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1. Free WalkingTours Free Tour in Istanbul Turkey — #1

There are many guides who offer free walking trips to tourists, and if you like their service, you can give them a tip as a thank you and gratefulness for the service they provided.

Some of these tours require prior reservation, but also many of them require you only to show up at the site at the scheduled date and location. For example, in Sultan Ahmed Park, at 10: 30 am , you can find most of these trips gatherings and they carry a sign that says Freewalking tour

Below some of the websites that provide all the tours and information related to free walking tours in istanbul

2.A walk in Yildiz Park

افضل 8 انشطة في حديقة يلدز اسطنبول تركيا - رحلاتك

Yildiz Park

This beautiful park is located in the heart of Istanbul, it can be accessed upon ferries from the Asian side, and you will probably enjoy a lot of scenes of old Ottoman houses, scenic paths, flowers, duck ponds and tree-covered hills, and in fact Yildiz is a wonderful place for a picnic and relaxation for tourists and locals .

3. Visit Istanbul Modern 

Istanbul Modern Museum is one of Istanbul’s most important axes for contemporary art by local and international artists, and it is an essential experience for art lovers. It’s also easy to know that entry is free every Thursday, so you can spend an entire day gazing at Beautiful art without paying cash

4. Enjoy the Byzantine architecture in Zeyrek Mosque

أين يقع حي بلاط اسطنبول وكيفية الوصول اليه؟ | تورنا


The Zeyrek Cami Mosque is located on the foot of a hill overlooking the Golden Horn in Fatih district, and it is the second largest religious structure built by the Byzantines and still standing in Istanbul, as it consists of three buildings, including a wonderful mosque with a distinctive engineering architecture that always attracts tourists.

5.A tour of Balat and Fanar neighborhood

You can spend an entire day wandering around Balat and Fanar without spending any money, they are one of the most colorful and historical neighborhoods in Istanbul. Gaze at the beautiful Phanar Greek Orthodox College building, light a candle at St George’s Chapel, and check out the beautiful Bulgarian St. Stephen’s Church by the water, as well as the many beautiful Balat homes that once belonged to the city’s bourgeois Greek Orthodox families.

افضل 10 انشطة في جراند بازار اسطنبول تركيا - رحلاتك

Grand Bazar

6.Walk around the old souks

Istanbul is famous for its old and roofed markets, and these markets are distinguished by their originality and the urban art of the shops inside and among these markets

  • Grand Bazaar (Grand Bazaar): Built in the 15th century, it includes more than 3 thousand shops and kiosks that sell jewelry, leather products, souvenirs and scarves in a distinctive historical fragrance.
  • Beaumont Market: Around 200 stalls selling everything from old cameras, clothing, watches, electronics, books, and crockery

  • The Egyptian Spice Market: Although it is smaller than the Grand Bazaar, many locals prefer to shop between the corners of the Egyptian Market which is located near the port of Eminonu, where they come to buy high quality spices, sweets, dried fruits and nuts, and a wide range of other food items. , In addition to antiques and gifts, at a cheaper price than the Grand Bazaar

7.Meet the locals at Ortakoy Square

مسجد أورتاكوي في مضيق البوسفور - المسافرون إلى تركيا

Ortakoy mosque

Head to Ortakoy Square to get to know the locals closely, where there are old restaurants and cafes, as well as the famous Mosque, which overlooks the Bosphorus waterfront, and is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the city

8.Discover Turkish art in Salt Galata

Local residents usually head to the Salt Galata building, which is an innovative institution that was first introduced on the art scene in Istanbul at the beginning of 2011, and it not just a museum, architectural institution or exhibition, but the place always keeps pace with the biggest changes that are currently taking place on the art scene in Istanbul, It hosts exhibitions and conferences, participates in interdisciplinary research projects, and contains a library and archive for public use.

9. Enjoy modern art and tea at the Dogancay Museum

يLocated in the Beyoglu district, this wonderful building of the Dogankai Museum, which includes a small part of Ghazir Burhan’s works, is considered one of the leading artists in Turkey, there you can have free afternoon tea every day from 3-5 in the evening.

10. Visit Zeyrek Mosque

مسجد زیرک کجاست | عکس + آدرس و هر آنچه پیش از رفتن باید بدانید - کجارو

Zeyrek Mosque

The Turkish city of Istanbul includes hundreds of historical mosques, each with its own history and decoration of the era in which it was founded, but some of the few mosques there were originally a church and then turned into a mosque, including the Zeyrek Camii mosque, located on the outskirts of the Gulf, In the city of “Astana”, “Ataturk Street”, in the “Zirk” neighborhood, it is one of the mosques that a church originated from, and it was built over two Greek Orthodox churches, after the conquest of Constantinople.

