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Travelling Alone? Absolutely exciting!! Well, the sense of independence and flexibility in exploring the world can definitely be a rewarding experience to a solo Traveller. This provides you an opportunity to keep your sedentary lifestyle aside while relaxing quietly at Sunny Beach, enjoying breathtaking adventures or taste some delectable authentic food of different countries. A solo travel allows you decide exactly what you want to do, where to go, prepare your own schedule without anyone holding your back.

Being an avid Traveller, I can admit that, travelling alone can make you more independent, confident and the real version of “you.” Well, I want to share my experience about my first solo trip to Italy. I was too excited but afraid and quite hesitated at the same time. But, when I met the Italian culture, facts, values and their western civilization, I came up with more beautiful memories to add in my travel diary.

However, you cannot start as an expert, wonderfully confident and fearless solo Traveller. It is something that you gain over time as you become more comfortable making your own choices and finding your way according to your desires. You just have to be little proactive along with having proper backpacking, and you will have the best time of your life during solo travel.

Here is a guide that will prepare you well for your next solo travel:

Learn Few Words to Communicate: 

Making an effort to communicate in the local vernacular is always appreciated. So learn a few words in the local language. It will help to communicate with the local people.

Try to Start Your Day Early: 

In the morning, the sights are less crowded and you can explore the place more peacefully, which also saves your time. Starting your day early is also beneficial to visit multiple places in a single day.

Stay in Sharing Accommodations:

After couch surfing and house sitting, these are the best ways to make new friends. Staying in a sharing accommodation like a hostel offers a safe zone and a very comfortable place. You can also find a hostel or any place to stay through Airbnb with free Wi-Fi access so that you can use the internet without any hassle.

Pack Light and Smart:

It is very important to pack light and smartly, if you don’t need it, then don’t keep it in your luggage. As you have to carry it by yourself, nobody will come to help you in carrying your luggage.


Stay Friendly:

When you are travelling alone, don’t hesitate to initiate conversation with people around you. You can try sharing your food or take pictures for people when they are struggling to take by themselves. This will help you to have a great companion as short-term friends and you can get some advice to explore an unfamiliar city.


Don’t Eat Alone:

You may find a plethora of options if you want something special and unique instead of fine dining. Choosing communal tables, joining a foodie meetup or food tours and taking a cooking class can be a great option where you can meet locals as well as other Travellers who are a foodie like you.


Good-Quality Camera with Base or Timer:

Camera can be your best travel partner when you are obsessed with your own looks. If you want a full pic of yourself at an amazing view, keep your camera on a sturdy surface. Just make sure the camera captures your full pose without any interruptions.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes:

Just take a few steps outside of your comfort zone and try to find out the perfect place to enjoy the night-time festivities or night tours. You just have to put on your dancing shoes, embrace your dance moves and enjoy having a good time with yourself instead of just relaxing at your room.


Explore yourself:

When you are traveling alone it’s time to explore yourself/ try new things which you don’t do generally. For example, you can try your hands in cooking authentic cuisines at the cooking class there or spend the whole day exploring an art museum if you are a diehard fan of modern art.


Seek Help:

It is completely fine to seek help using your best judgment when you are unsure of the place or you need something. It’s better to ask than getting lost and wasting your time like an idiot. If you feel lost, then look around with a purpose and seek help from strangers whom you choose.

Keep a smile on your face:

And at last, keep a smile on your face, it shows that you are happy, friendly, approachable and kind. As a smile opens many conversations, everybody like to connects with a person who is joyful and seems happy.



Use App for Dining and Companion:

Gnammo, focuses on travellers in foreign countries — individuals can sign up for brunch, lunch, and dinner with local families when away from home. It is a wonderful app specially if you are a solo traveller. Also, use Nearby, which is a live chatting application with strangers. This isn’t another stupid dating app; it is useful to meet new people nearby.

Try Apps for Adventures:

If you are travelling alone but looking for any companion to try some breathtaking adventures with, you can use the Adventurely app. In this app, you have to create a profile, set up events that you would like someone to join in. Once the other users see the events and get matched, you both can set the time to meet up through chat and enjoy your time with them.

Apps for Safety:

If you are going alone somewhere bSafe app is for you. For instance, it allows you to add contacts who can follow you when you’re on your way. And it has an SOS button that will set off an alert to your Contacts, with your GPS location. You can also install the RedZone Map app, it provides the safest route from your location to destination instead of the shortest route. The app tracks incidents in real time to route you around them.

Now Let’s have a look at the special tips for Solo Female Traveller:

Study a Map of Your Destination: 

Get a sense of directions using major landmarks. This will make you feel more confident and will help you in exploring the city better.

Get Your Bearings: 

If you are visiting the place for the first time, then take some time to look at a map or walk around to make comfortable yourself with the area. Get information about important spots like beach, restaurants, best shopping place, upcoming events, free walking tours, best places to travel solo etc.


Secure Your Valuable Items:

Leave all your valuable items such as gold chain, diamond ring home only. Less valuable things mean less things to worry about pickpockets or thieves, and you will have a hassle-free travel experience.

Also, Don’t take your passport with you all the time, just keep only a copy of it and leave the official documents and some amount of money in safe in the room.

Appropriate Dressing:

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. As in some cultures or countries like Arab and Greece, it is preferred to have modest dressing while visiting mosques, temples, churches and such other places. So, make sure about your dressing as per the place you are going to visit next or simply you can dress like a local.


Leave a Note:

Inform someone about your schedule so that if something happens to you, the person can track you down easily. You can also leave a note at your stay informing when will you get back or in which area you are going to, so you can stay in touch and connected.


Cab Safety:

Always remember in your mind that if you find something fishy, take a few steps backward. Mostly, you can have an idea about what is going to happen through your gut feelings. Also, it is crucial to keep the cab’s number with you, so that you can share it with police in case of emergency or you can prefer to use Uber only. Also, remember the emergency numbers like police, ambulance and fire brigade where you are traveling.


Try Traveling During the Day Time:

It is highly recommended to plan your schedule to explore and doing adventures in the day time only in order to find your own way in that strange city as days are considered safer than night.

Keep an Unlocked Phone:

Consider buying an unlocked phone so that you can buy a SIM card in every country you go. It will save you a lot of money as an unlocked phone doesn’t have that limitation with any cell phone carrier such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and so on. In addition, learn when to use phone and when not as per the situation and area you are visiting, as in some places, cell phones are prohibited.


Avoid Giving Any Controversial Comment:

Interacting with the local is a good way to learn more about the surrounding, but avoid giving any controversial comment over their culture, historical place, landmarks or anything that may hurt their sentiments. Also, don’t discuss everything about your stay, plans or anything personal, financial. In short, just be smart and use sense.


Concluding this, solo traveling is not scary at all, the world is full of wonderful and amazing people. Also, travel is something that can be done without holding things like establishing a successful career, getting married or starting a family. So, just don’t let your fear and hesitation keep you away from meeting the world. There are several mothers, married women or female students do solo female travel, and that’s what makes them full of life and dreams. So, just don’t let your fear and hesitation keep you away from meeting the world. Travelling alone can be one of the most blissful and amazing feelings, you may explore yourself well and learn a lot of things from people, countries and their different cultures. So, Live Your Life, Because It’s YOURS…!!

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