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Like me, most people give traveling huge importance in their priority list each year, as it is the best way to create cherished memories while getting away from ordinary life’s routines. But unfortunately, some people don’t have a money tree growing in their backyards. However, traveling can cost you spend your hard-earn money, but with the right planning and strategy, you can really bring down a massive cost and enjoy a pocket friendly travel.

Being a passionate traveler, I want to share my experiences for wandering the world through top 15 proven tricks to save money. Try them on your next travel and your wallet will thank you!!



It is recommended to make proper planning a few months ago about the destination, hotel stay, flights and sightseeing. This helps you to save from many hassles or even you can get your flights booked at cheaper rates through with long transits and book the room you want in the best hotel of that particular country.



Couch Surfing:

Couchsurfing is a reliable service that connects people to the global community of travelers. This is a great way to meet locals and other travelers when you are on your travel in different countries. You can share your accommodation to have budget travel and enjoy your tour with a group of people like you. You just have to create your profile at any couchsurfing site such as etc. and get in touch with the experienced couchsurfers near your place to explore the city. Couch surfing is really becoming popular among travelers who hail from different regions of the world, because of the incredible benefits as it is budget-friendly, you meet different people and you get the chance to explore the real country.


Free Walking Tours:

Just by little research, you’ll get to know about the free walking tours in Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands or almost every country in the world. Free walking tours are really budget friendly where you just have to give some tips to a tour guide for his work. During the tour, you get to know about the historical facts and entertaining stories of the place. In short, it is the best w

ay of meeting different people while saving money. You can look at the community calendars and have an idea about the upcoming events, shows and performances while you are there.

Here are the links through which you can book your free walking tours in the most famous countries:


House Sitting:

“House Sitting” means living in a luxurious house, full of all the modern amenities and save loads of accommodation costs. Whether you are a long-term traveler or just seeking a house stay for 2 weeks, house sitting can reduce your staying costs along with providing you home comforts like kitchen and laundry. Trusted HousesittersHouse Carers and MindMyHouse are some popular House Sitting websites that you can rely on. House sitting is the cost-efficient way to save money on travel instead of booking an expensive hotel especially when you are with your family or a big group of friends. Also, you can search for homes, vacation rentals, lodging or primary homestays at and save a lot of money.

Get the City Tourism Cards:

You can save you money on travel by getting a city tourism card, that you can use for free entry to the best visitor attractions, free guidebooks, discounts at shops and restaurants. You can use the lunch key memberships through your credit cards; it might be worth the money. Also, if you have travel rewards credit card, you can get additional benefits that may include, delayed/lost baggage insurance, travel medical insurance etc.


Go offseason:

By going offseason, you can find more availability of cheaper flight tickets and hotel accommodations. You can use a few booking engines such as Skyscanner or Vayama that provides an instant comparison on flight tickets for the thousands of routes. Also, make sure that the place is open for tourists as some destination are open only at their peak season.

Car Rentals:

Use electrical cars where possible as it costs you a few dollars and provides a more authentic traveling experience. You can also share this car with another traveler to split the costs. As electric cars are zero-emissions vehicles, there is no gasoline-fueled in them, thus they cause no harmful impact on the environment.

Stay over Sunday:

They say that the best day to save on booking is Sunday. Many hotel accommodations receive bookings on Monday-Friday from business travellers and Friday-Saturday night bookings from leisure travellers, so you may find void on Sunday nights as well as discounts.

Currency Exchange:

It would be better to exchange your currency into dollars before you travel as they are accepted in almost all over the world. Also, don’t exchange it from the airport in your country or another country as you have to pay around 5% taxes on currency exchange, you can directly take it from ATM at the best exchange rates.

Prefer Camping:

Camping is the cheaper option as compared to paying for vacation rentals or hotels. The best thing about camping is that you don’t have any limitation to set up your tent. You can search for the best campsites in the country, set up you camp near the beach, mountain hills and wake up seeing the most glorious views in front of you. You can search for the best campsites such as and plan your travel.

Food Tours:

Food might be the major concern when you are at the new place. So, if possible, you can carry some readymade foods along with you or something that can be cooked there. Also, you can join food tours there, which means you get to know the best places to eat through a guide, find quality food, know the specialties, culture and ultimately meet the new people.

Wi-Fi Router Rental:

When you are traveling, you may face challenges like nonexistent and insecure Wi-Fi, or you can’t find a place for charging your device. For this, you can try Wi-Fi router rental, which is delivered to you on the Airport. Thus, you don’t need to buy extra SIM cards or a Wi-Fi router there. If you are on group travel, thus it can be very useful for your devices as you don’t have to pay for multiple routers.

Use Uber App:

Uber is ofcourse a reliable and cost-effective option for you while traveling. It not only provides you unmatchable security, but also the best possible route, easy airport links and great comfort. Apart from this, you should search for other pocket-friendly transport if there is unavailability of Uber.

Free Phone calls:

There are a plethora of apps available such as Skype that allows you to make free pFood Tourhone calls worldwide, and available on both Android and iPhone. This will be one of the best and smart money saving tips on travel.

Save on Shopping:

It is recommended to look for locals’ outlet stores or weekend markets of that particular place to shop for clothes, accessories or souvenirs as shopping from malls there may burn a hole in your pocket.

The traveling experience can also become a big achievement if you create a budget and stick to it till the end. All the above-mentioned tricks will be your answer to- “how to save money for travel?” and help you to save on various unnecessary expenditures on your travel.

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