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Spring Festivals Around the World.

Festivals around the world are not limited to a particular season, each season has its own festivals. Spring, for me, is one of the most beautiful seasons in which people enjoy traveling, because most destinations have beautiful and magical weather […]

Travel Scams and Fraud to Watch Out and Avoid.

It is my duty as a travel blogger to research the scams or deceptive things that scammers do while traveling. Some of these tricks I did not research or read about, but rather happened to me personally, and since then […]

Some of the Best Ramadan Markets to Explore for Authentic Local Products and Food.

One of the things I look forward to the most in Ramadan and I long to do it is to visit the Ramadan markets and discover local foods, as this makes me feel the atmosphere of Ramadan. I like to […]

Travel During Both Eid’s; Al-Fitr and Al-Adha (Do’s and Don’ts).

The most beautiful thing I can reward myself with; Planning a holiday discovery trip. Traveling during Eid Al-Fitr or Al-Adha is very exciting, but you need to plan in advance so as not to get frustrated by the crowds. I […]

The Most Beautiful Strange Customs of Muslims Around the World on Eid Al-Fitr.

I take the holidays as an opportunity to make discovery tourism trips, as it is nice for other peoples to share the atmosphere of their festival and their strange customs, to the extent that I memorize these customs and traditions […]


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