leverage as you can cancel and rebook at a lower rate and if you’ve already paid for the entire trip you’ll lose some of those cash cuts (don’t worry, though. Even if that happens you can still call the cruise line and ask The lower price you may get paid for the difference as internal credit).




20. Do whatever you want to do:

Every evening you will be given a detailed schedule for the next day and a summary of each port, the port briefing is usually nothing more than a list of stores that have a financial relationship with the company but it contains a map which is very useful. You can take part in the midnight buffet, join in bingo, participate in karaoke and many other activities but accept that you will never be able to do everything on the cruise ship so don’t try. If this is your first time on a cruise then you should do whatever you want whenever you want because it is quite simply your vacation.





21. Download the cruise app:

There are now a growing number of lines that you can download to your smartphone before you set sail, and the apps vary in what they offer, but many of them will show you a list of your daily activities and all the things you’ve booked. Few of them order drinks and other things wherever you are and best of all, the apps will work on the plane even if you don’t pay for the Wi-Fi package.




22. Eat all the food you want:

Always remember that you are on a cruise ship so you can eat exactly what you want if you don’t like the dining room go to Lido and if you don’t like any of them you have to do room service but if you see many things you crave like not being able to choose between lobster or filet mignon So why not get both. In the dining room (or anywhere else on the ship) you are not limited to one entree. The size of the appetizers and appetizers may be smaller than you are used to so go for the nuts option and order several appetizers and always remember you are on vacation on a cruise ship.




23. Take a walk instead of taking a taxi:

When you get off the ship and are chased for taxis and to buy souvenirs, don’t give up if you want to save your money. If you want to get a good deal for your budget, just walk a few blocks into the city, the taxis there don’t charge myself each taxi driver has his own fare so take a break from all that payment and walk.






24. Treat your staff with respect:

One of the issues that many first-timers encounter on cruises is how to treat the crew. You should always be friendly with the crew in the sense that you get to know them and chat with them and be nice to them at all times if you see them around you Cruise ship employees are chosen for their excellent interpersonal skills and most of them love the job they do because it enables them to meet new people so don’t be afraid From laughing with them or approaching any questions or needs you may have because they are very friendly and gentle.




25. Shopping on board:

Most cruise ships have greatly expanded their onboard shopping offerings in recent years. She spent the days of the one-stop shop selling T-shirts and sundries. These days most ships offer small malls with many boutique stores including ladies and gents stores, tech store, jewelry store, watch store and regular tobacco shop. According to the experience of those who are accustomed to ship travel, the prices of clothes and luxury items (handbags, watches, jewelry and women’s clothing) are significantly overpriced compared to the prices of stores outside the ship. While the ubiquitous “gold by inch” displays appear to be a good value, they are “gold-plated” and thus a bad deal. Therefore, pay attention to what you buy before you buy, and there is no shame in comparing prices between inside the ship and outside the ship.



26. Be careful when you go out to the balcony:

You should know that your private balcony is your private but not obscured from other guests in other words that all guests can see your balcony so don’t go out naked from the shower to the balcony because all the guests can see you so try to close the curtains if you don’t like to see you People in your room. If this is your first cruise, you should be aware that your balcony is a point of view for other guests.





27. Keep the cabin window closed when you are not in it:

This is to keep your belongings and belongings from being stolen. The best way is to keep your cabin window closed when you leave the cabin. In addition, closing the window when you are outside your cabin will prevent the wind from destroying your baggage and cabin items. Strong winds there are enough to destroy all your belongings. Another benefit of closing the window is to maintain room temperature, especially when navigating in the tropics, when your cabin will heat up or become very humid. For these reasons, close your window when you leave the room.



28. Start your day on your balcony:

Advice from all cruise travelers All you have to do to have a nice and beautiful day is to start your day by eating breakfast on the balcony of your cabin and enjoy the wonderful and enchanting views that take your breath away from its beauty and splendor, so you should take the advice of those who are used to cruises and start your day from your balcony.




29. Turn on the TV to see the bill:

In order to keep up with your bill on board, all you have to do is turn on your TV and thus keep up with your bill and know how much you will pay and why.






30. Involve your children with the little ones shows:

Ship management offers events like slumber parties and children’s movie nights to keep the younger members of your family entertained so if you’re worried about the effects of sharing a suite with the whole family you can always attend a few of these kid-friendly events so everyone in the family can have a little fun. It is time to themselves and your children can form new relationships from new friends. Another option offered on a cruise is to have a qualified staff member take care of your children in your room and keep your children entertained while you and your woman go to adult shows or attend a specific event.