11.Art Galleries on İstiklal Street

Art galleries are always free and therefore a great activity for the budget-conscious among us. In Istanbul you’ll find a lot of the city’s best art galleries right on İstiklal street, including the famous Mısır Apartmanı, a beautiful art-nouveau apartment building that has a different art gallery on every floor, including Galeri ZilbermanGalerist, and Galeri Nev. A little bit further down İstiklal, Arter is another great contemporary art gallery whose exhibitions are always worth a look.

12.Pera Museum

متحف بيرا في تركيا - المسافرون إلى تركيا متحف بيرا

Pera Museum

A private museum in a beautiful 19th century building that used to house the Bristol Hotel, Pera Museum exhibits Orientalist paintings, Anatolian weights and measures, and Kütahya tiles and ceramics, as well as temporary exhibitions. Some of the previous temporary exhibitions have featured such renowned names as Andy Warhol, Joan Miro, Frida Kahlo, and Pablo Picasso. The museum is free every Friday evening between 6-10pm.

13. watch the sunset from Galata Bridge 

Istanbul has some killer sunsets, so be sure to catch at least one. Whether you’re on a rooftop or near the water, you’ll be enchanted by the orange sky and flapping seagulls.

Our favorite sunset-viewing spot was on the Galata bridge where we could watch the fishermen pack up for the day and see spectacular views of at least three mosques.

Look up the time of sunset, and make it to the Galata bridge (or whatever spot you wish to watch the sky fade to orange and purple) a bit ahead of time. Find a comfortable spot to relax and get ready to be wowed

14.Visit Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia

Between a church, a mosque and a museum, the building of “Hagia Sophia” in the Turkish city of Istanbul remains a major historical, religious and political symbol over its nearly 1500-year life, as well as being a unique architectural masterpiece and one of the most important artistic monuments in the world.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is one of the most important and most famous mosques in the world. It is also known as the “Blue Mosque” because its interior walls are decorated with blue Iznik tiles.

Both mosque are location in sultan ahmed area , and are walking distant from each other .

15 . Visit the Suleymaniye Cami Mosque

The Suleymaniye Cami Mosque, built in 1557, is the largest mosque in Istanbul and one of the best examples of Ottoman Islamic architecture. It is located near the Grand Bazaar and is decorated with distinctive colors and beautiful calligraphy. The mosque complex also includes a beautiful garden with a balcony overlooking stunning views of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. In addition to this, the complex also contains a bathroom, hospital, kitchen and library inside.

Timings: The mosque remains open from 9 am to 6 pm, and closes to tourists during the call to prayer five times a day.

16 .Snap pictures outside DolmabahcePalace

Dolmabahce Palace Enterance

The most beautiful palaces that I visited will live in the stories of the old Turkish series, where all the old furnishings have been preserved as they are and you will be shocked by the accuracy of the decorations, the beautiful details and the creative colors. A wonderful view

As you have to pay to officially enter this wonderful piece of royal architecture located in the suburb of Beşiktaş, you will not have to pay to stroll through the beautiful entrance gardens or enjoy the view of the entrance, both of which give you a good idea of ​​what lies behind the doors!

The palace opens its doors to visitors every day except Tuesday from 9 am to 5 pm. The price of the entrance ticket to the museum is 60 Turkish liras (11.43 US dollars), but entering the Haramlek requires an independent ticket of 35 Turkish liras (6.67 US dollars)

17. Enjoy the view of  Bosphorus bridge.

The Bosphorus Bridge is the famous bridge that connects the European side of Turkey with the Asian side. Enjoy the magnificent structure that connects two continents by hanging it on only 3 poles. You can enjoy the bridge from below by taking

Seismic Reinforcement Project for First Bosphorus Bridge Approach Viaducts - Miyamoto International

Bosphprus Bridge

Cruise on a ship from Europe to the Asian side or you can just take a public bus using the bridge while you enjoy the views. And if you’re visiting Turkey in November, you might get the chance to cross the bridge on foot by participating in an annual marathon so you can tell your friends how you walked from Asia to Europe. Visit the Istanbul Marathon website to see how you can participate in this marathon.

The best time to visit the bridge would be at night when it is illuminated by LED lights. It is the most photographed site in Istanbul.

18.Take Panoramic pictures from Çamlica Hill

A trip to Çamlica Hill can give you a unique impression of Istanbul, revealing some of the most stunning views of the city.

A Unique Scenery: Camlica Hill | Panoramic Bosphorus View

Çamlica Hill

This famous hilltop in the Uskudar district of Istanbul allows you to enjoy panoramic views

The Bosphorus and its bridge, and the Golden Horn area of ​​Istanbul are in the distance. There are also lots of cafes, cafés, and flower gardens on site. From the downtown area.

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