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Preparing the travel bag may seem easy and simple. But most travelers face problems and distractions when preparing the travel bag to a place, whether it is domestic or international / short or long period / for the purpose of a trip to the beach or a business trip. The reason is that travel needs a lot of preparation, as some people may make the mistake of taking unnecessary things while traveling and there are necessary things that are not placed, and this is a science that has rules that travelers often learn during their travel experiences. So here are the most important tips and quick and effective ways to prepare the travel bag. I also advise you to have 360-degree wheels for easy handling on the trip.


1. Choose the right travel bag for you carefully:

Before you start deciding what to take with you on travel. It is important to find a versatile travel bag, suitable for all your purposes, easy to carry, taking into account the duration of travel and the length of distances. And whether traveling outside the country of residence or internally, as well as any flight you will book and the type of ticket you have booked. Each flight and type of plane has different requirements for the size and measurements of the bag, and the duration of the flight. If it is a flight of how many days, the size of the bag that goes with you on the plane is preferred. Also, do you want a lightweight bag (such as non-hard bags) or a shock-resistant bag (hard bags). All of these considerations affect the best suitcase for your trip.


2. Make a list of what you need for the trip or download one from the Internet:

Start by writing a list of everything you need from the moment you decide to travel and update it every time you remember something. There are several sites and applications, including the PackPoint application, it can help you choose the necessary supplies for you. Such as clothes and necessities by writing the destination you want to go to, and it will provide you with a list of all What you need in that country.
There are many lists that can be downloaded from the Internet as well.


3. The use of packing bags is an organization for the travel bag:

Packing bags are a group of small bags that are placed inside a large travel bag, helping you to keep a suitcase.
Organized and arranged in a complete set, which includes a handbag, a cosmetic bag, a bag to put the underwear, to organize the clothes in a way that is easy for you to reach, so that you will not lose any valuable space in the travel bag.

4. Practice Rule (1,2,3,4,5,6):

Here is one of the simplest and best tips for preparing your suitcase is to apply this rule, for a one-week trip by putting together the following:

1 Cap
2 two pairs of shoes
3 pairs of pants or skirts
4 shirts
5 pairs of socks
6 Lingerie Sets (Underwear)


5. Choose travel-friendly clothing:

Make sure to choose wide clothes of soft cotton quality and stay away from tight clothes of linen or muslin that will bother you during travel, and will also be more prone to wrinkling. We also advise women to choose a skirt and a wide dress, and choose wide pants instead of tight jeans
To make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable.



6. Use the winding method for clothes:

The best way to prevent creases in clothes is to fold clothes into rolls. This is a method that saves a lot of space in your bag, a

nd is suitable with socks, pants and blouses where you fold the sleeves and roll from bottom to top. As for pants, put the legs together and then roll from the waist is down, and don’t forget to put your pants and blouses in your bag before shoes and accessories.
This video here shows you some ways to fold clothes.


7. Put heavy objects in the base:

Keep heavier items like shoes and books near the end of your bag with wheels. This position helps your bag keep it stable when upright, and prevents items and other clothing from being crushed.


8. Put the clothes you like to wear first on top:

If you have a job interview or an appointment with someone right after the flight, put the clothes you want to wear on top of the clothes to make it easier to pick up, plus it will be less likely to wrinkle.


9. Take care of your medicine bag and first aid:

Despite its small size, most travelers do not care about it, and in the event of an emergency, one pill from this bag can save the life of the traveler or the life of another person.

The bag includes medicines such as (pain and fever relievers, diarrhea medicines, allergy and dizziness medicines, eye drops), as well as a first aid kit (gauze, wound tape, ointment for burns and insects).


10. Bring two small laundry bags:

Use the bag designed to put unclean clothes, as it helps to keep the travel bag clean. So you will not have to smell dirty clothes, and it is usually sealed to prevent anything from leaking and is water-resistant and thus your clothes are safer.
This link includes a sample of these bags.


11. Keep liquids in a separate liquid bag:

One o the necessities of travel is the presence of a small bag or box that includes the most important personal hygiene tools, which is forgotten by most travelers. Because, the traveler believes that he will find everything he wants at reasonable prices and good quality, to be surprised by other than that, which makes it difficult for him to travel. Therefore, you can put care products Personal and liquid items such as (shampoo, sterilizer, moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, deodorant, sunscreen cream, sterile wipes) within bags or separate transparent pockets that are specially designed for this purpose. Allowing these materials to be arranged straight and secure with a tightly closed zipper to prevent Leakage. in addition, to the possibility of hanging for easy access.
This link includes a sample of these travel bags


12. Collect travel papers in your handbag:

If you are going to travel to multiple destinations, make sure that this small bag contains the important papers for travel. So that they are easily accessible and you do not have to reach the main bag every time. Make sure to put all the important papers such as, (passport / visa, ID card, Air tickets, hotel reservation papers, debit and credit cards and cash).

There are now bags for these papers that are anti-radiation, from which card or passport information is stolen, and the link here includes a model for these bags.


13. Don’t collect things “in a hurry”:

Keep in mind that the main key to perfecting your bag is not to leave collecting things until the last minute, preparing early is best for you. when preparing the bag well in advance of travel will not cause you to worry about forgetting something and allows you to review the list of items that you want to pack with you.


14. Last but not least, don’t forget to leave a little extra space:

Of course, when we travel, we want to buy souvenirs that reflect the local culture of the country we are visiting, so make sure to leave an extra space for traditional gifts.


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