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Top Fifteen (15) Tourist Destinations in Turkey.

Turkey is a vast and absolutely amazing country to visit. However, if this is your first visit you will quickly realize how many amazing places you can discover it is one of those places that has a few things for […]

Tips to Relieve Aerophobia (Fear of Flying ).

Aerophobia is the intense fear of boarding planes or feeling extreme fear while riding them in case of necessity. This type of phobia receives great attention, because it poses great difficulties for people affected by it, as they may avoid […]

The Best Tourist Destinations For Food Lovers.

Food lovers do not travel with the aim of discovering tourist attractions as much as they are interested in discovering new foods that they have not tasted before, in other words, their goal of traveling is to discover new foods. […]

The Best Cruise Lines In The World.

Despite the fear of many of the cruise trips, they considered it one of the most beautiful trips they took throughout their lives, as it is a new experience that makes you discover new things that you have not previously […]

80 Tips When Booking A Cruise.

Cruises are one of the most beautiful, exciting and adventurous types of trips. It is natural if you are going to experience a cruise for the first time in life to be afraid and nervous. This is a very normal […]

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Traveler , Adventurer and Explorer ,born to a Jordanian Palestinian father, Lebanese mother in Kuwait, married to Swedish and raised by the world. I have visited more than 30 countries including, Norway,Sweden,Jordan, Oman, Lebanon,Turkey,Italy and Vietnam. For me,travel is the most fascinating way to fulfil your adrenaline egos and know your self more....
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