31. Always be informed of current events:

Cruise ships issue daily newsletters that keep guests up to date with upcoming offers, shore excursions, fun little facts about places to visit, restaurant specials, new cocktails and a little information about birthdays or anniversaries for upcoming guests. If you have a news item that you would like to include in this daily newsletter, simply contact a member of our staff.



32. Bring a coat:

To avoid the cold and strong cold winds, do not forget to bring your coat with you so that you are not exposed to cold and cold winds. Did you know that even the tropics have cold nights sometimes in addition to the cold winds, so you can bypass and avoid all that by bringing a coat? Don’t hesitate.





33. Do not be late to board the ship:

When you’re out on a beach expedition or just generally exploring the restaurants at an exciting cruise destination, time can be too easy to pass like a sword You get late to board as cruise ships have to plan their timing according to the tides and weather patterns so ships will wait a short time but eventually leave when you are too late to show up.






34. Do not leave the ship:

When your ship docks at a new port there is usually an enthusiastic scramble as passengers prepare for their scheduled voyages on their own schedule or simply get ready to savor that dry land, sightseeing and exotic restaurant meals they have been craving. So they leave the ship and go to the discoveries, which causes a big crowd when they return to the ship, so to avoid crowding, stay on the ship and do not leave it.





35. Be sure to attend the ships show:

Cruise ships pride themselves on the quality of their offerings and these shows can attract talents from all over the world so as a result you can always expect the cruise ship deals to be absolutely excellent and highlight your stay. Plus, the deals will be included in your ticket price so you have no excuse to miss it. Performances can include everything from stunning musicals with professional staff to dramas and moody songs, dance events and chamber orchestras are also popular fixtures for cruise ships and there will always be plenty of family-friendly options for travelers with children.






36. Make new friends:

The time you spend on a cruise ship is a very special time and you can make some of the best friends you’ve ever had while traveling in this special way and you can meet people at a show or just sit in the bar or restaurant feel free to make new friends on board Ship because many new friends on board will remain your friends for the rest of your life.





37. Don’t Miss The Sunset:

The sunset at sea is one of the most beautiful things you will experience in your life, so know the time of day when the sun sets and make sure you are standing at your cabin window, on your balcony, or on the deck (weather permitting) so you can see it for yourself. You will surely regret if you spend all the wonderful sunset indoors in the bar, restaurant or game hall. Many cruise ships will let you enjoy your meal on deck as the sun sets or sip a cocktail as the skies explode in a riot of color before dusk is the perfect start to a fun night on the cruise ship.



38. Don’t be a cause of trouble:

If you cause trouble on the ship you are at risk of deportation especially if you are drunk and erratic, get into a fight, get caught during theft, or cause problems while on board, be aware that you risk being removed from the cruise At the next port you and your luggage will be picked up from the cruise ship and will need an alternative flight, train or boat to get back home. This can be very inconvenient and very embarrassing for you so the solution is quite obvious First Have a clear drink Second Don’t be aggressive Third Don’t be rude to the staff or other guests Fourth Don’t commit any crimes while on board.





39. Hire a travel agent to book the cruise:

Given the complexity of booking a cruise, there are a lot of decisions to be made during the booking process so I advise you to use an experienced travel agent who specializes in cruises to help you arrange things. A good travel agent will test your own interests, travel style and preferences and direct you to the cruise line, ship, itinerary and cabin that is perfect for you. He can also help you if something goes wrong before, during or after your flight In addition, travel agents can often get extra onboard credit and other perks you might not be able to get by booking directly with a line.





40. Keep travel insurance in mind:

The seas are not always smooth when it comes to sailing or any type of travel, sometimes you may need to cancel your cruise in advance due to sudden onset of illness or you may get sick during the cruise and need emergency medical care and your trip to your ship may be canceled and you miss leaving the ship. These types of things can happen for emergencies and they are all among the situations where you might benefit from getting travel insurance. So keep travel insurance in mind in case one of the emergencies we mentioned happens.




41. Don’t book your cabin near the elevator:

When choosing a room on your first cruise you may want to steer clear of those near the lifts, above nightclubs and other late night places as they can be noisy at times and cabins just below the pool deck and near the anchor can also be a problem as well as cabins near Casinos so choose your room away from them.






