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It’s quite easy for the newbie traveller in the excitement of travel preparations to forget a number of safety measures that might make all the difference in preventing a theft or they might be even unaware of what they might face for trouble and the ways through which they can protect themselves. So, we prepared for you a guide on how to travel safely and a number of methods we advise you to follow to avoid any thefts:

Before travel preparations

Looking up scams

When picking the travel destination, the traveller must look up scams frequently done to tourists in the travelling destination and a simple google search would reveal a lot of articles and videos of people warning tourists of any scams they might be exposed to, if unaware. Also, there is a lot of data online for the danger levels in any city compared to others and such information can be available on the official government websites for countries so visitors can be cautioned and stay on their guard.

Writing down the necessary numbers

One of the most important steps a traveller can take to ensure safety is writing down all emergency numbers on a paper, like your bank account number in case your credit card was stolen so it can be frozen by the bank. Plus, contact details and numbers for family and friends if the cell phone was stolen and a person needs to make calls and carrying this paper with you always in case anything happens.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a very important step that many travellers overlook or don’t know about. Even if no visa was required, anything might happen like losing your suitcase and needing to purchase new clothes or it might be late in arriving. Travellers might also need some medical attention due to some injuries while doing activities. All of those cases can be salvaged by insurance.

People can get insurance from World Nomad and it can cost from 20-45$ with easy steps to follow through. The insurance includes theft of suitcase or delays, missing the flight, or it is cancelled or even losing a passport. You can check the authenticity of travel insurance websites from Trip Adviser where it lists trusted travel insurance websites.

Keeping others updated on the itinerary

It’s also vital to keep some family members or close friends in the know about the trip itinerary in case something unplanned for happens. You can also use GPS apps like Find Friend for IOS or Google maps for Android/IOS that enable a chosen few to keep track of you and this can come in handy if your phone got lost as well.

During the trip

Choosing a suitable bag

It’s best to go for a side bag with a flap since it’s harder for thieves to reach for it or if you’d still prefer a back bag then carrying it in reverse, to the front, starting from the airport due to how popular thefts are there. Also, the traveller must check the safety of the bag’s buckle, especially the waist bag since it can be easy to unbuckle and steal if it’s easy to take off.

Distributing money

Distributing funds into two halves is a very logical move to make. One you take with you on your outings as suffices your needs and the other half you leave in your hotel room with an emergency credit card, in case you get robbed. It’s also good to distribute the money you carry on your person in two wallets and your pockets to reduce the opportunity great losses to your funds if you get robbed. You can also stash the wallet with the least amount of money in an accessible place in your bag compared to the other wallet with the majority of money in a safe place to throw off thieves.

Using trusted taxis

Travellers are advised to always use trusted taxis and cabs like Careem or Uber when going out to avoid any theft or kidnapping cases and it’s also a good move to give your Uber account to someone trusted so they can be aware of your coming and goings history using those cabs and the number of each car for each outing. Travellers should also be attentive to their google maps while on the way to make sure they’re going in the right direction.

Taking care when using ATMs

ATMs are located in a myriad of locations: some in malls or stores while others are in more exposed locations like the street. Travellers should be wary of using such exposed ATMS and to better go for those in banks or malls compared ones in the street which are easily targetable by thieves.

Wisley choosing outings time and proper wear

Travellers should be careful regarding night outings due to the increase in thefts after sunset which can be relative based on the travel destination, but it’s best to be careful and to try to end the daily schedule before sunset or to go out in groups rather than solo. It’s also advised that travellers shouldn’t go for conspicuous or expensive outfits and to try to blend with the local population of the country to avoid attracting the wrong sort of attention, especially in the famous tourist spots.

Travelling can be one of the most enjoyable activities for individuals on both the mental and the social spheres, but like many other activities, it also has some downsides or possible dangers, but with the proper care and safety measures, a traveller can achieve a perfect, safe, memorable vacation.