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The sun is a block of fire, we hate it during the hot summer and we are looking for it during the cold winter. We wait and watch the beauty of its rise and sets but avoid it when it arrives.Some wants to be tanned by it and some protect themselves from this.The same fire that expresses the aversion of the criminal to his victim and romance of lovers, that has mutilated bodies and blemished wounds, we promise the sinner with and light it in celebrations . It is defined as pain and light.
But have you seen the sun stopped from rising?
You are like the sun completely will not present the same thing to your surroundings, your description will varies with people and time, sometimes you are been loved and sometimes hated, sometimes beautiful and sometimes ugly, sometimes useful sometimes harmful,sometimes weak sometimes strong.The more you bright the more people will turn their vision away from you , but who wants to look at you With all his might, he will wear the glasses and look at you. He will get telescope to discover your depth, and as much as he loves you the lens will grow.
Be like the sun no matter what its definition do not stop rising and giving . Giving to your world !!
This picture i took for sunrise in abu dhabi above the mangroves