42. Pay in US dollars:

Don’t worry if you don’t have pesos or any other local currency because at the cruise ports US dollars are widely accepted (and often preferred). This is a big help for cruise passengers who don’t have to worry about having different currencies and credit cards are also accepted in many places, but you definitely want to use cash for most transactions.





43. Credit cards are accepted at outlets but contact your company first:

Credit cards are accepted especially in the tourist areas of coastal cities but it is still best to pay for most things in cash but if you decide to use your card make sure to contact your credit card company first. Their system might alert fraud to see a card used in three different outlets in three days which leads them to freeze your account if they don’t know what’s going on. You have to let them know.



44. Beaches are free ways to enjoy the day:

If you don’t want to spend money on excursions that’s perfectly understandable so I’m going to give you a free way to enjoy the coastal towns and save some money and that is to head to the beach. Each port will have some exclusive beach clubs with hammocks and drinks service but they usually charge an entrance fee so instead do some research (or ask a taxi) where the free beaches are. You may have to deal with more people but nothing beats spending a day at a world class beach without spending a dime.




45. Don’t Buy Cheap Pool Slippers:

Do you know those cheap rubber slippers that you can get for just a few bucks? They serve their purpose but don’t wear them around the pool because these sandals are famous for their underfoot feel if they have any wear at all all it takes is one wrong step on the deck of a smooth ship to land so Instead, find a pair of slippers that have a decent tread so that you don’t slip even if you step right into a puddle of water.




46. ​​Don’t Sail Your Journey Without a Vaccine:

On some cruises if you want to board the ship you will need to show proof of vaccination, but regardless of whether or not it is required you must get vaccinated to sail because it not only protects you from getting sick but also protects other passengers and the ports visited . If that’s not enough, cruise lines currently charge non-vaccinated passengers a strict testing fee that can add hundreds to the cost of your cruise.






47. Use the safe in your room:

Although it is not perfect but it is better than nothing. Unfortunately we live in a world where you have to be careful with your valuables because theft happens even on cruises. Each cabin comes with an in-room safe which you have to use when you leave the room, perfect for storing extra cash, electronics, passports and more important things. It’s by no means perfect but the safe helps protect you from any “fit in” offenses where someone intercepts an item just because it’s left out in the open.




48. Be careful of the sun in the tropics:

Don’t underestimate how quickly you can burn out from the Caribbean sun because it can take 20-30 minutes for a home to start burning. More direct rays close to the equator can do the same damage in only half the time. The bad thing is that if you get sunburned, it can put you off work for several days, hampering your cruise. Instead, the best thing you can do is prevent a burn by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and applying plenty of sunscreen.




49. Reserve your cabin in the middle of the ship:

Try to get a cabin in the middle of the ship at a lower altitude, because if the ship gets seasick, the ship can swing and physically if the ship swings, the middle of the ship will be safer than the rest of the ship, which will help you feel better when the seas are a little rough.






50. Eat a green apple if you get seasick:

Green apples are a natural remedy for seasickness, which is why you’ll often find them at the buffet so get one or two the next time you feel nauseous and give them a try. They are very useful.







51. Take a free tour of the tourist resorts:

The spa is a major focus on a cruise ship where you’ll see promotions and advertisements for services throughout your cruise, so if you’re interested in spending time there, but aren’t sure if you want to spend the money take a tour. The spas on board will be happy to show you where and let you get an idea of ​​what you can expect if you decide to visit for a service.





52. Be aware that the place is monitored by technical cameras:

We are used to seeing security cameras everywhere in life but ships take it to another level and there are security cameras that monitor every public area of ​​major cruise ships. Don’t think that you will be able to sneak in and do something you shouldn’t. Of course, your private rooms, bathrooms and spas are not monitored, but the rest of the ship is constantly monitored.





53. Reserve your room at the end of the ship:

The beginning and middle of the ship are often noisy, so to avoid this noise choose your room at the far end of the ship. So to find a quieter place in the cabin look towards the ends of the ship as there will be less foot traffic in the rooms at the ends of the terminals, which means less noise from pedestrians.






54. Don’t be annoying:

The walls of the rooms are close to the distance, so do not make loud noises, as they may disturb your neighbors, especially in the late night. embarrassment.







