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Before hitting the road to our destination, we firstly think about gifts/ souvenirs to bring with us for our beloved ones. While travelling, buying gifts might be as exciting as annoying sometimes. The most important thing is to ask ourselves if the souvenirs are transportable, customs free, affordable and be able to determine for whom it is going to be given.

Here are the top 5 things you don’t have to miss to show the persons you cherish the most that you’re thinking about them even during your journey

1. Fridge magnets

It’s the most classical gift indeed, who doesn’t have a covered fridge all the way from many cities in the world? It is cheap (cost between 1 to 10 euros), easy to pack whether in your pocket, luggage, backpack, etc. Otherwise, if you plan to take more than 10, it could exceed the price of the flight in low-cost companies itself. It remain anyway the simplest way to bring a part of the visited country in the most typical way.



2.Local Food / products

Turkish Delight

When in turkey, you could not miss the Turkish delights, while in Belgium you can’t stand their refined chocolate, while in Morocco try to bring with you some Moroccan almond sweet treats, In japan, do not forget to bring with you Kitkat original flavors.

In each country you will find their local food which might be a super idea to offer when back to your home town, it could be traditional cheese, jams, tea, honey etc (it suits to your colleagues, friends, family).


3. Mugs

Handmade Mugs

It’s an easy way to be sure to have a reminder of your trip daily! While drinking a hot coffee or tea all the memories come back to the mind. It is also budget friendly and don’t take much space in your luggage

It would be great also if you find handmade mugs , or specific mugs to the destination country , like in srilanka you can buy mugs made from cinnamon tree that will always have the cinnamon smell in it .


4. Money / coins

it could be a sweet gift for coin collectors or simply a way to keep the trip in mind via keeping the coins of each visited country.

5.Hand made country specific products

It could be towels, key ring with miniatures of the monuments, Tee-shirts (a popular one!), jewelry, ceramic pots, or any other product specific to each country/nation. It does not cost very much and has a big value since it illustrate authentically the visited country. It is also possible to customize / personalize them for a better experience.


Most countries in the world you will find an art that is specified to this country , like rice paper paintings in Cambodia , or African paintings in South Africa , or tailored paintings in Vietnam made by war victims . what is unique in those paintings is that they reflect the culture, they are unique you wont find them in another country and the are light (because mostly they are sold without frame )

7.Spa Products made with a specific ingredients

Through wandering the world you will notice that each country has a specific oils , or flowers or spices that they produce with it a unique products for body and face care . like lemon soaps in almafi coast in Italy , white tea products in srilanka ,  or  moroccan argan oil face creams

8.Spices or Food cooking books

If you have people love cooking, they would love to get a cultural spices from the world to try in their food recipes or get a specific country cooking book to enlarge their food variations that they make


Finally, whatever gift you bring with you try to be creative and respect a defined budget before travelling because sometimes bringing gifts may cost more than the fee of the plane itself not to mention the heavy luggage you might be obliged to afford consequently.


Rime Benhajji

Moroccan Content Writer and  phd holder in international taxation and have also 2 masters degree in finance.Rime also like traveling , adventures, collecting coins and Google mapping ( a régional expert).


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