55. Put a note on the door of your room:

When you reach the floor of your room, you will be surprised that the door of your room is repeated as far as your eyes can see, so that you do not get lost and do not know which one of them is your room door. Get lost because this sign will tell you that this is your door.







56. Do not be afraid of the morgue:

If you are on a larger ship there will likely be a mortuary on board. It’s actually a good idea if you think about it, because cruise ships carry thousands of people 365 days a year, so one of the people on board can die, with the morgue on board they can keep the body in good shape until they reach port.





57. Be aware that your itinerary is not fixed:

It is normal for your flight path to be fixed, but some things may happen that make your flight path change, such as weather conditions. Sometimes the captain is forced to change his path due to bad weather, so if something like this happens, you do not need to be afraid at all.



58. Bring walkie-talkies:

Walkie-talkies can help you keep in touch on board because it can be difficult to keep in touch with the rest of your travel group. For example, if you let your teenage kids go around the ship all day, how do you tell them it’s time for dinner? It is not the best solution, the signal may be bad, but it will not be bad all the time, so there is no problem in bringing these devices.





59. Get a portable fan:

Each room comes with a thermostat and this regulator is just for looks because imagine there are 2,000 rooms what does 2,000 thermostats are working? It is unbelievable, so temperatures may rise and you feel hot, so in order for this heat not to affect you and your sleeping hours, bring a portable fan with you to cool the air.






60. Ask for everything for your own convenience / Don’t be shy:

Cruise lines want you to be comfortable and enjoy your vacation so if there is anything that would make your trip more enjoyable feel free to ask about it. This goes for fresh blankets, pillows, towels and anything else you can think of just like a five star hotel and a cruise ship has all the amenities you can think of once you order it away. So ask and don’t be shy.





61. Every morning take a picture of the ship’s daily chart:

If you’re out of your room wondering about upcoming activities, you don’t want to carry the full daily newsletter with that day’s schedule so instead it’s easy for you to take a picture of the daily planner on your phone or camera. This way you have a copy of the schedule with you without having to carry the newsletter or go back to the cabin to see what’s going on. You can also download a cruise line app like the Carnival Hub app, which lists everything that happens on that day and much more.




62. Take a picture of your home and email address:

Take pictures of your home and your email address on your phone or camera because if you lose them or lose them, and whoever finds them had high morals when he opens your phone or camera, he will find pictures of your house and your email, which will help him reach you and return the camera to you. It is not a perfect plan, but it may benefit you by 50%, so do not underestimate it.






63. Always pack a bundle of dollar denominations for the tip:

The cruise industry relies on your generosity to help pay its service staff which is why you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to tipping (from baggage handlers to room service waiters to casino waitresses) so you’ll need to shell out a few bucks whenever they provide you with good service. We suggest bringing about $20 and carrying a few with you wherever you go. This way you always have a few singles with you to guide you instead of having an awkward “I’ll tip you later” conversation so don’t hold back.




64. Expect the death of several people:

It is normal for many passengers to die with you on board the ship, so there is no need to panic, either in a heart attack or fall from the ship, drowning or a natural death, so there is no need to panic, especially since some cruises remain on the road for about a year, so it is normal for some deaths among passengers. So expect it.





65. Participate in game offers on board to get free things:

The best way to get some free stuff is to take part in the game shows in the trip because it has a lot of fun and a feeling of winning. In game shows (including the newlyweds game requires some audience participation and not everyone can join but if you are selected you will always get some kind of prize at the end. It’s not a big thing maybe a t-shirt and gift certificate for the gift shop but it’s the best way to get something for free On your cruise, it’s nice to feel like winning.





66. Download Netflix:

Nothing is nicer than relaxing and watching TV after a long day in the port but unfortunately the cruise lines don’t offer much in the way of TV stations you won’t get the basic channels you would expect only a few news stations and maybe two movie channels and two animation channels. Favorites like ESPN and other cable stations are usually not available which is why Netflix and other services are life savers. Pre-download your favorite shows (so you can watch offline) and catch up on your shows.




67. Go to guest services late at night or early in the morning to avoid the lines of congestion:

What a huge line you see in the middle of the ship at the beginning and end of the cruise, don’t be surprised it’s the line to talk to guest services. It’s always hard to deal with settling things with your account on board but this is something you have to do every once in a while. If you have to speak to Guest Services, plan your visit either later in the evening or early in the morning because at these times the line is almost non-existent so you can speak to a rep right away. (Guest services are open 24 hours a day during the flight). You can also buy perks like Carnival’s Faster to the Fun to save time if you don’t want to be bothered with going on off hours.




68. Make sure your watch is set with the ship’s timing:

Depending on where you’re sailing, there will be a difference between ship time and actual time on shore. So if you don’t get back to the ship in time you may be left in port. To make things easier just make sure that your watch is set to the ship’s time when you land in port. This way you are matched to the ship’s schedule and don’t risk missing a return time.




69. Always wait for people to get out of the elevator:

If you are waiting for the elevator and there are people in it, it is etiquette to stand aside and wait for people to come out of the elevator so that you do not get in their way and people see you behaving inappropriately, so to avoid this look, all you have to do is stand by the elevator and wait for people to come out and then go up to it. By doing this people will see you fit and will be very grateful to you.






70. You can take everything out of the mini-fridge to have a refrigerator in the room:

Your ship’s cabin may come with a fully stocked mini fridge and the items inside count after you leave so if you want to use the fridge you can just set everything up (or ask your room attendant to empty it) and use it to keep your drinks and food cold. Just be sure to return everything or you will be charged for whatever is missing.







71. Always wear your walking shoes when in the port:

It’s hot in the Caribbean and you’ll be surprised how tired your feet will feel if you’re just walking around in “slippers” so instead bring a pair of your most comfortable walking shoes or a pair of water shoes that provide extra support. Your feet will thank you for it at the end of the day because by doing so, you will be resting.







72. Take photos for the memory:

Throughout the ship there are photographers distributed on the ship, so ask someone to take a picture of you and take the picture with you for a little money and put it in a cover, you will be very happy with it when you return because it will be a beautiful memory that reminds you of the beautiful moments of the trip, so do not hesitate to ask for a picture.






73. Learn the language of sailing:

At first, you will be shocked, but this is true. There is a special language and vocabulary for sailing, such as Muster Drill, Port side, Starboard, Lido Deck, so try to learn these vocabulary and do not call the ship a boat. This will anger the ship management, so you have to memorize some sailing vocabulary and do not say boat Start.






74. Bargaining is acceptable:

If you like something or an item in one of the shops on the ship, it is acceptable to haggle the merchant on the price, especially the merchants in the Caribbean, they expect that you will haggle the price, so if you feel that one of the items is expensive, you can haggle on the price, no problem at all.





75. Don’t get nervous on the formal night:

Many passengers get nervous on the official night and are confused about what to wear in formal and casual clothes. The answer is simply it is up to you, but if you want to relax your mind, you can ask the review lines which dress will be appropriate. But most likely not a problem with the dress but ask better review lines.







76. Find a quiet place:

One needs to sit quietly with himself in order to review his moments and famous the calmness of life, so it is nice to look for a beautiful and quiet spot on the ship overlooking the sea. negativity from your body.




77. Make a chart:

It is not wrong to make a plan to discover the ship and to have a good time. You can also make a plan for your food, for example, you can make a plan for foods that you have never tasted in your life. It is nice to discover new foods that you have not tasted before, and if you have children, you can also make a plan for your children So that they do not get bored.



78. Stay away from mobile:

In the sense that do not let the mobile steal your moments of discovery and the time of your enjoyment, because the mobile steals your time. You feel this theft and the timing of the trip is passing by. Do not let this time pass in vain, so take advantage of every moment you have on board the ship.





79. Watch out for falls:

Recently, a lot of news has been published about people who have fallen into the sea, so be aware and prohibit every step you take so that you do not fall as many people have fallen. Always remember to follow the laws and prohibitions set by the administration.






80. Learn from this journey:

After completing your trip, go home and sit down and find out what you learned from this trip? What did they learn from the people you met? You must learn and develop because of the trips you take. Each trip has its own lesson and its own wisdom. Even the negative things that happened with you are lessons for you, so do not complain, but accept the bad things in a sporting spirit.




There were many and many tips, so I tried to collect for you the most important tips that you will definitely need on your cruise, so I hope that these tips will be in the right place and you will benefit from them. I hope your journey is safe and smooth and always remember to be grateful that you are traveling by land or sea, as travel is the biggest dream of some. I hope the article was useful and you benefited from it.



Translated By: Nasser Al Turk

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